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Jersey Shore's

Advertising Woes ... Fuggetaboutit

12/10/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Jersey Shore" is finally reversing the Domino's effect and picking up an advertiser for a change -- and the new sponsor jells perfectly with all the suspicious activity on the MTV show.


TMZ has learned a website called -- which does criminal background checks on people -- rushed over to MTV to take the vacant advertising slots after Domino's and American Family Insurance bailed out. Both companies abandoned ship after an Italian American group blasted the show for being "offensive."

A rep for the new sponsor tells TMZ, "We may not be hair gel product, but we feel the program's content reinforces our brand's message perfectly."

The new ads will air in tonight's episode, which seems fitting for the background check company -- according to the show promo, one of the girls gets punched in the face by some dude at a bar.


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1777 days ago



1777 days ago


Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1777 days ago


It seems to be funny!!!!!! I mean, the show, not fake Simone. Actually, this stalker can be very boring.

1777 days ago


The jersey shore is a dump and these jerkoff kids are just more garbage in seaside heights.I feel bad for real Italians.The girls are fat and tasteless and when the guys stop cycling roids they will shrink back to uneducated trash!!!!!!

1777 days ago


Mafia ..

1777 days ago


I liked the show. It is a lot better than that lame Real World show. I don't see the Italian American's beef with it, they are definitely a part of the Italian community, but any reasonable viewer would not think all Italians are like these kids. They are young and there is nothing wrong with flaunting when you are young. They should do one on the Armenians next.

1777 days ago

richie boiadro    

These kids are a disgrace to the human race.Punks and pigs do not represent Italian kids that I have known.Any parent of these kids must be in shame for them looking like pure garbage.Seaside is a teenage heaven but the rides and boardwalk are great fun for the kids........................

1776 days ago


These are NEW YORKERS, Guidos, Bennies: i.e., NOT Jersey Shore people! It's like filming ballerinas on The Deadliest Catch!!!

1776 days ago


I used to think Italians were the coolest people alive. One time I even pretended to be one. Later on I found out a lot of people don't consider Italians to be white. Southern Italians are olive-skinned and look more like Arabs. In the 1890s in America they actually used to lynch Italians-- like Blacks.

1776 days ago


greg moore i lave at the jersey shore whean all the vacitoner come down am happy two see theam but the crime gose up guys get drunk and all the girls like hores the worste pigs can stay home and away wildwood nj by the see

1776 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

We live in Ocean County, NJ, also home to the infamous Seaside. It is the armpit of the Jersey shore. We drive an hour to go to the nice beach towns (Ocean City, Wildwood Crest, etc) rather than be caught dead in that ghetto by the sea!

I knew that the cast of this show were indeed outsiders (aka "Bennies") when they were shown driving to Seaside, so very excited. No one from Jersey gets excited about Seaside.

However, I LOVE this show, as these are exactly the kinds of people that drive the locals crazy. Those who are offended need to get a grip, these 8 guidos are no more representative of Italian-Americans than the "Flavor of Love" girls were of Aftrican-Americans.

This show is going to be a huge hit for MTV, in part because of all the controversy, so any advertiser that jumps on is a smart one. As for Dominos, it's their loss!

1776 days ago


Italians are funny people..haha I will def be watching tonight, and i hope tmz posts something offensive about the show 2morrow..

Let the italian buffoonery

Oh yeah Bring back those Gotti kids,,weren't they guidos too, because they looked just like the guys on this show

1776 days ago

Wanda Rocked    

So here is the question to ask: Are these advertisers also hit listing A&E episodes of "The Sopranos"?
Same church, different pew.

1776 days ago


This show is friggin' bananas(I don't speak that way...that is my imo of these clown)! I watched a rerun of the first episode after reading about all the controversy. I gotta tell you...I love it! It is the guiltiest of all guilty pleasures. My husband, who NEVER watches these sorts of things, is totally hooked. The people on it are horrible, but that is why it is so fun to watch!

And to UK Boi: How stupid are you? You used to PRETEND to be Italian until you found out they aren't considered white? There are so many things wrong with that statement. ALL immigrant groups that came to America in large numbers were subjected to discrimination and violence, not just dark-skinned people and I have never met anyone who didn't consider Italians "white". It doesn't' surprise me that someone so pathetic he used to pretend to be something he wasn't would say such asinine things.

1776 days ago
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