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Is Diane

Ditching 'Good Morning America'?

10/10/2006 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Diane SawyerDiane Sawyer skipped out on a party thrown for Chris Cuomo, Sam Champion and other "Good Morning America" staffers last Friday -- and a source says that it's a sure sign that the news diva is planning on leaving the show soon.

Just as the competition heats up with "Today" after Meredith Vieira's arrival, a Sawyer sayonara could be a difficult blow to the ABC morning property. "The staff took Diane's absence as a clear message she is leaving the show," says a source to Rush & Molloy, "and is slowly starting to separate herself from it." Sawyer, say the columnists, had just arrived from interviewing Mel Gibson in his first post-DUI sit-down.

But an ABC rep dismisses any notion of Diane leaving: "She was sick in bed. She called [ABC News chief] David Westin and ['GMA' producer] Jim Murphy to see if she should still come. They urged her stay home."

It's Humor, Folks: Stewart, Colbert, Williams Not Running for Prez

So what do Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Robin Williams all have in common? They're not running for president, and never will. All three funnymen made it clear over the weekend in New York that despite their fans' -- and their fictional counterparts' -- actions to the contrary, none of them have any desire to actually be the president.

Stewart, at the New Yorker Festival, told an audience that the fact that people are even trying to promote him and his partner-in-fake-news Colbert as a team is "a real sign of how sad people are" with their government. And he adds that, though studies show otherwise, "There's no way you could get the news from ["The Daily Show"]. I've seen the show. It couldn't happen."

Meanwhile, Robin Williams said that there's a reason he'd never run for office like his character in the upcoming "Man of the Year": "I make Bill Clinton look Amish."

When Oprah Said Jump, Givens Jumped -- To Pen Memoir

Actress Robin Givens hadn't really thought about writing her life story -- until Oprah Winfrey decided she should do it. "I was in Florida and I got a call from her," Givens tells Jawn Murray of AOL Black Voices' BV Buzz. And what did O have to say? "People need to know your story and you're coming on the show." And just like that, there was a crew from the show at Givens' house, Givens did Oprah's show, and then Oprah suggested she write her story down for posterity -- which Givens says she's doing sans ghostwriters. The book will be out early next year; currently, the 42-year-old former "Head of the Class" star (and ex-bride of Mike Tyson) is touring in the play "Men, Money and Gold Diggers."

Janet Fishing for $30 Million Pad

Well, even if her brother ain't exactly flush with cash, Janet Jackson is doing something right. A report in Upscale magazine (via MSNBC) says that the pop queen is looking up and down in Manhattan for apartments that cost as much as $30 million.

She and longtime boyfriend Jermaine Dupri scoped out a 9,000-square-foot place in Manhattan's Columbus Circle, home to some of NYC's priciest real estate. Wherever they end up, they're going to need to have big closets: "Jermaine could take the bigger one. He has way more shoes than I do and I'm a shoe whore!"

Party Favors: Scarlett Says She's Essentially Monogamous ... Barkin's Jewels Expected to Net $15 Million ... Buffett Scoffs at French

Scarlett Johansson tells the new issue of Allure magazine (via Us Weekly) that she's not "promiscuous," but that she's not a "serial monogamist" either. "I do think on some basic level we are animals," says the starlet, who's dating Josh Hartnett, "and by instinct we kind of breed accordingly" ... Ellen Barkin is splitting up with makeup mogul Ronald Perelman, and, according to Page Six, all her jewelry from their six-year marriage is going to be auctioned off at Christie's. The haul should bring in $15 million, though it's not clear how much of that Barkin will get ... And the whole kerfuffle over drug tablets in his bags at a French airport is a whole lot of French hooey, says Jimmy Buffett. On his blog, as Page Six notes, the "Margaritaville" singer says he "couldn't tell the difference between a hit of ecstasy and Excedrin PM." But Buffett just wanted to get out of there, so he paid his fine and walked away.

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No Avatar

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Diane needs to bail out,hasnt been the same since charlie left,as for Robin,not much to write about,she married a loser,that loser raped her,and she took all the losers money,I guess that would be a great book,GOLD DIGGERS INC,yea that would make a good book ,but not one that I would buy,Janet,maybe you can give your child molester brother a million dollars so he can stay out of the USA,and your mom and pop could use a couple million so the can pay there morgage,and another thing,YOU CANT DANCE ANYMORE,and your breast is not something americia want to see anymore

2943 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Just what the world is waiting for, the autobiography of Rovin Givens. The Maven would rather sit in a closet and watch the hangers multiply than waste time and eyesight on some piece of crap lke this that Oprah has "ordered." Now if Oprah herself were to pen a tome somewhat along the lines of "Me and My Dildo," that might be worth ten minutes of The Maven's precious time.

