Takk McKinley Cut By Atlanta Falcons ... After Twitter Outburst

1:24 PM PT -- 11/9 McKinley is no longer a member of the Atlanta Falcons ... with the team officially waiving the former first-round pick on Monday.

The team previously said it would consider all options in determining McKinley's punishment following his Twitter outburst ... but ultimately decided it was best to part ways.

Atlanta Falcons star Takk McKinley's Twitter fingers just cost him a chunk of change ... with the team reportedly fining the defensive end over his recent Twitter outburst.

McKinley -- a 2017 first-rounder -- seemingly called the Falcons front office clowns after the trade deadline this week ... claiming the team should have pulled the trigger when he wanted out of town last season.

"These @AtlantaFalcons turned down a 2nd round draft pick when I requested to get traded last year," Takk tweeted Wednesday.

"The same @AtlantaFalcons turned down a 5th and 6th round draft pick from multiple teams when I requested to get traded this year. I only have 17.5 career sacks."


While the team denied any actual offer was presented, interim head coach Raheem Morris made it clear he was NOT happy about McKinley's decision to air out his frustrations on Twitter.

"Takk will definitely be held accountable for his actions and everything that goes with it," the coach said.

Now, we know what that means ... with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporting Takk was fined an undisclosed amount for the tweets.

Whether the two sides will be able to make up is doubtful -- the team has already declined his 5th-year option and hasn't ruled out cutting McKinley's playing time or suspending him.

As for Takk's tweet ... it's still live on his account.

No regrets??

Originally published -- 11/5 3:26 PM PT

NFL's Keith Smith Admits Chipotle Addiction ... I Eat It 5 Times A Day!!!

Pour one out for Keith Smith's poor toilet ...

The Atlanta Falcons fullback admitted this week he has a SERIOUS affinity for Chipotle ... explaining he gets bowls from the Mexican food joint 4 or 5 times a day!!

"You probably won't believe it," Smith said on the "Endless Hustle" podcast this week. "But, most people who know me know that it's legit."

The 6-foot, 240-pound NFLer explained he uses the restaurant as a way to sort of meal prep.

Smith -- who turned 28 back in April -- says he gets his bowls compartmentalized ... getting the chicken, rice and beans all separate so he can concoct the deliciousness whenever he's ready.

"Like, this is not a joke," Smith said. "Like, 4 or 5 times a day, I got my bowl. Same thing every time."

As for why Chipotle and not El Pollo Loco or some other spot? Smith says it's simple ... "You know what you going to get. The consistency."

In case you were wondering, a modest Chipotle chicken burrito bowl has around 800 calories in it. So, do the math -- that's roughly 4,000 calories of Chipotle PER DAY!!

Yeah, we're all praying Atlanta's locker room is well stocked on TP!

Andre Rison I Should Replace Quinn As Falcons Coach ... I Can Fix Them!!!


And, the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons is ... Andre Rison???

The former NFL All-Pro tells TMZ Sports he wants to replace Dan Quinn as the head man in Atlanta ... and he says he's dead serious about taking over the reins.

DQ hasn't been officially relieved of his duties yet ... but after blowing ANOTHER huge lead Sunday -- this time a 16-pointer to the Bears -- many believe Quinn's time as Falcons coach will be over soon.

And, Rison tells us he's got hopes Arthur Blank will give him a legit shot at the job whenever that happens ... saying he's qualified to help turn Atlanta back into a Super Bowl contender.

"I'm waiting on that call!" Rison says.

It might sound crazy on the surface ... but Rison tells us he's quietly been building up a coaching resume since he retired from the NFL two decades ago.

Andre's been a high school head coach as well as part of Michigan State's staff ... and he thinks that, combined with his playing history, makes him more than qualified for the job.

"I'm primed for it," Rison says. "I'm ready for it."

Michael Irvin Lost His Mind Over Cowboys Comeback ... 'Spit On The Grave!!!'

"Just when you thought you were ready to spit on the grave of the Dallas Cowboys, that's when we raised our hand up and said, 'We're not dead yet!!!'"

Michael Irvin went INSANE breaking down his former team's epic comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons ... and his impassioned speech is MUST WATCH!!!

Irvin went on NFL Network on Sunday night to talk football just a few hours after the Cowboys came back from down 26-7 to beat ATL, 40-39 ... and the former WR let his emotions fly!

Ya gotta watch the clip ... Irvin gets so fired up over the win -- he straight-up has to tell himself on camera, "Calm down, Michael! Calm down!"

As for the game ... it probably deserved the reaction from Irv -- the Cowboys not only needed to make up a 19-point deficit, but they also needed a miracle onside kick to do it.

