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Cameron's New Dude

Rebound or Revenge?

1/18/2007 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0118_diz_kelly_ex_tmz_1_wi-2The relationship is over, but the drama has just begun -- and it looks like Cameron Diaz is hooking up to make Justin Timberlake jealous.

According to TMZ spies, Cameron is currently camped out on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii with super surf stud and current ASP World Tour champ Kelly Slater.

We're told the couple shared a romantic oceanfront dinner at Haleiwa Joe's restaurant before heading back to Slater's place. Indeed, we're told Cameron is staying with Slater. The two have been friends for years; Slater even appeared on Cameron's MTV show "Trippin" in 2005.

Other TMZ spies tell us that during the Golden Globes, Cameron kept coming up to Justin's table, trying to engage him in conversation. Cameron Diaz photo gallery: Click to launch photosEach time she left, a frustrated Justin made it clear he just wanted a clean break.

And Page Six reports that at an after-party, Cameron went off on Jessica Biel for getting too "close" to Justin.

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No Avatar

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

Dear Cameron ,

You are too old for Justin ! and you looking desperate is sickening and pathetic !!

Have some dignity and integrity ** and ...... MOVE ON !!

2842 days ago


grow up cameron its not high school
kelly slater is hot hot hot hot hot AND CUTE
so is JT

2842 days ago


Good her for. Justin isn't hot anyway...just average if that! The new guy however....looks pretty hot!

2842 days ago


Am I the only one that thinks Justin Timberlake is ugly? He has nothing to appeal to anyone. He looks like he never showers. What is the fascination?

2842 days ago

Little Titty    

Don't be childish Ms. Cram her in d'ass.

2842 days ago

Chicago Chick    

She looks really, really stupid carrying on like this with someone who is quite younger than her. She should be the more mature person and be "breezy" about the breakup.

Honey, Justin doesn't care about you anymore. You're only making yourself look desperate, immature and unattractive to other suitors.

2842 days ago


These celebrities are just so insecure and needy. They break up on day one and need a new boy/girlfriend on day two. They don't seem to like who they are nor enjoy their own company...they always need to be validated either by the public or a new mate and crave constant attention. What a bunch of neurotic, insecure people...and to think the public pay to be entertained by them...too sad!

2842 days ago


JT is one of the most disgusting celebrity in Hollywood. One of my biggest frustrations is: why there are so many people think he is 'hot'????? The guy has a fowl mouth - kiss & tell (poor Brit!), he is nothing but a low-life, un-educated punk with no sense of moral!

Cam, wise up and time to change your taste of man!

2842 days ago


Why is she so clingy to JUSTIN? I bet she becomes a fatal attraction with the way she's acting. Justin and Jessica better keep an eye on their bunnies.

2842 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

#5 you hit the nail on the head

I think its pretty sad that both of them are acting so childish - the ink is barely dry on their press release and just like that are swapping bodily fluids twith whomever is the most accessible or to whomever is also trying to show up their exes (kate hudson, scarlet j, etc.)

shit celebrities are EASY.

2842 days ago


Next Cameron would be getting married to a guy she''s just known and she would be jumping off somebody''s couch in PDA mode!

It's always like that in Hollyweird...Expect the unexpected, and the celebrities always take take on another personality in every relationship..

Perfect exemples are;
1)Punk Rock Angelina -with-Billy Bob Thornton to Santelina-BradPitt

2) Adorable Tom Cruise-with penelope Cruz to couch-jumping Alien Tom-with-Stepford wifey katie Holmes>>

You ca all extend the list!

2842 days ago


it's just the sterotypical break up thing, where one is trying to make the other jealous.

Cam is very immature apparently, it's okay for ex's not to remain friends, there's nothing wrong.

Clean breaks are best . . .

2842 days ago

Hoosier chick    

Kelly Slater is finer than frog hair. Why would you want to go out with someone who dated Brit anyway.

2842 days ago


Pleaseeee! Kelly is fall back boy for several ladies, Pam Anderson ,Gisele, now Cam, they are just buds but because he is so freakin' hot being seen with him is a newstory.
Cam loved JT for whatever reasons and JT loved her but is listening to his handlers (MOM included) saying that in order for him to be the next in line for a Globe or an Oscar he has got to do the skank dance and be Hollywood and bounce from one to the other. Being with Cam all this time, we never heard too much about them fighting and SUDDENLY its over, I tell ya, this ended for the wrong reasons, that is why both are behaving like someone stole their blankie.

2842 days ago


Cameron and Brittney should be BFF! They both think they MUST have a man in their lives or they can't function.


2842 days ago
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