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Tattoo Fix

9/29/2006 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

graphic of a question markHow many tattoos does Nicole Richie have?

Nicole Richie's tattooNicole Richie sports nine (at least) tattoos on her body, Stephanie. The favorite seems to be this rosary she had tattooed around her ankle. She also has a spider-shaped one on her lower stomach, as well as a pair of ballerina slippers she got in honor of the song her father, Lionel Richie, wrote for her. (For you young'ins, that song was "Ballerina Girl.")

Make sure not to miss out on Nicole's fab photo gallery!

graphic of a question markWho made P!NK's wedding dress?

P!NK Margo, P!NK's stunning wedding dress was designed by Monique Lhuillier. Lhuillier has dominated the bridal fashion scene for the past six years, and has dressed the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Ali Landry and Kevin Costner's wife Christine.

Click here to see P!NK in all her wondrous glory.

graphic of a question markIs Paul Walker dating anyone?

Paul Walker
Miranda, it seems as though the love of Paul Walker's life right now is Meadow Rain -- his 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Walker found it difficult to get over his six-year relationship with Meadow's mother when that came to an end, but has said he enjoyed being single afterwards. We don't believe the "Eight Below" hottie is currently seeing anyone, unless he's keeping her under a tight wrap.

Prepare to see Paul alongside Jason Lewis and Laurence Fishburne in "The Life and Death of Bobby Z."

graphic of a question markWhen will Chili's solo album be released?

Rozonda Gregory, get ready for Rozonda "Chili" Thomas' solo album between the end of this year and early 2007. Chili has stated that if Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes were still alive, it would most definitely be a TLC album coming out, but that this album still has that TLC feel to it.

Akon, Missy Elliot and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins will be featured on some of the tracks.

For more in music, you won't want to miss this!

graphic of a question markWhat book did Ashton Kutcher read to quit smoking?

Ashton KutcherWell, Carol, it seems as though "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" was the book Ashton Kutcher turned to for help. He announced that he'd kicked the habit while filming for "The Guardian" (out in theaters today!).

If you or someone you know feels the need to try and stop -- or you'd just like a good read -- pick up the book by Allen Carr.

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I am amazed at some of the comments I have seen here (especially from Clara). If you had really looked up articles on tattoos (from any reliable sources), you would know that tattoos most certainly do have roots in religion. The first tattoos in history were ceremonial and symbolic to the tribesmen (and women, depending) that had them. Not only having the tattoo, the symbols represented in the tattoos, but simply the process of tattooing had ceremonial signifigance.

You said "tattoos are not expressive at all"...that is not information you can read in an article, Clara. That is something that can only be determined on a case by case basis when you take into consideration the intent of the owner of a tattoo. People express themselves in many ways. Some choose to express their feelings and beliefs in posts on a message board such as this. Others express themselves through poetry, song, dance, and yes - even tattoos. The individual "intent" that a person has when getting a tattoo determines whether it is an "expression". If a person gets a tattoo of a heart to express a feeling of love, then it IS an expression. In fact, even if a person does not get a tattoo that has sentiment or symbolism, and just gets a picture of (for example) a butterly because it is pretty - that is STILL an expression (of the fact that they like butterflies).

I am a little curious as to how you feel you even have a leg to stand on while you pass ("religious") judgement on others. I am sure you have heard the "judge not, lest ye be judged" admonition. You have your opinions on the acceptability of getting tattoos of religious symbols. I am shocked that you don't realize how much MORE blasphemous it is to play God. That is exactly what you are doing when you pass judgements and make statements such as "she invited satan into her life" and advise everyone that it is wrong for her to get such tattoos. I didn't realize YOU were the on making those decisions about right and wrong. I would be very interested to hear the story about how God promoted you and gave you the responsibility of monitoring and passing judgement on others. As far as that goes, I would bet that "satan" would be just as interested in a person who says things such as "Nicole is an ugly bitch" as he is people with tattoos. You seem to be fairly mean and bitter...from what I gather that is more "satans" are than Gods lol

2946 days ago


I live and let live ya see life too short to get your undies in abundle over Tattoos, rigI’m a live and let live kind of girl.

Ya see life’s just too short for yu all to get your undies in a bundle over Tattoos, right? If you want them cool, go for it and get one. If not, cool as well then don’t get one.

Wow that was easy, solved the whole problem in 3 sentences. NEXT!

2945 days ago


1st line messed so filter it out when you read above post, will ya? Thnx

2945 days ago


To both angry sides of the tattoo issue:

Don't like tattoos? Don't get one.

Thanks for reading.

2945 days ago


number 40 emot timbus your post was blasphemic!

2945 days ago


The reason that this whole conversation ended up being about christianity is because if you ever look up the origins of tattoos which I have, they originated from the devil (Pagan Religions). Even if you are tattooing crosses on yourself. in her case she tattooed a rosary on her foot. I think the worst tattoos to get are religous symbols. You just shouldn't combine something satanic with something religous. And can I Just ask this question where does it say in the bible to go and gett tattoos where does it say they are o.k.? Where does it say it is good to tattoo a cross on your skin? In fact it even says something about NOT makeing a graven image.

2945 days ago


First of all I never judged anyone. And calling her bitch was probably the worst thing I said but on The simple life she's always using the word bitch and its only a word anyways. A word does not invite satan into your life. But Im going to stick to my guns on saying getting a rosary tattooo on your foot does indeed invite satan into your life you really shouldnt play around with religious symbols and disrespect them like she did. That is NOT judgemental that is just a fact its just the plain truth so just deal with it I know the truth hurts you. By the way I dont even want to judge her I can only state facts.

2945 days ago


Hard to know what to say to a Christian like Clara. She has all the answers. I wonder what Jesus would say about that Clara? By the way you should really look the word “fact” up in the dictionary. Learn the difference between facts and theories. For it to be a fact you have to be able to produce proof. Can you prove your statement?

“getting a rosary tattooo on your foot does indeed invite satan into your life”(sic)

If it’s an abstract thought it’s a theory. And please Clara, read your Bible more carefully and try to give in to the giving and caring aspects. Leave the judgments to the big guy.

2945 days ago


Nice try there but I never judged anybody. When did it come out of my mouth that I had all the answers. Its funny you people hate the truth so much that you put words into people's mouths. I never did judge anybody. her tattoo is just disrespectful and disgusting. And once again I asked a question where does it say in the bible to tattoo crosses onto your body? Nobody can answer that all you can say is Im being judgemental which I haven't been. Your trying to turn the tables on to me. This is all about Clara being Judgemental. No this is about Nicole Richie tattoooing a disrespectful rosary onto her foot. Feet by the way are considered gross acording to muslims if you show someone your foot that is considered disrespectful.

2944 days ago


Tony, I am in no way, shape, or form a slut.
You, however, are certainly ignorant and in dire need of a good spell checker.

2944 days ago


I agree with Tony the expressive artistic human beings are ones with NO tattoos on their bodies. People with tattoos just want some attention. My skin is the skin I was born with I will not ruin it with disgusting ink. I have a few freckles their natural and more expressive. Plus all tattoos are fake and uglier than sin itself. Please find a more healthier way to show respect to your mother or kids. Tattooing your mothers picture on your skin shows your an idiot who came up with your own moronic way to show respect.

2944 days ago


Hannah, is obvious you're a nazi.

2944 days ago


>>And once again I asked a question where does it say in the bible to tattoo crosses onto your body?

Where in the bible does it say you should not tattoo crosses onto your body?

2938 days ago
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