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Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren is a television news personality and conservative political commentator. She was ousted from TheBlaze after she said she was in favor of abortion rights during a March 17, 2017 appearance on “The View.” The host reached a settlement to end her wrongful termination lawsuit against Glenn Beck and TheBlaze. She was countersued by her former employer in April 2017 because the network claimed she was suspended, not fired, for bad behavior which included unapproved public appearances and mistreating co-workers. She has also vocally shared and defended her perspective on race, feminism, “fake news,” and the “Muslim ban.” Lahren graduated from the University of Nevada in 2014 and quickly got her own show, “On Point With Tomi Lahren,” in August 2014 on One America News Network. Her rant against President Barack Obama following the Chattanooga shootings went viral in 2015, thus increasing her profile. A few months after that, in October 2015, “Tomi” premiered on TheBlaze. She previously interned for Republican Congresswoman Kristi Noem and acted as an unofficial adviser on Trump’s social media team during his campaign. She was born on August 11, 1992.

The Game Goes Off on 'Microwaved Carrot' Tomi Lahren for Mocking 21 Savage

The Game
Tirade Against Tomi Lahren ... She's a 'Microwaved Carrot'

The Game went after Tomi Lahren in a big way, going after her for cracking jokes about 21 Savage's ICE arrest ... by going on a raunchy, profanity-laced rant. The rapper directed a… READ MORE >

Cardi B Gets Into Twitter Beef with Tomi Lahren Over Politics

Cardi B to Tomi Lahren
You're Nothing But a Trump Sheep!!! ... Oh, and I'll Dog Walk You

A new political feud is quickly emerging online and it's between a couple of the most unlikely people you ever thought would get into it ... Cardi B and one Tomi Lahren. It all started with Tomi… READ MORE >

- 121 days ago
Tomi Lahren Says She'd be Civil with Colin Kaepernick at a Restaurant

Tomi Lahren
The Left's Disgusting ... I Wouldn't Even Treat Kaepernick Like That!!!

Tomi Lahren says civility is dead -- on the Left -- because she'd never treat someone the way Sarah Huckabee Sanders got treated at a Virginia restaurant ... not even Colin Kaepernick. We got the… READ MORE >

- 331 days ago
Tomi Lahren Water Thrower Will Not Be Charged

Tomi Lahren
No Charges for Water Thrower

The woman who threw a glass of water at Tomi Lahren will not face criminal charges, and she actually has Tomi to thank for that ... partly. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the act of tossing… READ MORE >

- 362 days ago
Donald Trump Says Everybody Loves Tomi Lahren

Donald Trump
Everybody Loves Tomi Lahren!

Donald Trump showed Tomi Lahren some serious love after someone threw a glass of water at Tomi and her mom. Trump tweeted, "Everybody is with Tomi Lahren, a truly outstanding and respected young… READ MORE >

- 363 days ago
Tomi Lahren Gets Drink Thrown on Her at Minneapolis Bar

Tomi Lahren
Gets a Drink Thrown on Her ... At Minneapolis Bar

Tomi Lahren made a splash in Minneapolis this week -- or rather, a splash was rendered to her.  The conservative FOX News contributor was grabbing brunch with her mother and some family this… READ MORE >

- 363 days ago
Tomi Lahren Denounces NY Lawyer Aaron Schlossberg After Racist Rant

Tomi Lahren
Schlossberg's Racist Rant? Yeah, That Whole Thing's Ridiculous

Tomi Lahren says a New York-based attorney who's gone viral for an incredibly racist rant he unleashed this week is rude ... and ridiculous. We got the conservative talk show host Wednesday at… READ MORE >

- 368 days ago
Tomi Lahren Says March for Our Lives is No-Go For Her

Tomi Lahren
March for Our Lives No-Go For Me But, I Support Their Right!!!

You won't catch Tomi Lahren bashing the March for Our Lives rally ... far from it, actually. We got the FOX News contributor at LAX and asked her if she was hitting up Saturday's rally… READ MORE >

- 423 days ago
Tomi Lahren Goes Off on Stormy Daniels Scandal, Says Media's Attacking Trump

Tomi Lahren
Trump's Stormy Daniels Scandal is Nonsense ... Quit Attacking Him!!!

Tomi Lahren's completely fed up with what she believes is an attempt to torpedo President Trump with "salacious garbage" stories. We got the Fox News contributor at LAX Friday night and asked her… READ MORE >

- 429 days ago
Tomi Lahren Denies Kicking Her Dog

Tomi Lahren
Me, Kick My Dog? Bitch, Please!!! (Even Though I Said I Did)

Tomi Lahren's probably better off reading from a teleprompter, because she now says the social media post about kicking her dog was a joke that just fell on deaf ears. We got Tomi at LAX… READ MORE >

- 432 days ago
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