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4th Alleged Tiger Woods Mistress Lawyers Up

12/5/2009 12:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

4th Alleged Tiger Woods Mistress Lawyers UpAnother woman is coming forward claiming she had a long-term affair with Tiger Woods ... and to prove she means business, she's already hired herself a lawyer.

TMZ has learned the alleged mistress -- that's number four on your scorecards -- claims this relationship didn't originate in Vegas, it started near Tiger's home in Orlando.

The woman -- a former VIP cocktail server (sounds familiar) -- has hired Orlando attorney Michael O'Quinn to address the media with her story very soon.

We're told the woman claims she began having the alleged affair with Tiger back in 2004 -- when she was 20-years-old -- and insists the affair lasted for more than two years.

Stay tuned ...

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Simone - the real one    

Can we talk about me, I am one of Tiger's mistresses too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1781 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Is this the line to lose my children, 18 years of income and $300,000,000?

1781 days ago

Shirl ~~ t.g.    

When did Tiger have any time to play golf? 4 lovers and his wife!!!
Guess he has a tiger in his tank!!! NEXT???

1781 days ago


Come on TMZ - Find us a MAN that has had an affair with this Golf-Man-WHORE! At this rate he going to be shelling out tons of hush money!

1781 days ago

jan z    

if I remember correctly, a woman who expects cash for sex was never called a mistress.Cripes, now we can all look forward to being bored to death, hearing and seeing them plastered all over the media...I wonder when they start seeing these celebs, if they're thinking of their big paychecks

1781 days ago



Tiger WOODS needs his W-O-O-D-Y chopped off!

1781 days ago


"War is a Racket" - Smedley Butler, Major General, USMC.
"not a lot of people know that" - Michael Caine.

1781 days ago

excretive producer    

It would be easier for Tiger to set up his own bank in his backyard. Driving can be a chore!!!

1781 days ago

Sad sad    

He is out of control. That's insane.

1781 days ago


Bless his heart,he is one busy man with a lot of stamina.

1781 days ago


I am a woman and I know i'm going to catch it for this.. but these women are all skanks.. they all knew who Tiger was and now they wanna laywer up for what so they can announce that they are hookers? if these woman had any self RESPECT they would know to shut up and move on.. anounceing to the world your a Hooker is beyond me.. I know what Tiger did was wrong but when did it become national head line news? the only time I really care is if my hard earned tax money is begging used to fund these shack up trips..the only one who has any kind of a brain is the one who works in vegas..at least she had the respect to herself and him to say it's really not my place to talk...Good for her..these other women are telling the wourld that they are low class hookers..are u kidding me..she had a Fling with Tiger and in order to make a quick buck she saves up the text and voice mails so she can get some money out of him? can some one say extrotion/hooker because she's willing to except money....oMg So much going on in the world.. and this is what they think is imporant? instead of seeing these hookers I'd rather see Tila...wow that's a first.. u know the world is going to HeLL when I say more Tila!!!lol but thats just me..

1781 days ago


Tiger or Wilt Chamberlain? I guess they are the same guy!

1781 days ago


Every woman who has screwed Tiger will come out of the woodwork now. Lets face it, he got married for marketing only.

Elin, I feel so sorry for you. What a sham your marriage was. Tiger is trying to buy you now.

Do what you feel is best for you and your kids.

1781 days ago


Ok, I confess. I'm one of his mistresses too. I was trying to play it off like I was just another gossip hound but I'm actually his number one ho'. These other four bitches are just occasional booty calls. I am the real deal Holyfield. I don't need to settle for any million dollar payoffs. That's what I earn quarterly.

P.S. Anyone who wants to hook me up with a book deal, bring your checkbook and let's talk (8 figures).

1781 days ago


why does'nt he borrow the s in his last name woods and put it at the end of tiger , and he can re-emerge as TIGERS WOOD.............

1781 days ago
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