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Titanic-size Heartache

11/1/2006 4:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today, four-time Oscar nominee Kate Winslet is "genuinely happy" with two beautiful children and loving husband director Sam Mendes. But just as her career was enjoying a meteoric rise, her personal life was sinking to new lows.

Kate Winslet
Prior to the red carpets and acting accolades, Kate tells Parade magazine she grew up being called "blubber" and sought comfort in the arms of her first love Stephen Tredre.

Regarding Tredre, Winslet says, "He was the most important person in my life. My life revolved around him." In 1994, Tredre was diagnosed with bone cancer and Kate rushed to his side.

In late '97, the same week that the movie that would make her a household name, "Titanic", opened, Tredre died. Kate says it was "unbelievably heartbreaking."

Winslet managed to pick up the pieces and, after a failed marriage to James Threapleton which produced her daughter Mia, eventually fell in love with Mendes. In 2003, the NY-based couple had a son, Joe.

With her career and personal life now at the top of their game, Kate's life couldn't be better. "I love being married to Sam and I love motherhood more than anything."

Check out the entire interview with Kate Winslet in Sunday's Parade Magazine.


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I LOVE KATE WINSLET. she is such an amazing person and titanic is my fave movie, also including finding neverland, and eternal sunshine of a spotless mind. she is so talented and she can also sing. and i like the fact that she is not too skinny or fat. and she isnt on every page if a magazine. she is so pretty and perfect. her career is going great and i can't wait for her new movie.

2912 days ago


She was never fat in the first place. People are seriously stupid.

2912 days ago


I like her but she looks a lot older than her age. She' s only 30, but looks 40 ish.

2912 days ago


I love Kate. Kate you're perfect and do not change anything. Marry me please?? Call me !!!

2912 days ago


I'm not gay but I'd go that way for Kate! She so hot and I'm not sure why??

2912 days ago


I met Kate at an art gallery in London a few years back. She is absolutely gorgeous...even without makeup. More importantly, she was a beautiful person inside, was very kind to everyone and genuine. She had absolutely no airs about her, was considerate to everyone around her and a doting mother. Too bad the rest of Hollywood are nothing like her!

2912 days ago


Life is full of ups and downs...I am glad you found happiness and contentment now, Kate, in your marriage and with your children. Continued success and good wishes to you.

2912 days ago


#8 Karina...sure you did. Whoopied doo.

2912 days ago


I saw her on Inside the Actors Studio the other day and she appears to be a really well rounded human being. Nice to see there are a few celebrities that you could actually classify as normal. I love her movies as well.

2912 days ago

mary poppins    

Who says second marriages cant work out. Good for you Kate for taking another chance at it.

2912 days ago

Susie Bush    

#7? if you didn't care? why did you post? to get attention like an immature child? Kate seems like a really nice lady and I am glad she's happy and feel sorry for her for losing her first love!

2911 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

#12 Shady,

I dunno...bored,

"Attention" why yes...thank you.

I dunno, she seems like a very conflicted person, in a few years she'll look like Sally Struthers, after she left TV, her happiness is of no real interest to me as I am very self absorbed and shallow. Do you feel sorry for me because I too lost my first the Glendale Galleria, bitch took off with my AMEX card!
Hold me Shady...HOLD ME!!!

2911 days ago

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