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NFL Star's Former GF -- A Bloody Mess

8/28/2008 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We got pics of the woman who claims her baby daddy -- Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Dennis Northcutt -- had someone beat the crap out of her because she wouldn't have an abortion.
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Sharri Henry sued Northcutt the other day, claiming he had his cousin do the dirty work. Northcutt's agent says she's crazy and was so annoying, she deserved the beat down.


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isn't that amy winehouse???

2249 days ago


Wow, she's suing 3 hours after the beatdown... Nothing suspicious there. Just another honest hardworking chick trying to make an honest buck....

2249 days ago


2. isn't that amy winehouse???

LMAO, I was thinking the exact same thing! She's a ringer.

2249 days ago


These people are a mess. Send all of them to rehab or a shrink.

2249 days ago


The lawyer isn't going to deny it??? Well, I guess he just handed her over everything she's asking for. Dummy...

2249 days ago


Awww, I thought I was going to get an Amy Winehouse update!

2249 days ago


There is no way she is giving up that money pit she haves inside her. Hey that fool should have used protection. I hope she gets all of his money.

2249 days ago


Are you serious?? His AGENT said she deserved the beating????? Godalmighty-what a world.

2249 days ago


Is the child support money really worth it? Women who put themselves in this situation with guys like this need to evaluate the benefits of being a gold-digging whore against, oh, I don't know, finding a normal guy who really wants to settle down and have a kid. Or even, God forbid, getting an education, a job and making their own money...

2249 days ago


she looks like a dude to me

2249 days ago


Hold up Tony posted at 1018am ... why you have to use the N word?!? Why brother has to be a monkey?!? If you look up the word N!$$#R it actually means IGNORANT ... nothing to do with race. It became an offensive word to the African American race when the Caucasian master MADE it offensive to AA. Now that the AA do not accept the word, it can go back to its ORIGINAL meaning - IGNORANT and uneducated. Oh well...I guess that is why I can call you a N word.

Back to the subject at hand. NFL player or not, he's innocent until proven guilty. Quite obviously the guilty party is the cousin for beating up the woman. She should press charges on the relative! Now, if Mr. Northcutt is upset that his ex-jump off got pregnant - that's HIS fault. Now what is going to cost him thousands of dollars in child support could have easily been avoided if he bought a $10 package of condoms. :/

2249 days ago


I bet if it was just 'some guy" she was dating she would tear the doors off of the abortion clinic getting in there so fast. But since its the seed of a NFL player she going to hold on tight.

2249 days ago


"12. I bet if it was just 'some guy" she was dating she would tear the doors off of the abortion clinic getting in there so fast. But since its the seed of a NFL player she going to hold on tight. "

^^ Well that is probably right but no reason why she should be beaten. If the guy was so anti-kids, he shouldve wrapped it up!! She didn't deserve it and the lawyer is a douche for saying so!

2249 days ago


they consider this getting the crap beat out of her? she has a cut lip..*shrugs*

2249 days ago

hot snot    

You know...i really don't think that little cut on her face is going to make her any unglier than she already is. Inside and out. Gold digger. You are right cheese925 - if it was just a guy she would have that thing hoovered out so fast no one would know. I bet this child is born, unloved then will hit the streets and terrorize others. I can see the story unfolding now

2249 days ago
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