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Jaguars Quarterback -- Wedding Splasher

12/8/2008 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's not so hard to see why David Garrard's season is slipping away -- it's hard to throw a football when you sweat so damn much!

Our boys at Brahsome.com unearthed a few soaking wet photos of the Jacksonville Jags QB letting out his inner party animal (and a whole lotta perspiration) at a wedding back in July.

Here's the silver lining -- with all the cash Garrard made with that monster contract he signed in April, dude can probably afford a new suit.

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DMX hater    

He got Cronhs disease like MIchael Jackson has Vitalago!! Always some excuse for their differences of others!! Jackson just likes bleaching his skin, and wants to be white, and Garrard, well it's just his natural genes to stink and sweat!! ugh!!

2114 days ago


Idiots, this isn't even HIS wedding! He was a guest at this wedding in Canada! And who cares who he married-they dated all through college and they got married after graduating, just like plenty of people do every day. Why don't we just call this what it is-a guest at a wedding who obviously had a GREAT time dancing. If you don't sweat on the dance floor after a crazy night of drinking and dancing, I call it a waste of a night. By the way, I'd also like to point out that he's a graduate of East Carolina University, the best college ever. GO PIRATES, BEAT KENTUCKY! I'll see all of my Pirates in Memphis soon!

2114 days ago

Here comes the Loser Right Wing Bitterness    

"8. I wonder what the Sisters think of yet another rich black professional athlete marrying a pretty skinny blond white woman?"

Trust me, the "sisters" don't care! He's the white womans problem now. "Sisters" love it when white women weed out the self hating losers who are no good to their race.

What you should be asking is why skinny pretty blond white women seem to LOVE black penis so much! Really isn't a very good look for the white man, wouldn't you say???

2114 days ago

Sacked 33 times? '08    

As for the interracial comments:

Who cares if he picked up and polished and dusted off a trailor trash chick? It's quite obvious that you don't have a man in your life or you wouldn't be sweat'n or worrying about what Black man is married to a white chick. HATER

So what if he is sweat'n his ass off? He's at a wedding for God's sake. Besides, he's gotta sweat sometime and considering the Jag's record this year, it's obvious he's not putting the overtime effort on the field to release the perspiration.

And to the comments about him being what one would classify as the "TOKEN" Uncle Tom black at the party.....it's just the way you look at it. He's representing fo da people furthermore, "all white folk wanna demonstrate that they have atleast one black friend.... Hail to OBAMA !!

2113 days ago


You racial people are idiots.... FIrst of all that was not his wedding. He was attending as a friend to the bride and groom. Second of all who cares if he would have married a white woman, black man, or whoever... Wow I couldn't beleive the awful comments that were made by people, especially not even knowing either of these people personally. I know the bride and groom and they are nothing like they are portrayed on here. They had a wonderful day and had a great time with all of their friends. Third of all, you are suppose to attend a wedding and have a good time. If you don't, then you shouldn't go. Some of you need to get a life!

2072 days ago
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