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Humane Society

Auctions Off Vick's

Note to Self

9/4/2007 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On August 27, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick plead guilty to a dogfighting charge, and the following day held a press conference in Richmond, Virg., apologizing for his involvement in the Bad Newz Kennels dogfighting ring.

michael vick
After Vick's four-minute speech, a rep with the Humane Society of the United States went up to the podium to retrieve his microphone, and found the note left by Vick containing his talking points.

Vick's big idea: apologize, apologize, apologize. The six-point speech calls for him to "apologize for what I've done;" apologize to his coach and team; tell young kids that "I acted immature;" ask for "forgiveness and understanding;" "take full responsibility for my actions;" and remind people that "we all make mistakes."

At the very bottom of the note was a reminder that "dogs have suffered."

"Watching video of the event, I recall Vick reading through his talking points. I don't recall him getting to those words at the end. No, for some reason, he didn't get to the dogs on whom he inflicted such tortures," wrote Humane Society blogger Wayne Pacelle on A Humane Nation. "The biggest apology of all was left unspoken-to the dogs who suffered and who died so horribly at his hand."

The Humane Society has put the note up for auction. Proceeds will benefit the Humane Society's Animal Cruelty Response and Reward Fund.

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Michael Vick is, and always will be, nothing but a mere moron. The guy has a reported I.Q. that borderlines on retarded. However, being totally stupid, having mental challenges and basically just being a simple minded nitwit, unfortunately is not a legal defense for his atrocities. Ignorance is no excuse. That speech wasn't from the "heart", it was a feeble attempt to redeem himself. Sorry Michael, your own stupid ass and unfounded narcissism has ruined your career forever, made you a laughing stock of 99% of America, but most importantly, brought to light this despicable practice that you call "sport" being perpetrated to this day by many other affluent blacks that, as part of your Plea Agreement with the government, you are obligated to rat out. That makes you nothing more than a p*ssy. You will forever be labeled as a "dog-killer" for the rest of your life. No franchise ower would ever be willing to take a chance on you again, your behavior was simply to heinous to stomach. You can kiss the NFL goodbye!!! You my friend are TOAST. Now go get an education and make something of your life, since without your football, you are one dumb *ss useless excuse for a civilized human being...

2570 days ago


He asks for our 'Understanding'? I don't think so! And 'everyone makes mistakes' - I don't call organising dog fights a 'mistake'. The complete lack of reference to the poor animals only shows his lack of remorse.

2570 days ago

linda hannon    

This guy came to the podium saying that he wasn't going to read his notes, but it came from the heart..Phooey. He needs to be slammed against a wall several times and then electrocuted. This guy is absolutely heartless, and I truly believe is more guilty than what he claims to be. He needs to be severely punished for his crime. Killing defenseless animals just because they wouldn't do what he wanted them to do. Michal Vick, you are an animal, I hope your family see what kind of person you really are, and PLEASE, don't have the nerve to ask us to pray for you. May you rot in hell..............

2570 days ago

NO NO NO    

You PEOPLE kill me. You act like this is the worst thing in the world. Get a grip and read the freakin news sometimes!!! Just the other day, 2 idiots cut a cats head off! All the time people abuse animals by keeping them in their homes and letting them starve to death!!! Other sicko's have sex with animals. Lord knows what else people do to animals. Google “animal cruelty” and I'm sure you will see how many people abuse animals on a regular. If you are that disgusted by what Vick did....join PETA!!!! and do something about it instead of crucifying one MAN. What about people who hunt and shot poor defenseless deer in the head just for the "Sport" of it. I am in no way condoning what Vick did....but let's keep it in perspective.