Turns out, Dallas did both things ... and Irvin and just about everyone else in the NFL world couldn't believe it!!

In fact, even Charles Barkley had to chime in on the game while was doing his NBA on TNT show ... saying the Falcons choked it all away!!

"They outdid themselves today," Barkley said of Atlanta. "That was the biggest choke job, what the Atlanta Falcons did today. I'm not giving the Dallas Cowboys any credit. That was a choke job!"

Sorry, Atlanta.

NFL's Calvin Ridley Honors Baby Daughter ... With Diamond Chain!!

Atlanta Falcons star Calvin Ridley will be reppin' his new baby daughter everywhere he goes ... courtesy of a brand new diamond chain!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the 25-year-old former Alabama receiver wanted to do something WAY better than a picture in the wallet to show off his daughter, so he hit up Al the Jeweler of Labelle Jewelry in NJ to come up with the special piece.

The final product is a massive charm featuring Cree Michelle's name and birthday -- 06-27-2020 -- sitting on an NFL logo.

We're told the piece is made of more than 70 carats of VS clarity diamonds between the pendant and chain it sits on ... in other words, high-quality stuff!!

Ridley isn't the only one getting treats ... check out the Louis Vuitton blanket his baby girl was laying on when he introduced her on IG!!

Ridley -- who is still on his rookie contract -- has made about $9 million in his 3 years in the league so far ... but expect that number to rise if he continues to ball out!!

Congrats on the baby!!

Todd Gurley Lists L.A. Pad for $2.3 Mil Waterfall and Basketball Court!

Wanna live like an NFL running back but don't have the talent?

Well, you can buy Todd Gurley's L.A. pad if you've got $2.3 mil to spend.

The ex-Rams star -- who signed with the ATL Falcons -- is selling the 5,100 square foot crib in Chatsworth where he's lived for the past 3 years after buying an ever BIGGER place nearby from 'Twilight' actor Taylor Lautner.

Gurley's old crib was famous for hosting celebrity pickup games on his private court ... featuring stars like Cam Newton, YG and Quavo.

But, now that Gurley scooped up Lautner's 10,560-square-foot mansion just down the way ... he's looking to unload the smaller place.

It's a nice spot -- custom-built in 2005 and features a cool resort-style pool, waterfall and hot tub.

And, there's another celebrity connection -- Snoop Dogg's son Julian Broadus is working with the listing agents, Tai Savetsila and Michael Chambers of Agents of LA.

We're told Julian is interested in real estate -- and will help out in an "apprentice" role so he can learn the business.

As for Todd, the 26-year-old Gurley has reportedly made close to $40 million in contract money is his 5-year career ... which means he shouldn't have ANY problems finding a sweet new pad in ATL if he wants to expand his real estate portfolio.

CAROLINA PANTHERS Crap All Over Falcons New Unis ... Ya Look Like 'The Longest Yard!!!'

The first win of the 2020 NFL season goes to the Carolina Panthers social media team ... which RUTHELESSY destroyed the Atlanta Falcons' new uniforms in a Twitter exchange for the ages.

It's no secret ... the Falcons pretty much fumbled its new jersey reveal -- the threads leaked a week before the big scheduled debut, which forced the team to push everything up to Wednesday morning.

A lot of people wish the team hadn't gone through the trouble at all ... with the general consensus (on social media at least) being the jerseys SUCK and never should've seen the light of day.

To add insult to injury, the Falcons' NFC South rivals got in on the fun ... with the Panthers Twitter comparing the new look to the Mean Machine jerseys from "The Longest Yard" in a hilarious video.

Incredible work.

Of course, the Falcons tried to recover by using the famous Cam Newton quote he used after getting cut this past offseason ... even including his signature crazy font.

"#šhïñëTHRŪthëŠHÄDĒ," the Falcons' Twitter responded ... but the damage was already done.

Someone in the Panthers' social media dept. needs a raise ... 'cause seriously, the comparison is spot-on.

Terrell Davis I Doubt Gurley Can Return To Form ... Same Knee Issues I Had


Terrell Davis tells TMZ Sports he's concerned Todd Gurley might never regain his old form in Atlanta ... saying a similar knee issue in 1999 caused him to lose a permanent step.

"I was never the same," the Denver Broncos legend says.

Gurley tore his ACL in college at Georgia in 2014 ... but didn't have problems with the surgically repaired knee up until 2019 -- when the Rams RB dealt with arthritis.

Gurley was still able to run on it, but he clearly wasn't the same guy ... and following this past season, the Rams straight-up cut him over the decline in his play.

