Offset Arrest Warrant Issued ... Serious Felony

5/2/2019 6:02 AM PDT

Offset Now a Wanted Man After Felony Arrest Warrant Issued


Offset is in a heap of trouble because a warrant has been issued for his arrest, and it's a felony.

TMZ broke the story, a week ago Monday Offset was in a Target store in Sandy Springs, Georgia, when a fan eyed him, pulled out his cell phone and tried taking a video of the rapper shopping after he checked out.

The fan, Junior Gibbons, said, "What up, Offset?" and that set Offset off. The video Gibbons shot shows Offset smack the phone out of his hand, and he says the instrument crashed to the ground and broke, shattering the screen. Offset also allegedly told him to "get that f***in' phone out of my face" afterward ... then exited the store.

Junior filed a police report last Friday, cops investigated and got a warrant.

It is a felony because the phone costs $800 -- reaching the felony threshold, and cops say it was intentional.