2570 days ago


I'd like to call Vick an "animal", but that would be disrespectful to God's creatures. This MORON is a MONSTER who should never be allowed to play professional footbal again, be around animals or children. He isn't sorry for what he has done, only for what he has done to himself, and his financial career. I hope he meets some animal lovers in prison who will inflict the same type of pain on him as he did upon those poor dogs. He has blood on his hands literally and those stains are permanent in the minds of decent people who care for animals in a humane way. The Humane Society should be able to sue the pants off of him on behalf of the dogs and keep the money to prosecute other jerks like him. At the very least put a barking collar around certain parts of his anatomy, wet him, charge it up and watch the fireworks!!! I'd pay for that one and give the money to the dogs.

2570 days ago



2570 days ago


He's absolutely disgusting. Was anyone really stupid enough to believe his speech?
I hope he really suffers the consequences for what he's done.

2570 days ago


All you white kids are crying about your puppies, what you don't realize is that Michael Vick was an icon for us blacks, and he's been put on the cross for participating in a sport similar to what you white people participate in: hunting.

Everything that has happened has been unfortunate, but the saddest thing for me was seeing how our country is still so segregated. If Peyton Manning did the same thing he would only get probation.

2570 days ago


Michael Vick is a sickening human being with no regard for anything but staying out of jail and protecting his career. Clearly he has the IQ of a moron and is a sadistic, torturing SOB who delights in seeing dogs rip each other to shreds then kills them by hand if the dog isn't performing well enough. The dogs whose lives were ended were the lucky ones. Imagine having your face/body ripped apart by another dog then being left to bleed to death with no medical help, no pain relief, nothing ... just torn to shreds and suffering incredible pain. Michael Vick - burn in hell!

2570 days ago


read the posts above and below..once again, the vile and vindictive nature of the american peple is exposed..america was founded on racism,theft,kidnappings and murder...from the roots to the fruits...

2570 days ago

tom minetree    

LQQK!!! A crime is a crime....Vicky Vick committed a crime....and as a result...he must do the time. FOOTBALL, No CHANCE, JACK! You blew it! Flippin' Burgers is what your qualified to do!!! LIKE FRIES WITH THAT??? DUMBASS!!!

2570 days ago


I hope this poor excuse for a human being gets the maximum time along with the maximum fine. Anyone making excuses for this thugs actions (NAACP, Jesse Jackson & now Whoopi Goldberg) deserves to have the public angry and disgusted with them as well.

Many of us thought from the beginning his apology wasn't sincere and now we have the 'smoking gun' to prove it. Throw him in jail and throw away the key for at least 3-5 years.

2570 days ago

Helene Frankel    

I sat in my hot car when sports channel, WFAN-NY, played the Vick statement
live. I listened to every word. And I like others NEVER heard his express his
disgust with himself and friends for the abuse, cruelty and pain he inflicted on
each and every dog he handled as Head Honcho of his dog ring. WHO was he
apologizing to? Did he hang his family? Did he electrocute his friends? NO-
all the victums were dogs and HE EXPRESSED NO APOLOGY, REGRET OR
FINDING JESUS TO THEM- the dogs are the victums- NOT Michael Vick.
May he find "justice" while in prison.

2570 days ago


Man whatver...we don't even know that he wrote this!!! The humane society is after more money than anyone else in America. Look at all the dogs they kill each year!! The man probably listened to Vick's speech, went to the hotel and got a piece of their letterhead, marked down some notes of the key points of his speech and then put it up for auction!!! This is rediculous!!!

2570 days ago


This guy ought to be banned from the NFL forever.

I think we've ALL done immature things in our lives, but I know that the immature things I did NEVER, EVER, EVER including watching dogs fight to the death! Not only have I never done anything to harm animals, in my wildest thoughts I never WANTED to do so! Just the fact that he is blaming this on immaturity shows that not only is he immature, but he cannot recognize that there is something SEVERELY wrong with an individual who would derive pleasure from harming innocent animals, and an apology means nothing!!

To me, conceptually, this is no different than a child molester "apologizing." The fact remains: YOU STILL ENJOY PLEASURE FROM A HEINOUS, UNSPEAKABLE ACT!!" APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED.


He doesn't get it at all, and apparently his counsel isn't too hip, either!!

What a vile man!

2570 days ago
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