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Rehabbed NBA Star -- Sleeps Off Temptation

10/24/2009 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looked like rehabbed Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley had drifted back into the danger zone, passing out in front of a table filled with open bottles of beer. But team officials claim there's more to these pictures than meets the eye.

The photos were taken Oct. 10, after the NBA star and a female companion boarded a boat in Miami Beach during the Columbus Day Regatta. We called team officials for an explanation -- due to the fact that Beasley just emerged from a stint in substance-abuse rehab last month -- and boy did they give us one:

TMZ spoke with Miami Heat exec Tim Donovan, who told us it was all part of a "fishing trip arranged by the team ... Michael was not drinking at all ... except for water and purple Gatorade."

Donovan also claims Michael's counselor was with him on the trip and the woman sleeping next to him is just a friend.

So why was Beasley passed out?? Donovan says Beasley was simply tired from practice earlier that day and needed some shut eye.

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john johnson    

yeah right

1773 days ago


Wade is coming home in 2010!

1773 days ago


I think in this case the person should be given the benefit of the doubt. There's a lot of assumption going on to think he's passed out drunk. Anyone could easily fall asleep on a boat. And the girl next to him...that looks totally innocent. I'm not sure that I would put my recently rehabilitated friend in the position to be around a lot of alcohol, though.

1773 days ago

doc murry    

Oh Pleeezzz! You can tell it was a group of people! Look at all the cups! Leave the guy alone! He was probably just plain tired! Man, a guy can't even fart without y'all getting in touch with his team officials to see why! Dang!
I can see y'all trying to stir the stew, and get something started! STOP IT!

Posted at 11:15AM on Oct 24th 2009 by WillOTheWisp

anyone who has ever been through rehab the first thing they tell you when you leave is not put yourself in situations where you are around any drugs or alcohol.Look at all what cups?
I count 6 cups and 4 beer bottles. Real big group of people...yeah right....Ever been to a party before?If you look close you can see some left over coke lines and pot....bwaahaha bwahaha..and isnt that janet jackson next to him.Maybe they are trolling for michael jacksons fake nose to snort some more coke

1773 days ago


You have to do some CSI investigation here...look at the image of the beer bottles I am sure you can see who took the picture..all you need is the high resolution photo and good software! peace! let the truth be told

1773 days ago



1773 days ago


23. You have to do some CSI investigation here...look at the image of the beer bottles I am sure you can see who took the picture..all you need is the high resolution photo and good software! peace! let the truth be told

Posted at 1:26PM on Oct 24th 2009 by Manny

Thank you! Very well said!
I can't believe how gullible people are! I guess they have never heard of photo shop! This is truly a setup! Why would anybody take a photo of this guy sleeping, unless the plan was to set him up! I believe in the ‘benefit of the doubt’. If I was him, I would argue that point, then consider suing someone, ‘if’ I could prove I didn’t have a part in the drinking.
I Agree; let the truth be told!

1773 days ago


Leave the man alone he played ball 4 kansas state and thas how we hang in kansas get wasted and start fresh the next day... as long as he dont fall off track what could be wrong

1773 days ago

Dana Betz    

Leave the poor guy alone! I think he deserves a little break from all the bad press.

1773 days ago


Tonisha..... not everyone gets wasted in KANSAS....he played b-ball at Kansas State (wildcats) was #2 pick 2 years ago. I think it is even an issue because last summer he had more than alcohol problems(depression) and his twitter account or facebook was taken down because of personal comments left. He then went to rehab in Houston...it was kind of serious situation at the time which is why it's alarming for some to see him surrounded by this scene even if it's perfectly innocent.

1773 days ago


friggin idiots......

they need a new p.r. person.

they should've said "no comment" based on the fact that he is responsible for his own actions!

1773 days ago


Micheal Beasley is a complete idiot. He should have kept his butt in school instead of dropping out to join the draft for the NBA! He is willful,spoiled punk with attitude. He is also just a meal ticket for his mother and younger siblings! Their is not one once of doubt in me that he was completely drunk and probably doesn't remember where he was let alone the name of the woman passed out next to him!!!

1773 days ago


Sure it wasn't grape cool-aid?

1773 days ago


TMZ is a joke. Leave the kid alone. He wasn't doing anything wrong. Get your facts straight before posting pics like this. Losers.

1773 days ago


I don't know why that woman is laying on the other side of the couch with her legs closed?? If it were me, he'd be wiped out but not from football or beer.

1773 days ago
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