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Small Town Bar Sued Over Rock & Grohl Music

12/14/2009 7:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock and Dave Grohl are the new Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani -- because now the fellas are following in their feminine counterpart's footsteps by suing a small town bar for allegedly jacking their tunes.

The two rockers dropped a serious copyright infringement lawsuit on a Canton, Ohio watering hole -- Mallonn's Grill & Bar -- because the drinking establishment allegedly didn't have the licensing it needed to play their music.

Now the two musicians want the bar to cough up money for damages and stop playing their music immediately.

Swift, Stefani and even Bon Jovi have filed similar suits against other bars across the country within the last month.


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1745 days ago


Another unnecessary situation...

1745 days ago


if bars didnt play there it would make less sells of there music they should be happy they do.

1745 days ago


crybaby millionaires!

1745 days ago



1745 days ago


How hard up for money is Grohl these days????

1745 days ago


That screeching noise is supposed to be music? They should be happy anyone even plays it in their bars.

1745 days ago

Mary G.    

These two petty fools should be happy that anyone even wants to listen to their music...

1745 days ago

Your name:    

How is either one of them a "rocker?"

1745 days ago

San Diego Girl    

What a group of WHORES. They should all be ashamed of themselves for suing some poor small business bar owner while they sit and burn their money in their mansions. SCREW YOU, Stefani, et al. I used to listen to Stefani's music (No Doubt). Forget it now. That stupid arrogant-azz ugly-faced byotch doesn't deserve a minute of our time. Neither does Grohl. Hey Grohl, Cobain called from the beyond and said "get a life you pathetic LOSER!"

1745 days ago


no any feeling about Rock & Grohl Music
come to my music world

1745 days ago


When you look up douche bag in the dictionary Webster graciously provided Kid Rocks name. Maybe he just needed some extra money to cut his ratty ass hillbilly hair so people wouldn't mistake him for trailer trash and laugh when they saw him. I guess it's no surprise that he was the only one they didnt have to provide and wardrobe or makeup for him to fit in on the set of joe dirt.

1745 days ago


If all the celebrity rock stars are going to start getting petty on the cash and licensing stuff, they might want to consider who they are harming. Its the citizens who can make or break a singer or rock band, its the citizens who buy their music, its us everyday folks who keep them in the lap of luxury. And if they aren't careful its us who can bring them down and stop the money flow. They seem to have forgotten who made them famous in the first place. If people start boycotting these neantherthals trying to get bars to stop playing their music, then it could stop them from being so petty about it. These people don't get it, its the fans of their music that have given them the opportunities to be rich and its the fans who can stop buying their music completely. So they should step lightly on the feet they are stepping on now. All the FANS can stop buying their music, boycotting them completely and then what will happen ??? Oh yea, they will start losing their incomes, their homes, their lavish lifestyles. Be careful what you guys ask for, you must just get it.

1745 days ago

Canton Girl    

This Bar is right around the corner from me. This is Football Hall of Fame town! Steel Mills pretty well closed up and this town is dirt poor. Kid Rock better leave us alone! We Will dip that boy in Honey and throw him out in the woods for a bear to eat. Besides this is The O Jays hometown, rather listen to them while I'm eating my buger and having a beer at Mallon's.

1745 days ago


Are you kidding me? If this is the truth I have some new coasters for sale I made out of the CD's of losers. ...Oh, wait. Do you think they will sue me for re-selling their CD's as coasters?

Talk about destroying the spirit of Rock and Roll. Nice work you jerks!

and I thought Wallstreet was gonna get the award for destroying small business!

1745 days ago
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