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Did Love Transcend Into the Real World?

10/6/2006 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

graphic of a question markWhat happened to Danny and Melinda from "The Real World"?

Melinda Stolp and Danny Jamieson of Danny and Melinda are still going strong, Carissa. They are enjoying their engagement and living together in Boston. While they decided to air their proposal on MTV for the world to see, Danny doesn't seem to care for the idea of broadcasting their wedding or their lives after the ceremony. (And with the whole MTV curse, who can blame him? Shanna and Travis, Carmen and Dave, Nick and Jess...)

If you're craving more MTV reality, make sure to tune in on Thursday, Oct. 12 when the "Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel" makes its debut.

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graphic of a question markIs Kelly Clarkson dating?

Kelly ClarksonMisa, a year ago today Kelly Clarkson could have been walking around singing her song "You Found Me," but she's been flying solo since February. Graham Colton, of The Graham Colton Band, was the man in her life. He was also her opening act during her 2005 Breakaway Tour, making spending quality time together convenient. However, busy schedules were cited as the main culprit for their (friendly) demise.

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graphic of a question markAre Mario Lopez and George Lopez related?

George Lopez and Mario LopezSandy, although you saw George Lopez in the crowd applauding Mario Lopez on "Dancing with the Stars" last week, they are not related. The elder Lopez was simply showing his support for Mario as a friend. Plus, George and his family love the show!

This week, Eva Longoria was on the sidelines showing her loyalty by wearing a "Team Mario" shirt.

Speaking of the lovely Longoria, if you haven't heard the latest on her and Tony's relationship, you can't miss this!

graphic of a question markIs singer Solange Knowles still married?

Solange KnowlesChristine, married life still seems to be bliss for Beyoncé's younger sister Solange, even though she made the commitment at the young age of 17 in February 2004. Solange and her husband Daniel Smith, who was recently waived by the Carolina Panthers, have a son Daniel Juelz Smith who was born in October of 2004.

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graphic of a question markHow did Sandra Bullock get that scar above her left eye?

Sandra BullockElma, here's the skinny on the scar. It appears as though when Sandra was around the age of 11, she hit her head on a rock in a lake and was thus forever marked by it. She (or her makeup crew) has done a good job hiding it, though. But we were able to snag a shot of her in which the scar is shown.

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No Avatar


danny and melinda are perfect for eachother. i wish them the best of luck

2845 days ago


That Real World guy Danny turned out to be a real jerk!!!....Did you see their reunion show??? What a pisser!!! The guy was sitting up there acting like a dildo was stuck in his ass!!!

2918 days ago


Yea' MeLinda is hot but her boyfriend is a dick head with a Boston accent. She should cut that dude loose cause she could have a career in tv, or something.

2918 days ago


Danny does'nt deserve Melinda! She should make him Lick her butt in a public display of infection. Hes such an *ss-hole! And Melinda just doesnt realize yet that shes prolly a homosexual. She was prolly wooed by his wannabe stardom. OMG hes so lame. LOOSER!!!!!!

2918 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Who are these people, and what do they do to make anyone interested in them?

2918 days ago

Who Cares    

I agree Danny was a jerk. Who gives a flying fart what happened with these two. Coral had it right when she said Melinda is an idiot. Who the hell refers to black people as "Colored" in 2006? She is not Rosa Parks and this is not 1963!

Next time don't give us an update on what happened with these two morons.

2918 days ago


Danny is a total @ss.

2917 days ago


I thought this couple was annoying at first, but after watching the entire season for Austin and then the reunion show, I'm rooting them on. They're both very attractive people! I wish them the best of luck.

2917 days ago

Erica Frantz    

Danny's smart to not air their relationship (plus no one would really care anyway). I'm actually shocked those two are still together. Especially since she's not as hot as she used to be.

2917 days ago


They are both very young and immature. They have a lot of growing up to do so getting married will be a mistake. Some people are ready for marriage that their age but they are not. Divorce will be in their future.

2917 days ago


Danny is a little bitch! Melinda could do SO MUCH better!

2917 days ago



2917 days ago


yes, they will marry and breed.......and end up as the rest of the MTV Reality permanent jobs/plans.........just endless competing in those Real World vs. Road Rules things...................I give kudos to the ones we never see again after the original series airs.

2917 days ago


Danny is a huge cry baby whiner. That guy got on my nerves. Grow some balls little boy.

2917 days ago


TMZ you're wrong, Solange and her husband are either separated or divorced, she is currently supposedly Lil' Wayne's (rapper) love interest

2917 days ago
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