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Sharon Osbourne's

Alleged Hair-rassment

12/15/2008 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warning: Sharon Osbourne allegedly causes premature balding in "Charm School" contestants.

Sharon Osbourne
This is the damage done to Megan Hauserman, who claims Sharon Osbourne scratched her and pulled out chunks of her hair during the "Rock of Love: Charm School" reunion on Saturday. The irony of this situation does not escape us.

Megan went to the hospital on Sunday -- hence the photo -- and also filed a report with the LAPD.


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All the money in the world couldn't get Sharon EVER looking as good as Megan. Jealous, trashy, old hag! I hope Megan sues the hell out of Sharon!!!!!!

2102 days ago


It is sad to say that I watch this show, and I'm so glad someone beat the hell out of Megan. I only wish she'd beat Lacey at the same time. :D

2101 days ago


Woo Hoo...go Sharon! We HATE that stupid b*tch Megan.

2101 days ago


I'm glad she did that cause that megan girl is always talking about somebody or plotting to do something nasty to someone else!!! Go Sharon!!!!!!

2101 days ago

Just Saying...    

Funny that Megan claims to be so hurt.

I saw her Sunday night with a bottle of champaigne in the same hand that was in a sling when she left the hospital. She was toasting Brandi C.

This is all a press stunt.

2101 days ago


Obviously Megan is a reality show ho. She has been on Beauty and the Geek, Rock of Love, and now Charm School. She probably thinks she just about finished and wanted some quick cash. She knew what she was doing.

2101 days ago


I am happy Sharon kicked that no brain self absorbed skank meghan ass. Somebody needed to. She has no feelings for anybody or anything but her self. She makes us ladys look bad. By the way what is wrong with an old fashion stump down. If I was meghan I would be more imbaressed that a 60 year old kick my ass.

2101 days ago


Man seriously megan is just evil....she deserved to have someone put her in her place, and please get some hair from some where else than the dollar store then mabe it wouldn't some out so easily....please girl learn some class, you say you wanna be a trophy house wife? hellooo...didn't your mom ever tell you, you can't make a hoe into a house wife? Change ypur ways and attitude and you'll get a lot farther in life.....

2100 days ago


Look, I am no fan of Megan's, but what Sharon did is way out of line. Sharon is pure White Trash and so is her family. Money does not give you class. Only one thing worse than White Trash and that's White Trash with money. Sharon, you can put make-up and jewelry on a pig but it's still a pig. And Sharon you are a pig.

2100 days ago


What a drama queen.
She trys to make it seem like it was a near-death experience , coming out in a sling&all.
What a pathectic bitch,

2100 days ago


This calls for some forensics to determine whether hair was recently pulled.

2100 days ago


I am usually not much for violence of any kind but in this case I simply wish Sharon
had done a better asskicking job! What a skank that Megan, and omg dumb too!!! Sometimes
it takes more than nice words to get through to someone. Let's hope Megs has learned her lesson!!

2099 days ago


108. 45. *laughing at all the anti-Sharon comments*

Anyway, karma is a bi**h. It's just a plus that Sharon did it. With all the bulls*it that Megan has thrown both on screen (and we surely know off the screen) it was only a matter of time before someone whooped her a**. It was a long time coming and I'm glad she ran her mouth. She ran it to the wrong person and got taken care of. So you can call Sharon all the names in the world but she had a right to defend her husband and herself. Troublemakers always get what's coming to them.

Posted at 2:39PM on Dec 15th 2008 by Chicago

Hear hear!!!! "Ain't" that the truth!!

And Ricky?? Jealous at Megan? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA you've just made my day!! Like that skank is or has anything to be jealous about! LOL!!!!

2099 days ago


this is bs. theres no redness or anything, and how do you manage to grab such a neat row of hair to pull it out?

2098 days ago


Duh?! Don't F**K with the Prince of Darkness! Seriously...Megan is unbeWEAVEable! The carpet obviously doesn't match the drapes. Can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

2098 days ago
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