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Joel Embiid

76ers' Joel Embiid on Nets Playoff Series, 'It's Over!'

76ers' Joel Embiid
On Nets Playoff Series 'It's Over!'

Four amazing things in this 23-second clip ...  1) Joel Embiid says his playoff series with the Brooklyn Nets is already OVER -- even though it's only 3-1.  2) Embiid's post-game meal… READ MORE >

Dennis Rodman To Joel Embiid, 'Shut The F**k Up,' Jordan's The G.O.A.T.

Dennis Rodman to Joel Embiid
'Shut The F**k Up!' ... MJ's the G.O.A.T.

Joel Embiid thinks Wilt Chamberlain, NOT Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever ... and Dennis Rodman thinks ... well, he thinks Embiid should "shut the f**k up!!!" TMZ… READ MORE >

- 57 days ago
Joel Embiid Narrowly Avoids Destroying Regina King at Knicks Game

Joel Embiid
Spares Regina King's Life ... at Knicks Game

America almost lost a legend Wednesday night ... but thankfully, Joel Embiid's hops saved the day. Golden Globe-winning actress Regina King had courtside seats at MSG for the Sixers and Knicks… READ MORE >

- 68 days ago
Joel Embiid Dwarfs Yasiel Puig In Beverly Hills Bro Down

Joel Embiid
Dwarfs Yasiel Puig ... In Beverly Hills Bro Down

How do you make a 6'2", 240-pound man look SMALL? Stand him next to Joel Embiid ... because that's exactly what happened when Yasiel Puig ran into the 76ers star in Beverly Hills and TMZ Sports… READ MORE >

- 84 days ago
Dikembe Mutombo's Giving Joel Embiid Finger Wag Lessons!

Dikembe Mutombo
I'm Giving Finger Wag Lessons ... To Joel Embiid!

Dikembe Mutombo loves Joel Embiid so damn much, he wants the young star to carry on his legendary finger wag ... so he's offering up personal lessons!  First off, props to Mutombo who spent… READ MORE >

- 151 days ago
Kevin Durant & Kyrie Iriving Turn Up With Hot Chicks In Vegas

Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving
Vegas Turn Up With Chantel Jeffries ... And Other Gorgeous Women

Here's Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving showing that, while they play for different NBA teams, they're on the same squad when it comes to one thing ... HOT CHICKS. Durant & Irving hit up Wet… READ MORE >

- 274 days ago
Joel Embiid Says He's Winning MVP Next Season

Joel Embiid
I'm Winning MVP Next Season

Joel Embiid says his next career goal is to win NBA MVP next season ... and he's already got a plan on how he'll celebrate!  The Philadelphia 76ers superstar was leaving Catch in L.A. after… READ MORE >

- 301 days ago
NBA's Devin Booker Flashes Baller Ferrari in L.A.

Devin Booker
Forget Deandre Ayton Talk Check Out My Ferrari!!

Devin Booker let his car do the talking Sunday night ... and we were listening -- 'cause his murdered-out Ferrari was singing!! We got the quiet Phoenix Suns superstar -- and what looks like… READ MORE >

- 302 days ago
Joel Embiid's Message to Ladies, 'Taste the Process'

Joel Embiid
Message to Ladies: Taste the Process!

Is Rihanna missing out by not dating Joel Embiid? He seems to think so.  The following is a direct quote:  "I don't want to talk about Rihanna but, you know, I feel like every girl in… READ MORE >

- 312 days ago
Joel Embiid Finally Says It, LeBron James 'Needs' to Come to Sixers

Joel Embiid
Yeah, I'll Say it ... LeBron 'Needs' to Play in Philly!!!

LeBron James recruiting season is officially open, and Joel Embiid is wasting NO time in courting the King to jump to the city of brotherly love. We got Sixers superstar leaving Craig's Friday… READ MORE >

- 318 days ago
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