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Tyson Now Has Arizona on His Butt

11/12/2009 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MIke TysonMike Tyson can't get a break. Court officials in Arizona tell TMZ they're looking at yesterday's bloody LAX incident to determine if the ex-champ violated his probation. If he did, he could end up in an Arizona prison.

Tyson was convicted of felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor DUI in Arizona in 2007. He was placed on 3 years probation. One of the conditions -- Tyson can't violate any laws.

If Arizona prosecutors believe Tyson crossed the legal line yesterday, they could attempt to violate his probation and he could face jail time.

A probation official tells TMZ if charges are filed against Tyson in L.A., that could trigger a probation violation. The official says worst case scenario for Tyson -- 2 1/2 years in State prison.

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Give him a break! This never would've happened if the pap wasn't on his tail!

1808 days ago

Nancy "O"    

Tyson is a trained killer without an out-of-control temper. This guy is a danger to others...lock him up or medicate this brute!

1808 days ago

Mrs. Soprano    

Leave Mike alone, if he sets up a defense fund, i'll be the first to send a donation

1808 days ago

Todd da Man    

Leave the guy alone! Why would anyone be dumb enough to mess with a box champ and his kid? According to all the reports that I have seen this paparazzi was getting in his face and being a threat to his kid. What? You think that just because you have a camera in your hand you can just invade peoples' personal space and all that? I am certain that Tyson warned this guy off, yet he kept messing with him. In my opinion anything - and I do mean ANYTHING that happenes to these paparazzi is just their tough luck. That's what you get for invading peoples lives and personal space.

1808 days ago


Arizona is a great place to live and shoot as they have wonderful tax incentives.

1808 days ago

Bollywood Queen    

YIKES! Looks like someone needs to send Tyson back to anger management classes.

1808 days ago

ray goodman    

#1 when Tyson asked him to him not to talk to him, go away.
why did this guy go up looking for his room.

#2 mike was waving the head rest trying to prevent the guy from taking his picture so he would stop following him

#3 when mike did not show up at terminal 7 why is the paparazzo still stalking him

#4 when mike was looking for the restroom mike asked the paparazzo to leave the building. why is the paparazzo asking people where the restroom is for mike tyson? and telling people who he is when he is looking for the restroom? seems like this guy was just trying to agravate him and cause a scene

#5 mike asked him nicely to plese get out of the bluding and the paparazzo would not leave

#6 why is this guy so close to mike tyson that he accidentally elbows mike

the bumps on the back of his head i don't believe were inflicted by mike tysons hit... i think it's from when he accidentally fell down and the cuts on the face where he had to have the stitches i believe were caused by the camera because the guy was fighting and would not give it up or leave him alone i believe he was only hit one time like mike says. but i don't believe he did any serious damage to him from the punch. i think the guy is just a clumsy walker who fell down and hit his head looking for the million dollar payoff http://www.myspace.com/drivehard1

1808 days ago

Chester the CPA    

We should Arrest & DETAIN every Aggressive Paparazzi that has no business making the lives of people difficult in airports, train stations and other forms of transportation.

Isn't the Death of Princess Diana enough? Paparazzi hounded her too!

Dang Photographers swarmed & punched Bernie Madoff too. Yet no one was arrested. Frankly I am tired of the pushy PRESS Photographers , I am glad this bonehead got punched . Its about time someone stands up to this type of abuse by the bloodsucking Media .

Whats wrong with the Photo Media people? Time for you to get off people's backs.. maybe you'll leave M. Tyson alone next time... Aholes..

1808 days ago


5 years in prison because of a dumb ass paparazzo? I hope things go in his favor:(

1808 days ago


leave the man alone. didn't California pass a paparazzo law?

1808 days ago


why are people even giving him the time of day or wasting a camera snap on this guy

1808 days ago


I agree completely with comment #4 from "Todd da Man"!

First of all, what kind of a moron gets in Mike Tyson's face to begin with?

Second what kind of moron gets in Mike Tyson's face when he's with his wife and child?!?

Third - if Mike Tyson wanted to really HURT this man - the man would have been seriously hurt.

I'd hate to see Mike Tyson have any legal trouble over this. The paparazzo is the one who deserves to have legal trouble!

1808 days ago


Give Mike a break?!? Please....this guy is and always has been a thug- who has an appetite for ears.

He likes the paps and press on his terms only...sorry Mike, this fame stuff comes as a complete package.

Suck it up an be a real man who can control yourself, and if not, suffer the consequences

1808 days ago

They were in it for the money    

I dont condone violence, I also dont think about Mike Tyson much, BUT a line has to be drawn on these pappazazzi following people all over the place. When you start putting people's life in jepoardy, its time some laws went into effect. You just dont get in people's faces, it's called harassment.

1808 days ago


This guy needs a break. Maybe he's crazy. Maybe he's violent. But how much time has he already spent in prison? Isn't he already a broken man? How much more does he have to be torn down?

1808 days ago
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