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The Gosselin Birthday Party Showdown

10/7/2009 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jon & Kate battle never ends -- and a war is brewing over tomorrow's birthday festivities for twins Mady and Cara.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
We just got a pissed Papa Gosselin in NYC, where he actually whipped out his BlackBerry and read a new e-mail from Kate aloud -- one saying she refuses to see him and wants to limit his time with the kids on Thursday to only two hours.

Jon says the duo had originally planned to have a party together, but according to the e-mail, Kate now believes "Due to recent events, it'll be too stressful."

Jon called her demands "ridiculous," adding "I can stay as long as I want ... and I will."


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I don't know why everyone's so pissed at Jon. Anyone who's seen the show knows that Kate verbally battered him. As a matter of fact, she talked to him worse than she did to the kids. In my opinion, he was very helpful, loving and respectful to her on every level and does not deserve the critism he is getting. In reality, they both wanted to pimp the kids for the riches but money can't by you love or happiness. However it can certainly buy you things like new diamond studded earrings, a spot on The View, a brand new home and the sorts. They both should have saught counceling before agreeing to do the show. I'm sure they had know idea their marriage was going to suffer like it has.

Really, it's too bad because I happened to like them as a couple, I thought they took very good care of the kids and I happened to like the show. In my opinion, Kate is pissed that Jon grew a sack and is challenging her and now standing up for himself. It should be against the law for women to withold children from their dads especially if the father is not a drunk, a child molester or physical and verbal abuser amongst other things.

Jon is a responsible upstanding guy who happened get a divorce from a women who beraided him and in my opinion never appreciated what she had, now she's mad because he is not the Jon that once was .... Jon should also reconsider his statements about not wanting to film, you have 8 college bound kids ..... do it for their education afterall both you and Kate started the show for your own selfish reasons, now be you want to ripp it apart for your own selfish reasons ......

1808 days ago


I was never a regular viewer of this show but I watched enough to know that Kate has been given a VERY hard time for nagging Jon. I always thought a lot of that was the way the show was put together for television. Now I know it was. Given behavior like this no wonder. He must have been hell to live with. I feel so sorry for Kate as well as any child that has to call this piece of s*** 'dad'.

1808 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

anything he touches he destroys (Ed Hardy, his kids, everything) Poor twins!

1808 days ago


Just like Kate to not be able to suck it up and just be there. She needs to take this opportunity to set an example to the kids that sometimes you stop thinking about yourself and put up with the situation for them without behaving childishly.

Kate, you're not there for you, you are there for the kids. Why can't you show the kids you can get along? I guess you never learned that growing up.

1808 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Kate is just trying to say what she can and cannot tolerate right now and perhaps even how the children may be feeling toward their Dad for taking money, taking away their fun in NY with the statute of liberty for the show, etc. He needs to respect it and stop being this selfish jerk. He only thinks about himself. He's like a bad rash that won't go away, and he constantly wants you to scratch it. Poor kids, poor Kate. I'd not want to be around the guy who just emptied a bank account out and caused over drafts too and extra legal fees, extra media gossip. I don't blame her for not wanting to be around him today and for limiting his visit.

1808 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jon caused all of this himself, way to go slime ball! Way to hurt your kids so you can hurt Kate.

1808 days ago


Kate its your time call the Police like he did?

1808 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

it's all about you, isn't it Jon? As long as you get your way and cay try to bully TLC, Kate, the legal situation, the works. Now you want to keep hurting your kids so you can be happy with yourself.

1808 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Jon and Kate need to grow up, They are not real parents, But they need to act like grown parents in front of the children, Speaking of children they need to quit crying on these TV shows, airing all their business for all to see.

God Bless General Sam Houston

1808 days ago


How can people be so blind? You guys all have a short memory. Kate is the one who destroyed the marriage. She is the one who belittled, humiliated and showed such hostility to her husband on air (and in private, no doubt!). Jon had mentioned way back that he thought it was time to stop filming. Jon is the one who was doing interesting and interactive things with the kids while Kate was just moaning, complaining, bitching and screaming out orders to everyone. Everyone was complaining that Jon was too passive, her doormat. Kate is the one who grew up in a trailer park and wants to make money off these kids..her meal ticket. She made Jon quit his IT job to stay home with the kids and be her man servant. Now Jon has finally stood up for himself, wants to end all the filming and have a somewhat "normal" life and not only does Kate not want that...obviously you fans seem to defend Kate. Kate has not shown Jon any love throughout their public life. Would any of you not have looked for love and affection with another woman...of course you would have (unless you are like 12 years old as most of the posters here are that have to type "FIRST" and have no brain. Stop making Jon the bad guy. Kate is the one who created this nightmare and actually wants it to continue to line her bank accounts and surround her with the new found luxuries of life...while her kids are paying the ultimate price.

1808 days ago


Kate Gosselin secretly threw the father of her children to the curb over a year ago (while she likely dabbled with the silver-haired fox behind his own wife's back) and expected him to wear a mask of pretense so she could be a fame whore and prance her little cash cows in public for millions of dollars. Most men would have done the same thing Jon Gosselin has been doing as regards dating and, especially, younger women after having been demasculated by his wife for so long. You make him sound worse than David Letterman who was secretly cheating on his 23-year companion and recent people have it all wrong.

It's Kate Gosselin who, ultimately, will be responsible for destroying those children. When they enter their divorce, the Courts need to split those children up (half with her and half with him) and then have the parents trade-off with visitation. KG is a spiteful biotch.

1808 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Hailey is on with her robotic like response to trash Kate.

1808 days ago

Leno sucks, Conan rocks    

Popozao, bitches!

1808 days ago


Have the twins birthday party on neutral ground away from the family compound. Add an arbitrator to the guest list to keep peace while the party is in progress.

1808 days ago


Boy this is soooo NOT for the kids! Can't these two juveniles put their war on hold for even just the first "special" gathering? Guess Thanksgiving and Christmas are out too! God help those children!

1808 days ago
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