As for Diane Sawyer, The Maven used to like her tremendously. But then she went and did that revolting interview with--of all vermin--Charles Manson. And now that she's doing Mel Gibson, her transmogrification from TV journalist into TV whore has landed her a place on The Maven's List of Media Miserables. (It's a rather long list, by the way.)

No interest oi Janet Jackson's housing problems. Whether she chooses to dwell in a multi-million-dollar mansion or a multi-vermin infest hovel is a matter of supreme indifference to The Maven. She's the best-looking member of that vomitous Jackson tribe, though, so that's a point or two in her favor.

2943 days ago


LOL! #3 Mike Tyson!

2943 days ago


I can't believe Oprah would contact a "Robin Givens" to write a book and apprear on her show.....I love Oprah dearly but is she getting desperate for guests and topics to feature on her show? Who cares about Robin Givens!?! She was married to Tyson in the 80's, that's history, she profited greatly from her divorce from him, AND, what else do you have Robin? Are we supposed to feel sorry for you because Tyson roughed you up a deserved it, you were looking for money.

2943 days ago

Robin Banks    


2943 days ago


Robin Givens is absolutely beautiful!!!

2943 days ago


#3 Mike Tyson...........................YOU ARE A DISGUSTING INDIVIDUAL! You are so not funny or entertaining! Have some respect for others you moron!

2943 days ago

Linda Ivy    

Diane Sawyer is a nice woman, and you should all be ashamed for talking about her. I miss Charlie, and I would miss her as well. Diane, I hope you are not leaving GMA. If you were ill, I hope you are better and thank you for all of the interviews you do, you are first rate!

2943 days ago



2943 days ago


Diane Sawyer, is a class act. GMA has NOT been the same since Charlie Gibson left the program. Their selection of Sam Champion is questionable at best with his tinted blonde hair. What kind of honorable MAN changes his hair color? He appears to project himself with professionalism, but he's definately NOT the calibur of person Diane Sawyer is nor what Charlie Gibson was for the show. Diane, GMA is an albatross, and by staying there, they will only pull you down. Fly away sweetheart, you're far better than they. I refuse to watch GMA, and I've been a morning fan since 1982. Goodby GMA, it was a great time that has come to its end.

2943 days ago

Betty Fisher    

Such filth on cyber equipment ! I find it almost impossible to read
what is above (supposedly from celebrities). Pleae clean up
your comments.

2943 days ago


Diane Sawyer is an annoying, airheaded little turd who likes to pretend she can conduct in-depth interviews about important social issues, but she always gets completely run over by the interviewee. Not only does she not research material/interviewees before the interview, but she tries to bring out what she sees as "inconsistencies" and "interesting questions" while very obviously ignorant of the material. She's on morning TV because she could NEVER cut it in a seriously news-oriented format. I hope she goes. Good riddance.

2943 days ago

Susan Wilhelmsen    

The Good Morning America Team has changed and so has the feel of things. It used to be a friendly happy go lucky environment. I am most upset with the arrogance of Chris Como. This morning when they were comparing meatloaf recipes Chris made a derogatory comment about Sams Mothers meat loaf being "Mama Champions Recipe for heart attack." It was like it was oh so important that he win the meatloaf competition.
I hope Diane doesn't go. She is about the only reason I like the show anymore.

2943 days ago


#8, you are half right with your comment. Robin Givens is an attractive woman. On the other hand, rapist are not limited to a color (race). And, the black men I know would NEVER think about touching a white women, seeing that the majority of you smell like wet dogs coupled with just the right hint of Comet cleanser and Clorox added! Please God hold back the rain...I can't stomach the thought of smelling dog another day. And, if you don't believe me, ask any race other than you own. Stank biatches!!!

p.s. Why is it when you drink your hair becomes stringy and and yall get greasy looking...and to reiterate, YOU STANK!!!!!

2943 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Hey Betty at #13:Go take a sh*t for yourself, you'll feel much better.

2943 days ago
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