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Tiger's Alleged Mistress Hitches Ride with Allred

11/29/2009 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Taxi? Limo? Sedan? Nope -- Tiger Woods' alleged mistress took the Gloria Allred Express from LAX this afternoon.

Rachel Uchitel, Gloria Allred

Rachel Uchitel landed in Los Angeles and got bombarded with questions from paps. We got the silent treatment from her again -- but then Gloria swooped in to save the day ... with a hug.

Gloria kept her comments brief, saying, "At some point we'll decided what the next step should be."

Allred also said she won't be holding one of her famous press conferences in the coming days. We'll see about that.

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Uhh...someone needs to tell all the women commenting about this babe looking like a "Whore" or "Slut" that...guess what? That's WHY you want to hit something like that, because she looks like a whore/slut/skank,etc. She's got the "Nasty Factor". I think this babe is frickin" smokin' and so does Tiger Woods so maybe you girls should learn something from this.

1752 days ago


I found a pic of her on a Salon website. hautesalon.com ~ makeover tour. The hair is rockin!

1751 days ago


The website is http://hautesalon.com I've seen her there and she's a very nice person and she's STUNNING! Don't hate! Her stylist is Angelina.

1751 days ago


Gloria and Rachel in the same room! What a fantastic pairing of self-serving phonies. The headline should read "Has-been Meets Never-was" and let people determine who's who.

1751 days ago


These Bitches must make their money on their back cause they never seem to have a job or common sense

1751 days ago


Tiger did not have sexual relationship with that woman

1751 days ago

OC Black Mama    

Tiger’s issue is not about money or being faithful. Tiger is suffering from the "raised in the OC as Black (ROCB)" syndrome. I know I raised Black children in the OC, CA--they have no worldly sense. Living in OC comprises of attending the best private or public schools as a child; Friday night eating out; Saturday at the movies or mall day; Sunday brunches; summer beach parties, cookouts, sailing or vacationing in Hawaii, the Caribbean, or Mexico; and winter is skiing or Palm Springs. Doors are not locked, mamas attend spas, and plastic surgeons are members of their fav 5. Most homes have gardeners, housekeepers, and more than one nanny. As you enter preteens, you play organized sports; enroll in honor prep-courses and take fee-based SAT prep classes at UCI. High school years bring white girls chasing you day, noon, and night--they share with their friends size does matter, but move on because they have a life. Naturally, you are the star high school athletic. If you plan right, you become the high school's student body president. The last year of high school every top college/university rep in the world shows up on your campus to recruit, and offers access to outlandish academic or athletic scholars--my son was even given a Daughter of Revolution’s scholarship. Your first college/university of choice is USC, then Stanford, next UCLA. Your last semester of high school, you complete a minute of volunteer work (it looks good on your college application). After high school graduation ceremonies, you and friends are chauffeured off to depart for your high school trip--some place in Latin or South America. As the summer ends, you prepare for your freshman year by your parents shopping for designer items for your dorm room at USC, Stanford, or UCLA. Before or after graduation, a trip to Europe is in store. After completion of your academic career (in OC, children academics are known as a career progression), you take time out for yourself before mastering the universe. Then, you embark upon the world without street sense. The sharks smelled the fact that you did not grow up in the real world and pop up out of their septic tanks peddling their goods as though they got your back. Near dust on one gloomily morning, reality surfaced--Tiger discovered he was no longer living in the OC.

OC Black Mama

1750 days ago

kare kave    

Quick question why is so many people mad at the whores no I mean girls they did no wrong tiger use his dk to put in their hole maybe his was trying to get his balls hole in one why people not angry at his ass if you have a tramp tiger trick out there tricking then trick has to pay and not with his little dk proper ass trick

1749 days ago


In some states a spouse can file suit against a person for alienation of affection, do you think Elin should consider this?

1749 days ago

out of the woodwork $    

Glorias tramp clients lets see Amber Frye, Kelly Fissher. looking oh so sad.. waaa. she sued Dodi fayed before
he died because she got dumped.. bigtime..so boo hoo hire Gloria to get me money.
if I cant have the man and now the list grows. Gloria needs to stop having gold diggers for
clients . sick.. not to excuse Tiger.. gross and not to blame Tiger?
Well get a divorce dude.

1749 days ago


Michael Jackson, Bill O'Rielly and Tiger Woods plus others all paid off people in the millions to keep their mouth shut. EXTORTION that is all it is. Notice how when you get a lawyer involved in these cases like this, a pay off is okay. But the man trying to get money from Letterman is call Extortion.

1747 days ago


I do not feel bad for Tiger at all. He getting everything that he deserve. I fell sorry for his wife and children. I believe there will be more women coming out saying that they had an affair with him. If I was his wife I would be asking for 10 millions dollars for everyone that he had an affairs with if that can be proving. This man cheated on his wife through two pregnancy. He just sorry that he got caught. For every endorser that keeps him to me they condoning everything that this man has done. They should drop him. He do not deserve any endorsement as far as I am concern.

1747 days ago


Now can we have the tranny coming forward please. Gloria is opeing her offices to you, let the blackmailing begin.

1747 days ago


Uchi-tell is just another lying manipulative home-wrecking hooker. She w h o r e s herself to married men AND she p i m p s other girls as a "party planner" madam. THIS B I T C H NEEDS TO NOT LIVE TO REGRET HER DESPICABLE DEEDS.

1744 days ago
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