Men's Wearhouse Founder You're Gonna Like How Petty I Look ... I Still Guarantee It!!!

5/14/2019 7:40 AM PDT

Men's Wearhouse Founder Still Pitching Guarantees, Now for Generation Tux

'Memba the Men's Wearhouse pitchman who had those iconic commercials guaranteeing satisfaction? Well, he's still makin' the same promises ... almost word-for-word, but for his new company.

George Zimmer -- the founder of MW, who got booted from the company back in 2013 -- is now the face of Generation Tux ... another retail startup he launched that specializes in tuxedos for men. Sound familiar? Yeah ... that ain't the only thing, trust us.

Zimmer's GT ads feature VERY similar language to the ones he doled out for Men's Wearhouse, once upon a time. You know the commercials we're talking about ... we guarantee it!!!

In case you hadn't heard, Zimmer was essentially forced out of his original company by the board of directors after a new regime came on board, and they couldn't see eye-to-eye. They said they'd fired him, but he insisted he resigned, at the time. Who knows? 

It's not news that ol' George started Generation Tux ... that's been established for years now. What's hilarious is his ads are still running on TV -- we spotted one on ESPN this morning -- and they continue to feature almost the exact same lines he made famous.

Old grudges die hard it seems. Lookin' good there, Georgie.