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The Gosselin Birthday Party Showdown

10/7/2009 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jon & Kate battle never ends -- and a war is brewing over tomorrow's birthday festivities for twins Mady and Cara.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
We just got a pissed Papa Gosselin in NYC, where he actually whipped out his BlackBerry and read a new e-mail from Kate aloud -- one saying she refuses to see him and wants to limit his time with the kids on Thursday to only two hours.

Jon says the duo had originally planned to have a party together, but according to the e-mail, Kate now believes "Due to recent events, it'll be too stressful."

Jon called her demands "ridiculous," adding "I can stay as long as I want ... and I will."


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It's not about YOU Kate!!! Its about the KIDS!!! Those two older girls DESPARATELY NEED their daddy to be around on their birthday. They need to be around somebody sane, not mentally ill like you Kate! Don't you dare deny these girls time with their father!! Don't you dare!!!! These older girls need THEIR quality time!!!

1840 days ago


Dear Jon,

You are the biggest Douchebag who ever walked the earth.
You have no class and worse than that, you sound completely uneducated when you speak. Quite frankly, the world thinks you are a complete Jackass. Someday your kids will spit in your face when you try to see them, so you may as well take all the time you can with them now.

A former viewer of Jon and Kate Plus 8

1840 days ago


I predict a restraining order in the near future. Why can't they celebrate with 2 different parties. Jon-you are such a yanker! Pick the balls up off the ground and put them back on and leave it alone before you completely destroy what is left of your family. i agree with your earlier statement, you don't care if your kids end up hating you, and they will.

1840 days ago


Here is comes: Kate using the kids as pawns. This couple is getting worse every day!

1840 days ago


Standing on the corner reading private e-mails to the paps? How classy. Maybe you can get some pictures of the party to sell to the tabloids while you're there.

1840 days ago


I don't blame Kate for wanting to keep him out of the party. He has behaved like such a low life jerk...I wouldnt want to spend a minute with him let alone more than 2 hours. Jon needs to clean up his act and get rid of that Hailey tramp and be alone for once and concentrate on getting a job and being a responsible father. also the fact that he raided the couple's account and took such a large sums says a lot about his character and he really needs to take a good look and himself and have a different "epiphany".

1840 days ago


He should publicize all her insane emails. Ol Katie is completely out of control. ~ I hope Jon comes the night BEFORE the kids party and stays for a couple of days!

1840 days ago


Oh please, when parents get divorced it is very seldom that they have joint birthday parties. Hmm, whose week is it with the kids, if it is Kate's then he should not be allowed at all, that was his excuse when Kate wanted to see them on his week and he said it was his week and she was not allowed.

Rules are Rules.

Just the fact that he read the email to the paps, proves what a douche he is

1840 days ago


What do the girls want?????????

1840 days ago


I think for the kids benefits after the recent stunts Jon has pulled he should just stay the 2 hours. He's been told, now he needs to back off for the sake of the kids that they don't fight in front of the kids.

Jon made his bed he can now lie in it!

Poor kids!

1840 days ago


Can't Kate ever take the stick out? Those twins adore their dad. She is the biggest BI**H I have ever seen.

1840 days ago


Khate said it's too stressful for the kids? C'mon Khate do yourself a favour ... you don't have to be a bitch EVERY day of your life.

1840 days ago


Those poor kids have had their lives turned upside down. Can you even imagine the pain they are going to go through years from now when they read all this? Jon, Kate, STOP already.

1840 days ago


They need to celebrate the kid's birthday separately, it doesn't have to be with both parents at once. Whichever parent that has custody this week should have them on Thursday and the other parent should celebrate with them another day.

1840 days ago


Jon get you can't even say what kind of birthday cake you are buying.
I can understand why no one would want you there. You have really ruined it for your family. Great one bozo.

1840 days ago
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