President Trump Twitter Yanks 'Dark Knight Rises' Music ... From His MAGA Post

4/10/2019 6:55 AM PDT

Trump's 'Dark Knight Rises' Music in Twitter Post Removed

President Trump tried turning D.C. into Gotham with a little help from the music featured in one of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies ... but the bat signal was cut off quick.

DT posted a well-produced dramatic video on his Twitter feed Tuesday afternoon that hyped up his MAGA slogan and was basically fodder for his base -- but it also used one of the orchestral tunes in "The Dark Knight Rises" ... ya know, one of the epic ones.

And, of course, Trump slugged his tweet, "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

The problem ... Trump stole Hans Zimmer's music, "Why Do We Fall?" The tune belongs to the movie studio behind "The Dark Knight Rises" ... Warner Bros. 

At some point early Wednesday morning, Twitter removed the video ... citing a complaint from the copyright holder, WB. A WB honcho publicly said shortly afterward the studio hadn't authorized the White House to use its Bat tune. 

Trump just deleted the tweet, which makes ya wonder if he was even aware the video he plugged -- which he reportedly pulled from the depths of Reddit -- wasn't playing anymore.