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Nickelback Singer

Sued over Busted Face

5/4/2009 6:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad KroegerThe lead singer of Nickelback is accused of beating the crap out of a furniture sales representative -- but the alleged victim claims it's Chad Kroeger's lack of remorse that hurts the most.

In the lawsuit, filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Noah Morse claims Kroeger "punched [him] forcefully in the mouth" while outside of a Vancouver bar back in 2007.

Morse says the devastating hit to the kisser made him lose consciousness, suffer a concussion and caused extensive damage to his grill -- including "one deadened front tooth... dislodged upper front teeth and permanent discoloration of more front teeth."

Morse -- who says Kroeger "expressed no remorse" over the fight -- is suing for a fistful of reasons, including loss of income and medical expenses.


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I would personally love to kick that (so called) singer's ass.

1967 days ago

ex lax    

finds it amusing that some one from Canada can even know how to beat on a chair guy... thats why they sit on the legs of the stools up there! an punched him forcibly? he bent over for it!

1967 days ago



1967 days ago


I liked this guy better when he was in Metalica. Turns out they built this robot named james who sounded EXACTLY like this guy and was some how writing music before this kroger dude was born... taste of fame, loss of creativity. Amreica, the land of excess and denial. God bless the U.S.A.! Hey Mr. Bin laden when you get that nuke ready i got a BIG target that is pointing right at hollywood CA! Sadly that would help our scocity more than giving 15 billion to a company who gets $ and imeditaly files bankruptspy so they dont have to pay it back. Save us Osama your our only hope...

1967 days ago


Most douche bag band in the history of music.... You have to wonder if they themselves are even aware of their own douche-i-ness.

Interesting side note: Whenever I see their singer I immediately have the overwhelming feeling that I have to defecate. I'm not making that up, that's 100% true.

1967 days ago


Hey bookrissy, you know what I hate? Internet grammar and spelling police! Does it make you feel better about yourselves to point out and insult the mistakes of others? I'm glad my self esteem doesn't suffer like that. Re Chad, I say way to go. Sometimes wipes are just begging for it and you gotta do what you gotta do. Putting up with peoples crap isn't something all of us can do with restraint, if you are being a jerk, you might just get a surprise.

1967 days ago

Spandex never looked better    

Every time I see this guy I have to wonder about his teeth. They don't look like veneers. They look like those old-fashioned dentures that senior citizens wear. You'd think with his money someone would have given him teeth that look real.

1967 days ago


#26 ~ I agree 100%...comercially successful perhaps but douchebags all the same (excuse me while I run to bathroom now)

#27 ~ Yea, the interent spelling and grammar police are just like the little tattletales you went to elementary school with. This is the only thing that makes them feel superior. Kind of sad really.

1966 days ago


You know, I like the sound of Nickleback.. but dammit - sing about something other that p*s*y and girls and drinking!! Oh, and people, STOP SUING over stupid crap.. I'm sure there was some instigation happening.

1966 days ago


let me just say to all the haters.. Chad kicks ass.. or should I say punches face. Keep hating.. they'll be around forever.. I hope so anyway. LONG LIVE NICKELBACK!!

1966 days ago


The guy probably needs the cash now that he is probably out of a job because no one can afford to buy squat these days. We are in a recession after all. Thought, what the hell, may as well sue Kroeger since he has more money than he knows what the hell to do with and the Canadian government gives a pittance on unemployment. It's any wonder that anyone can survive in this country where you are taxed on your income and then have to pay tax again on whatever purchase or service you have. I've already been taxed damn it! Hey that has me thinking! Chad punch me in the face so I can sue you and have money to feed my kids and save my house!!! lmao

1966 days ago


It probably took so long because he was hoping for an out of court settlement.

1506 days ago


Chad Kroeger is ****in amazing and hes so adorable! :D Nickelback is ****in awesome!!!

1360 days ago
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