Kanye West Cool Time-Lapse Vid Shows Huge Army Build Man-Made Mountain

4/24/2019 11:05 AM PDT

Watch Kanye West's Coachella Man-Made Mountain Built by Army of Workers

Building Kanye West's man-made mountain for his Sunday Service at Coachella was no easy feat ... as evidenced by the MASSIVE army putting in work in this awesome time-lapse vid.

As we first reported ... more than 50k people attended Ye's service last weekend in the Coachella campground. The event lasted a couple of hours and it brought out some heavy hitters ... from the Kardashian family to Chance the Rapper, Donald Glover, Kid Cudi and more.

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#SundayService #Coachella And Built Up

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But, leading up to the massive event was Kanye's main designer's company at work. John McGuire owns TrasK House, which worked around the clock to build the man-made mountain. You can see in this incredible time-lapse video, tons of workers hauling equipment to complete Kanye's raised alter.

You see tractors pushing dirt like crazy to build the mountain ... followed by a crew laying out the sod to complete the magnificent look.

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#SundayService at #Coachella we planted and let it grow.

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As you know by now ... Kanye and his choir performed numerous Gospel songs and he also debuted a new track called "Water" and played classics like "Jesus Walks."