Fortunately for the tailback, the Falcons believe he's still got some juice left --- they signed him right away -- but Davis tells us he's skeptical Gurley can be a premier RB again in the future.

"They said he had an arthritic knee," said Davis, who tore his ACL playing for the Broncos in 1999. "And, I said, 'I've had that. I understand what it feels like.'"

Davis was forced to retire before the 2002 season ... saying his arthritic knee made it impossible for him to feel like the same dude that won a Super Bowl MVP just a few years prior.

"What happens is you feel like your knee -- like you have just enough swelling in your knee, just enough, to where it doesn't stop you from running, but you don't have the full flexibility or mobility and you just feel like you're just a second slower," TD says.

"When you think about making a cut, it's like the signal from your brain to your knee is like, it just comes just a fraction of a second too slow where your knee doesn't respond to it. And, that's what was happening for me."

Don't get it twisted ... Davis still thinks Todd has more than enough gas left in the tank to be an effective NFL RB -- he's just wary about the prospects of TG returning to superstar status.

"If he could come out of this one year and have the attitude that, 'I want to prove everybody wrong' -- which I feel Todd will -- he could have a really good year."

Roddy White Blasts Matt Ryan Haters ... 'Move On For What!?'


Roddy White says Falcons fans asking the team to move on from Matt Ryan are a bunch of idiots ... telling TMZ Sports, "That's just crazy to me, man!"

"Move on for what?!" White told us out at LAX this week. "What you going to move on to?!"

The 34-year-old QB is still in the middle of a 5-year, $150 MILLION contract ... but there's been a growing rumble from some fans in Atlanta that say it's time to find his replacement.

When we asked White about that Tuesday, he told us he thinks that's crazy, saying, "He owns every [Falcons] record for a quarterback up to this point, which is ridiculous."

"Passing yards, completion percentage, all that stuff. So for people to say that, man, that's just crazy to me, man!"

Ryan had a solid season last year ... throwing for 4,466 yards, 26 TDs and just 14 picks -- but his team went 7-9 for the second straight season.

That's led a lot of people to wonder if Dan Quinn should draft a QB in the 1st round next month ... but White says no way.

"We don't have time for that, man," White says. "We're trying to win Super Bowls."

FYI ... Ryan's star teammate, Julio Jones, agreed with White when we asked him back in January about possibly drafting Tua Tagovailoa.


There's more ... Roddy also explained to us why he thinks the XFL has a real chance to succeed -- and he also clowned the hell out the Rams' rumored new logo.

Julio Jones On Falcons Drafting Tua ... We've Already Got Our Franchise QB


If Tua Tagovailoa is still on the board when the Falcons draft this spring, should Atlanta take him???

That's what we asked Julio Jones out at LAX on Friday ... and he told us straight-up, "We've got our franchise quarterback there in Matt Ryan."

Of course, Matty Ice wasn't the reason ATL was a disappointing 7-9 this season ... but some rumblings are starting to grow about how much the 34-year-old QB has left in the tank.

Seems his star receiver thinks PLENTY ... but Jones also told us he would understand if the Falcons did choose a signal-caller with the No. 16 overall pick in April.

"The general manager, he got to do his thing," Jones said.

As for the future of his Falcons coming off a down year ... Julio doesn't seem worried a repeat of 2019 is on the way, telling us the key to ATL's success is to just stay healthy.

"We lose guys, and you don't want to blame it on things like that, but the truth of the matter is you just have to stay healthy throughout the season."

Quavo Falcons Should Bench Matt Ryan ... For Colin Kaepernick!!!


Quavo is sick of watching his favorite Atlanta Falcons squad underperform on Sundays ... so he's giving some advice to Dan Quinn -- bench Matt Ryan for Colin Kaepernick!!!

"We need to get Matt Ryan out of there!" the Migos rapper tells TMZ Sports.

Of course, Colin ain't on the Falcons' roster ... and it's unclear if Atlanta even sent a rep to watch his workout near the team's facility Saturday.


But, Quavo tells us he doesn't care ... and says the Falcons need to add Kap and subtract Ryan ASAP!!!

"I love Colin," Quavo says. "Colin should be on a team!"

Doesn't seem likely the Falcons take Quavo's advice ... Matty Ice is locked into a 5-year, $150 MILLION contract -- and he actually hasn't been horrible this season.

But, hey ... Kap might be better than Ryan's backup, Matt Schaub, who is 38 years old now.

So, what do you say, Arthur Blank????

Julio Jones Bahamas Bro Sesh With Roddy White ... Happy Birthday!!!


Here's a fun way to escape your 1-7 teammates ...

