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Jon Vs. TLC -- Every Story has 8 Sides

10/1/2009 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the production of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" "Kate Plus 8" tell TMZ all the hoo-hah has to do with $$$.

Sources on both sides tell us Jon Gosselin has been asking for his exit papers from the show for several months. Production sources say they were willing to continue giving Jon a full paycheck and not put him on the show, but there was one string attached -- that he couldn't do any other show without the permission of TLC. BTW, that's a standard condition in TV-land.

Production sources say Jon's lawyer was demanding that TLC let Jon do any show he wanted but TLC wouldn't budge. Production sources say Jon's lawyer then threatened to shut down production by claiming the show wasn't good for the kids, and that's just what happened.

But sources connected with Jon tell us Jon had been complaining for months about his kids being on the show and that the kids themselves were complaining. These sources say Jon was blindsided when TLC released a statement that the show would be called "Kate Plus 8" and that the result would be that the kids would have to be on camera a lot more.

Production sources say no way would the kids be on the camera more because it's just "Kate Plus 8."


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cassysim Im sure TLC has no problem granting Kate permission to appear on other shows such as The View and Paula Dean because those shows go along with family value programming. John wants to appear in shows such as Divorced Dads Club and Drinkin With Sorority Girls so TLC might have a problem with the values of Johns choices.

1847 days ago


Now we know why Jon and Michael Lohan get along so great, they're both PLUGS AND SLIMY PIGS, its so disgustin watching him on tv, he reminds me of a toad!

1846 days ago


Hey Gosselins, try using spell check before putting a sign outside your gate, where the whole world can witness your illiteracy. You spell P-E-N-A-L-T-Y this way, not PENELTY. Thanks TMZ for exposing this. They put the sign on the gate for the media to view it. IDIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS!!

1846 days ago


oh please kate just wanted, this or that, she has 8 children to feed, cloth and take care of ... before u do that alone, wihtout any money, let us know ur position on anything in this case. jon is acting out and TLC should have just let him go without the usual constraits on his contract. he is acting like a spoiled child who know has a pupet string puller, the attorney. its very sad he would not want this children to eat. what a fool he is. jon, i dont care about anything you call a mistake, get out of the way of being able to have your children with the necessities of and for life, you certainly cannot afford to do this, running around, with no job.. get real. all or anyone who finds a soft spot for this jon isnt thinking about the children. they certainly havent collapsed due to their several hours a month on TV. i think its all of 5 or 6 hours.. get real.

1846 days ago


John is such a total loser he is taking the food right out of kis babies mouths.Kate needs to get a GOOD lawyer and sue his dumb ass for alimony and child support and the let him find out what that is gonna cost him.Then when he can't pay it i hope they throw him right in jail so he can make some NEW friends there!LMAO for sure

1846 days ago
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