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Tiger's Alleged Mistress: I Never Saw His Putter

11/28/2009 8:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman accused of having an affair with Tiger Woods says she has never slept with him and calls the entire story "bulls**t."

Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel

TMZ spoke with Rachel Uchitel, the woman the National Enquirer named as Woods' mistress. She said she has met Tiger before, but never had sex with him. She claims the "sources" that spoke to the Enquirer were each paid $25,000 for their story.

Sources tell TMZ Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, were arguing over the alleged affair right before Tiger's accident yesterday.

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The public shouldn't turn these women into celebrities and make them rich as well by caring about them. Why isn't it blackmail for any of his lovers to take hush money? Any money those women make should be considered proceeds of some kind of crime (even emotional abuse of wives and children) and they should not be able to keep the money. Perhaps Tiger is a sociopath (without a conscience) and maybe so are some of the women. What a selfish world we live in! How sick it is that these women are being turned into celebrities and will be becoming rich off the hurt and pain of others (a wife and children). They are turning on Tiger partly because they are hurt/found out there are other women. There always was another woman - his wife! God. Ref. all the comments - who should Tiger have married? Would anyone have been suitable or would anyone have been a gold digger? Tiger should just let them all spew all the details they want, make the money they want by working for it (making the rounds, coming out of the woodwork to openly show their character and hopefully be vilified) and then perhaps divorce or separate if he isn't happy and live a lifestyle he wants. If he wants to stay married, then let the chips fall where they may ref. the multiple women and then he can just start over. Who can say that the women won't talk anyway after a payoff. Ref. the women on here who comments about rich people looking down on others. It sounds to me like you are looking down on rich people, that you are very bitter, and that your husband, if faithful, is probably so brow beaten that he is perhaps not sure what kind of a man he is anyway. Maybe he is emotionally abused because you seem very angry. Ref. Tiger again - he may have thought he could compartmentalize his life. I know a golfer just like that - a fellow in his sixties who has done on a small scale what Tiger has. Those might have been his role models - all the others on the tours who are philanderers. Maybe he isn't fulfilled in his marriage. Whatever - he needs to let it all explode without payouts and start over. The women should be charged with extortion, perhaps. Also, ref. the tours - many of the women are apparently lesbians and are likely in committed relationships, yet have affairs all along the way with other women. What is squeaky clean about golf? They golf courses only, it seems.

1786 days ago


Well statistics say that more than 50% of marriages someone has been unfaithful and they also say that women are the biggest offenders....And I'm a women and totally beleive in monogamous relationships..Anyway all men are cheats if you ask me..hahahh..Or am I just a magnet for them.

1784 days ago


This is what makes news and we are at War! wow....damn tiger and his hoes.....Al li know he hit hi shole in one and its all over the news!

1783 days ago

Greg 60's era    

A man doesn't f---- a woman she is the one who says yes and sends the signal. Tiger is not all the fault. We have alot of yes women going after the bucks. With that neutron bomb they have the testosterone goes wild. Is there a drug that will slow Tiger down. He is making up for lost time when he didn't have women following him around.

1782 days ago


And btw, that Rachel chick is damn ugly. Big fake lips, yuck. Why would he take up with these trashy looking whores when he has a beautiful wife at home!

1782 days ago


Good man Tiger, keep pumping them! Havent read that you have murdered anyone yet so not sure what the issue is. Did Gillette sponsor you because you are the best at your sport and having seen you live its an awesome sight OR because your a great dad/husband etc? Just come out of hiding and stop letting these idiots (most of them your countrymen) run amok with rumour and speculation. P.S. Miranda lets see a picture of yourself before you judge the beauty or otherwise of anyone.

1781 days ago


people places and things will not make you happy, not the happiness someone with everything is trying to find. this situation is sad for everyone involved, my thoughts and hope are for all to get spiritual help. who are we to pass judgement? Cast the first stone

1780 days ago


Do not buy the products he endorses or watch his events. Look for other role models. He has more than enough money to meet his goat-like desires. Thanks to the sports fanantics and those desperate enough to admire a guy who swings his putter, he is set for life several times over. Best wishes to his wife, children, and mother in law.

1779 days ago


Give up golf. it is a sissy sport, and a huge waste of money. Birding is much more educational, requires more walking, and can make use of the brain. Something foreign to many sports fanatics, I'm sure.

1779 days ago


I agree with Tiger Woods. White women are much much more beautiful than black women. I'm pretty certain he's twisted over the fact that he destroys beauty and that he'd never look at a woman that looks like his daughter.

1770 days ago
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