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'Jersey Shore' Scares Off Another Sponsor

12/7/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Call it the "Domino's Effect" -- another sponsor is following the pizza giant's lead and getting the hell out of "Jersey Shore"

Jersey Shore

TMZ has learned American Family Insurance noticed their ads running during the premiere episode of the MTV reality show last week -- an episode that "outraged" one major Italian group -- and immediately called the network to make sure it doesn't happen again.

A rep for the insurance company tells us, "Since our relationship with MTV was in its final days, we took the simple and prudent step of asking MTV to not air any more ... promos during 'Jersey Shore' reruns over the weekend. MTV stated they would comply with the request."

The move opens yet another spot for advertisers looking to sell hair gel, fist-pumping instructional DVDs, tribal tats, pink eye remedies, more hair gel, Drakkar Noir, eye-brow waxing kits, and yes ... even more hair gel.


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Thank you JoeyPorsche!! I do not see what all of the fuss is about! This show was hysterical. I admit, I am embarassed by Snooki b/c she happens to be from the area I grew up in, but am I writing production companies and telling them they need to take the show off of the air?! No way! Lighten up, we all need to laugh at ourselves or groups of people once in a while. I'm sure the cast knows what people will think of them after seeing how they act, but they don't care, so everyone else should just drop it.

1760 days ago


It's a funny show and people will watch it. Especially, the fact that they prove that these people should be neutered

1760 days ago

London not England    




1760 days ago


I think a bunch of kids from NJ should do a show called True New Yorker .. and have them go out and mug people, pick on the elderly, and abuse the homeless and see if we captured it right ?? Not only did they NOT hire kids from jersey they pick the idiots that they think represent seaside heights ... if you want to represent that area .. you should have had latinos and mexicans somewhere in the mix..

1760 days ago


I love this show. I'm from Northern California and didn't even know these type of people existed. Thanks to reality t.v., we can learn about other "cultures". I can't get enough and if MTV is smart, they'll keep it airing. Now if someone would just give Chola girl her own show.

1760 days ago


As a matter of fact Toni, two of the cast members ARE from New Jersey, just not the sure. Sammi and Mike. So get your facts straight before you want to post such a statement.

1760 days ago


*shore, excuse me.

1760 days ago


Staten Island, Westchester, Rockland County..all are within the NY/NJ tristate area ...all close enough to NJ and typical of Nutley, Jersey City girls...At least the Italian, uneducated, wannabe married to a mobster..makin' gravy wit roni & meatballs on Sundays.

1760 days ago


1. No one said the "Jersey Shore" was about people FROM JERSEY. Just like many vacation spots (Hamptons)the people come from elsewhere. Most NY guidos I know do go down to "da Shore" and Seaside. Jersey Shore is about *that scene* and people from Jersey should relax (The Hamptons does not at all represent easter Long Island, for example).

2. GUIDOS exist and have for a long time, and Italian-Americans have to accept it. I think people from outside the NY area are not too aware of "Guidos" hence the outrage. Guidos are part of the NY pop culture. Remember the movie "Saturday Night Fever" with John Travolta. That whole movie was abuout the disco era NY guido.
I went to high school on Long Island in the 90s and the 2 biggest cliques were jocks and guidos. Back then they wore z-cavarichi pants, slip-on keds, track-suits, gold necklaces and Drakkar cologne. They called themselves Guidos and were proud of it. It's just a subculture of young Italian-Americans that exists in the NY-tristate area.

1760 days ago


Okay, I'm not member of UNICO, the Italian-American group who is severely condemning this show, but I am a true half-Italian-half-American and I watched the show. It made me sick. The assumption used to be that if you're Italian-American you must know someone in the Mafia. Now this?? I would WAY rather be hit with the Mafia stigma than this bunch of morons. What an embarrassment for the rest of us.

1760 days ago


Hey! I wore ZCavaricci's too. I had them in every color. LMAO. I haven't heard of that brand in 25 yrs. Too funny.

1760 days ago


This show is awful. Obviously these kids have not been raised to know what it means to be a young adult with class. Italian Americans or not, they are a disgrace. The house girls call the outside girls whores and sluts but don't have a problem making out with various guys throughout the night and even going home with some dude they just met. The guys want to fight because some other guy LOOKED at them. They are so full of themselves I'm surprised their heads haven't exploded. The only thing big and bad about these guys are their mouths. SOOOOO not attractive.

"they were just -- normal young adults. I found them to be decent kids." Puhleese. Their parents should cringe and be embarassed that people they know may have watched how their kids behave.

Oh, someone should tell them that 1 in 4 people have a non-curable std.

Can this stupid show.

1760 days ago


IDIOCRACY in real life.

1760 days ago

Come On?    

I watched and it was hilarious. For the idiot that calls himself "The Situation" he needs a serious reality check. His body is not all of that and his face is even worse. I laughed when Sammi took up with Ronnie. It put "The Situation" in his place. Loser.

1760 days ago
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