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ABC Family Frat Boy

Done for DUI

7/21/2008 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scott Michael FosterThe star of ABC Family's frat-house series "Greek" may have taken his TV role a lil' too far.

The LAPD tells TMZ that Scott Michael Foster was popped for DUI early this morning in Hollywood. Foster -- who plays Kappa Tau prez Cappie on the show -- was charged and released on his own recognizance a few hours ago. He will be back in court on August 11.

Foster's reps could not immediately be reached for comment.


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SushiMusubi we go again!

another idiot behind the wheel, that works in front of a camera that made a horrible decision to drink and rive.

just take his license away and go on to the next subject.....

2282 days ago


Greek? Looks more like Geek.

2282 days ago


Hey Harvey, get that hooker (or she-male) Jessica off the comment section....Everyone knows your a litigious bastard and wouldn't let someone advertise their skank service on your site for free.

2282 days ago


What is the matter with "celebrities" that the moment they get a little fame, they flush their moral compass down the toilet??

2282 days ago


Why would ABC Family have a series about a frat house? What, is it the family verison of "Animal House"??? Obviously, I've never heard of this show!

2282 days ago

paul dennis reid    

being a " litigious bastard " has very little
in common with profiting from success....

2282 days ago


Greek is amazing and this guy is actually GORGEOUS.

2282 days ago

kitten with a whip    

I think that show looks foolish. What place do Greeks have on a family channel. The greeks I recall from my college were skanks and jock morons. Is this show about Pimps and Hos parties? Is it perhaps about making pledges eat seemingly innocuous things until they vomit? Well...whatever it is I am sure it is well worth watching. How could it not be?!?

And this kid looks like an ugmo from what i can tell.

2282 days ago

kitten with a whip    

I would like to take back my previous comments; I tried to rush a greek house and was turned down by everybody because I'm a huge tool that everybody realized. Sorry for bothering everyone, I will continue to live my loner life.

2282 days ago


He has a film coming out called Teenage Dirtbag (not kidding - check IMDB). Very fitting, I think.

2281 days ago

Greek Lady    

Actually, Greeks are far more likely to graduate than non-Greeks and at the overwhelming majority of schools, have a much higher average GPA.

Furthermore, Greeks commit to hundreds of thousands of community service hours, participate in leadership training, and network with successful alumni. Many find comfort in belonging to an organization that has been active for over a century.

But the few bad eggs always garner the most media attention, just like with any group of people.

2281 days ago

Rita Marie    

I know lots of people who love the show GREEK and one of the reasons is that Scott Michael Foster's character, Cappie, is really funny. Scott does a great job and he is REALLY good looking too! (TMZ just used a bad photo.) Although the show Quarterlife tanked, Scott was excellent as Jed! He's just a young kid that made a bad mistake, but as an actor he is really top-notch and has lots of fans (just google him!).

2279 days ago


I think that Scott is incredibly good looking, and he is a great actor. He is also human, and humans are designed with flaws. It's everyones nature to make mistakes. I think everyone should just leave him alone and hope he learns from his mistakes.

2211 days ago


just bc he's on greek doesn't mean getting a dui is the end of the world. people make mistakes. i guarentee half the hates on here have been in trouble before or have driven drunk before. i hate when people leave hate comments on these things.

1600 days ago

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