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Dell Pulls Ads from 'Jersey Shore' Over PC Claim

12/22/2009 2:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Jersey Shore" has officially lost another sponsor -- Dell Computers -- and this time, the PC Company is accusing the show of "ethnic bashing."

Dell Pulls Ads from 'Jersey Shore' Over PC Claim

Dell -- the 3rd sponsor to run from the 'Shore' -- tells us they will "block" their commercials from running in future episodes of the show, claiming they don't "condone or support ethnic bashing in any form."

This once again opens up prime advertising space for 8-Minute Abs, "Cheaters," bedazzled mensware distributors, Supercuts, 7-Minute Abs, Chaser hangover prevention pills, K-Swiss, chest wax, anger management instructional DVDs, 6-Minute Abs...


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i loved the show at first but its hard to watch these 'tards keep embarrassing themselves over and over

1764 days ago


Ethic bashing?

1764 days ago


Don't forget ads for hair gel... lots, and lots of hair gel.

1764 days ago

Those kids are all morons. They think America tunes in to see how cool "Guidos" are. Don't they know the whole world tunes in to not only laugh and judge them, but all Italian Americans?

1764 days ago


these are not real people right? this is just a fake tv show i hope

1764 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

These people said the same thing about The Sopranos and it became an icon and a widely watched program.Who cares what a bunch of riquety,old bugs and hags with Old World mentality thinks?.These kids are the new italians.Brash,assured,loud and I mean real loud.Want to see the same in Hoboken but in a bakery watch Cake Boss on Bravo or TLC network.The same loud,brass and self-assured italians but making cakes and shouting and shouting and shouting and ....Jersey Shore is a great program and very entertaining.I hope it last many,many seasons.My answer to these crusts in E Fangu...

1764 days ago


What company that sells products that people with healthy brain cells use would advertise on this program? The "stars" of this show have a lot of dead space in their skulls....

1764 days ago


I encourage all Jersey Shore fans to go to the website and complain. I was going to buy a netbook after Christmas and was considering a Dell but now I will buy a HP.

1764 days ago


Oh come one, there are plenty of shows and movies that perpetuate extreme stereotypes. These kids are just like this, if they were just normal polite kids we wouldn't care to watch. They are only representing themselves, no different than shows like The Single Life or Bad Girls Club. We watch for the train wreck and antics. It's funny as hell and fun to laugh at, if you don't like it don't watch it. Oscar is right shows like the Sopranos (and various movies) portray Italians in much worse light and yet they are very popular. People take everything too seriously these days.

1764 days ago


Oh PhilllipP - you were not going to buy a netbook, nor are you going to buy an HP. give it a rest

1764 days ago


"Oh!" you said it all so well. Good job!

1764 days ago

Steve G.    

The people appearing on the show are being paid, they are not the morons in this equation.

1764 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

Dell is stupid, this show is a huge hit, getting high ratings and is becoming a cultural phenomenon. I didn't even notice that Dell was a sponsor, the only commercial they seem to show is that "Hot Bod" cologne ad that reminds me of a "Bruno" spoof!

MTV can just run a few more "Bump-It" ads, they are the perfect compliment to the Princess of Poughkeepsie's hair-don't!

1764 days ago


With all the blatantly bigoted and racist comments that were made on this board very freely, I say "GO DELL"!!

Obviously, there is still latent hatred against Italian-Americans and these kids, their parents and their families should be ashamed.

What they need is a history lesson on what their ancestors had to endure when they came to this country.

1764 days ago


#6 OSCAR== Your father and I sorry you have only 2"! Please go join all the Jersey fruitloops and off yourself. I'm so ashamed by your actions!



1764 days ago
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