Julio Jones ditched the Falcons during his squad's bye this weekend ... flying all the way out to the Bahamas to bro down with Roddy White for the ex-ATL star's birthday -- and it looked awesome!!!

The party went down at SLS Baha Mar in Nassau ... with White throwing a cool little get-together at the resort's swanky pool for his 38th.

There was bottle service, signs that spelled out "Roddy" ... and plenty of R&R for Julio before he had to get back to an Atlanta team with no hopes of the playoffs this season.

It's pretty cool that the two NFL studs are still good friends ... Jones and Roddy played together from 2011 to 2015 -- but shared a bond much bigger than just football.

Roddy was instrumental in helping Julio during his first few years in the league ... while 30-year-old Julio was later there for White to help him after he tragically lost his brother in 2014.

"Every day, he called me and checked up on me," White said of Julio at the time to NFL.com. "Asked me how I was doing, came down for the funeral, showed up at the house. You know, that was really, really special to me. I needed him to get through that."

Props to Julio for being a great dude. Now if only Atlanta's defense could step up like that ...

Quavo To ATL Falcons Bench Matt Ryan ... Start Me Instead!!!

Put Matty on Ice

Matt Ryan has pissed off one of his biggest ATL Falcons fans -- Quavo from The Migos -- who tells TMZ Sports the team needs to bench Matty already ... and start HIM!!!

"Put Matty on Ice, put Quavo in tonight!"

Quavo's not only from Georgia, he's also a HUGE football fan who used to be a STUD quarterback himself back in his high school days.

In fact, Quavo was Gwinnett County, Georgia's all-time single-game completions leader ... and posted a sick highlight video showing him breaking tackles, juking pass-rushers and finding his WRs with the deep ball!


So, when we spotted Quavo leaving Avra in Beverly Hills we asked how his beloved Falcons can get things back on track.

"Matt Ryan is making me mad right now," Quavo said ... "If the Falcons start me, I'll play and I'll throw to Julio Jones every play!"

Hey, it's not a bad plan ...

The Falcons are coming to L.A. to play the Rams this weekend -- and Quavo also has a friendly warning for his pal Jalen Ramsey ... JULIO JONES IS GONNA BUST YOUR ASS!

"Jalen, I know you my boy. But, you better put them straps on today! My boy Julio going all the way!"

Falcons' Duke Riley Insane Locker Room Dance Party ... After Atlanta's Win


No, the Falcons didn't just win the Super Bowl ... they just celebrated like they did -- 'cause linebacker Duke Riley led an insane locker room dance party after their W over the Eagles!!

ATL scored a big win over one of the best teams in the league Sunday night -- beating Philadelphia 24-20 -- and their post-game party was pretty epic.

Riley led the way with some awesome moves -- there was arm flailing, bouncing, leg gyrating ... it was awesome!!!

Backup running back Kenjon Barner also got into the circle to flash some of his dance moves -- and good times were had by all.

Of course, star QB Matt Ryan was also in the middle of the celebration -- thanking Marcus Trufant for his two-interception night that helped bail Ryan out of a game where he wasn't great.

The Falcons are now 1-1 -- something like 9 wins away from the playoffs -- but if this is any indication of their future locker room turnups -- here's to hoping we see more victories in ATL this year!!!

Julio Jones I Won't Hold Out Falcons Promised Me New Contract!!!

LionsShareNews / BACKGRID

Julio Jones will NOT be holding out of Falcons practices this year ... the star WR says owner Arthur Blank has promised him a new deal -- and Jones is confident it'll all get done soon.

"Mr. Blank gave us his word," Julio says ... "That's golden."

30-year-old Jones still has 2 years left on a $71 MILLION deal he inked back in 2015 ... but he's been angling for a new contract for a while now.

In fact, Jones held out of Atlanta practices LAST summer ... before he ultimately settled for a small raise before the season began.

But, Jones says he doesn't anticipate any of that happening again this summer ... saying the Falcons have already told him a new contract is on the way.

"[Blank's] word is that it's going to get done," Julio says ... "There's no stress on my end. I'm not thinking about it."

"[Blank] makes it easy for me to go out and just work every day and not have one of those situations where there's a holdout or anything like that."

Jones says he hopes his new contract makes him a Falcon for life ... saying it's his goal to finish out his career in Atlanta.

As for the eventual end to that stellar career ... Jones says he doesn't see retirement coming any time soon -- but he did say he's evaluating his future on a season-to-season basis.

"I'm year-to-year, man," Jones says ... "For me, I haven't felt like I've lost a step. But, as soon as I feel like I'm losing a step or I'm slowing down or I can't produce or I can't help my teammates or things like that, that's when I will slow down."

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