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Elin Nordegren's Swedish Fixer-Upper

12/14/2009 5:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained photos of the $2 million Swedish home recently purchased by Elin Nordegren -- and, let's put it this way ... $2 mil doesn't get you much in Sweden.

Elin Nordegren's Swedish Fixer-Upper

There are conflicting reports about the purchase of the home. Some stories claim Elin and Tiger Woods began negotiations for the home back in August. Other reports claim Elin sealed the deal by herself at the beginning of the month.

The house sits on 59 acres. So maybe that explains the price.

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xcalibur is probably right. I'm sure she bought it for the land and view.

1772 days ago


The rest of the world can't see it yet, but what Elin longs for is a basic life to bring her kids up in. She has seen the side of fortune, fame, glitz and glamour....what did it get her. HEARTACHE, NOTHING BUT HEARTACHE!! I hope the rumors are fact, this is exactly what she and her kids need, and if Tiger really loves them, then he too will "lower himself" to live at the standards most people in the live at now. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD TIGER!! You've lived in fantasyland long enough.

1772 days ago

Mike Tyson    

59 Acres ? Obviously the land was the primary interest for her.

1772 days ago


It had to be the land that why it cost that much,plus, she can bulldoze the shack down & build a home like she wants...Tiger build her a beautiful home in sweden....

1772 days ago


It may be a fixer-upper but at least if she lives there alone with her children - she'll have peace of mind and be away from her cheating husband - or ex-husband!!! She has the money to tear it down and rebuild if she chooses!!

1772 days ago


OH COME ON!!!! Havent you seen HGTV International? By euro standards these are pretty much how homes there look. Small and borish. They're not as huge and overbearing as we demand them to be like here in the states.

Also, it never dawned on TMZ that the US dollar is crap so the rate of exchange makes it cost more.

Get real TMZ all these posts are so National Enquireish. Also stop pushing the new stories down and keeping Tiger useless banter on top!

It's over!!!!!! MOVE ON

1772 days ago


That is a deasent prise for a huge house with a huge lot by the sea in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago! The house looks very genuine, even if it needs renovations - and it is really difficult to find old, large buildings in the archipelago. Especially with a view to the sea.
What most foreigners seem to not understand is that the Stockholm archipelago is a place where most house-owners, other than fishermen and other natives, spend their _summers_ when it is fabulous. She is probably not planning to be there much in the winter.
And as of bidding -- in the frantic real estate market in Stockholm, it is completely normal to bid a lot over the asking price.
Other than that... I think it is disgusting to invade someone's privacy by
1) going into the house
2) publishing pictures of someone's home like this without approval

1772 days ago


This house is in Stockholms Skärgård. It's one of the most expensive and beautiful places to live in Sweden. Not just anyone is allowed to buy a house/island there and you have to be approved by a committee. The King of Sweden has a house there. It's also a protected area that preserves the wild life and you are only allowed to use certain kinds of boats. She did not buy the house for 2 million dollars, she bought a private island in the middle of a Swedish nature paradise.

1772 days ago


Don't you know anything about Real Estate??!!!......It's not the two-million dollar property!....It's the LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!...far, far, farrrrrrr away from the Tee-man and the U-ho.

1772 days ago


I really love that house- and i LOVE that scenery! OMFG! id love love LOVE it esp if i had their money to fix it up! BESIDES! its on 59acres! AND u have to get there by boat right? id LOVE IT! esp if i had alot of security!

1772 days ago


Houses near body of water = M O L D ! ! !

I don't care if you paid for the land or not!!!

Two million dollars is a lot of money to pay for MOLD.

I've lived on ocean fronts and lake fronts, which = MOLD, MOLD, MOLD!

Mold is not good for the kids respiratory system!

1772 days ago


To anyone who is familiar with Astrid Lindgren's children literature, this house is like a überversion of "Snickargården" in Saltkråkan -- I am really jealous and would love to be able to have this sort of house. Good buy of Elin and Josefin!

1772 days ago


The house is probably at least 100 years old and Swedes like old buildings, so she won't tear it down to build something new. She'll have it renovated. The price is both for house (actually, four houses) and top notch beach side location. She won't live their all year round, this is a summer home. A private beach is rare in Sweden, where direct proximity to water is supposed to be public property, unless a very old house sits very close to it, as is the case here.

1772 days ago


Not only is it difficult and expensive to buy this type of land in the Stockholm archipelag - it is also very rare that it becomes available in the market! Families usually sit on property like this for generations.
It looks like a very genuine, large farm-house (mansion is not a proper word). It's beautiful!
The buyers have - according to the Swedish media - told the island's committee that they intend to keep the building this genuine, even if I am sure they will renovate it.
I'm sure Elin prefers this rustic, Swedish style to the Florida kitch she has lived in the last 8 years.

1772 days ago


Look at the land & the view. That's what she's paying for & the fact that it looks like it's in a remote location - not accessible to paparazzi.

1772 days ago
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