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'Jersey Shore' Scares Off Another Sponsor

12/7/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Call it the "Domino's Effect" -- another sponsor is following the pizza giant's lead and getting the hell out of "Jersey Shore"

Jersey Shore

TMZ has learned American Family Insurance noticed their ads running during the premiere episode of the MTV reality show last week -- an episode that "outraged" one major Italian group -- and immediately called the network to make sure it doesn't happen again.

A rep for the insurance company tells us, "Since our relationship with MTV was in its final days, we took the simple and prudent step of asking MTV to not air any more ... promos during 'Jersey Shore' reruns over the weekend. MTV stated they would comply with the request."

The move opens yet another spot for advertisers looking to sell hair gel, fist-pumping instructional DVDs, tribal tats, pink eye remedies, more hair gel, Drakkar Noir, eye-brow waxing kits, and yes ... even more hair gel.


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that guy    

I don't get what the big deal is. The Italians that are pissed, are only so because they are embarrassed by the new/younger generation/sub-culture that currently exists in the Tri-State area. Get over it, its a reality. Now they know how us blacks that aren't rappers with gold teeth and big dumb-ass chains feel. Im not a champagne drinkin rapper but most people think that all blacks are. Do I care? Not one bit cause I know who I am AND WHO IM NOT

1748 days ago


If i were MTV, the only embarassment that would be is that someone actually said to air such a show full of total douchbags and skanks......

1748 days ago


The show might get better ratings if they call it "Pauly Shore" instead. A little bit misleading but really, who wants to see a show titled after the arm pit of the United States?

1748 days ago

Interracial facial    

People who don't get the results of stereotypes are simply unable to put themselves in someone else's shoes. Negative imagery rubs off when it directly affects you in society. The discrimination is subtle yet damaging. Because of a public perception, you don't don't land that job, secure that friendship or woo that romance.

You are alienated from the mainstream. All because some punk in a suit sees you a certain way and wants to make money off of it. Constant negativity is hate speech. Hitler used it to off the Jews. It marginalizes Italians as ethnic middlemen no one wants any part of. Watch TV. And try being Italian. Hate is no joke.

1748 days ago


NJ is the armpit of these United States.
Why would anyone watch this drivel?

1748 days ago


W - with
O - out
P - papers

Should be changed to:

W - with
O - out
S - sponsors

1748 days ago


"noyoudin't," who do you think raised those kids? Obviously the parents did not do too much to curtail their youngsters' cursing or highly sexual flirtation. I'm not condoning that behavior because 20 years ago, Jersey girls did not act that outrageously. Many kids in their early 20s, guys and girls, act that way today, no matter where they are from.It's the culture they grew up in. For the most part, the Jersey Shore house kids in this reality show have all shown some degree of loyalty, protection of their friends and respect for the meaning of family. And to me, that's decent and it was nice to see.

1748 days ago


Its clear that MTV has finally scraped the bottom of the barrel on this ridiculous show. That chick snickers is a who@@ and the other two are just crazy. And the dudes are as fake and self centered as they come. I don't blame the sponsors for pulling themselves off the air. This show is HORRIBLE and makes a joke out of Italians everywhere.

1748 days ago


#-40. It is not a sterotype, it is a real subculture that exists in the NY area. What don't you get about that?

The "guidos" in NY embrace this indentity and flaunt it. They do not represent all "Italian-Americans" and it is stupid to draw that conclusion. The show is about a segment of the young population that frequents the Jersey Shore. Seaside happens to be full of young self-proclaimed "guidos". That's the reality of it. It is just a glimpse into that gaudy train-wreck of a scene.

Not everyone in the south is a redneck, but of course rednecks exist. Not all of South Boston is composed of Irish alcoholic gangsters, but of course they exist, so if a movie like "Mystic River" or "Southie" wants to focus on that segment then fine.

The "Jersey Shore" scene is just a small segment of a larger population. No one ever claimed that it spoke for all Italian-American culture and to think that is as ignorant as to deny its existence.

1748 days ago


I'd watch the show it if were called 'Jersey Ass-Clowns'.

1748 days ago


How is this show any different from The Real World? As if we haven't seen some girl get naked and sloppy on the first night on that show! There is a definite "guido" type sub-culture in the NJ/NY area. It's a fact. Get over it.

I was totally entertained by this show, I cannot wait for the next episode!

1748 days ago

Interracial facial    

Use of the name "Guido" to depict Italian-Americans is as offensive as calling NYC "Hymietown". Nuff said. And anyone who fails to see this as hate speech must have some racial intolerance themselves.

1748 days ago


Hey Harvey at least Italians have a full head of hair so if they want to use hair gel they can but hair gel would be wasted on your balding head of hair!!!

1748 days ago


I watched all of 10 minutes of this "show" last night, I had to turn it off. I have never seen a bigger bunch of flippn loosers in my life. Is that really what young people are about today?

1748 days ago


what a bunch of crap, this show sucks ass! I'm Italian, and it makes me ashamed to be even remotely associated with these idiots. 1st, we're not all a bunch of stupid people that will F anything that moves, and 2ndly, my family would shoot themselves if they saw this garbage. Please, find a better representation of Italians!!

1748 days ago
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