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Gilbert Arenas -- Not Licensed to Pack Heat

1/5/2010 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gilbert ArenasNBA star Gilbert Arenas didn't have a license to possess the guns he stored in his locker in D.C.... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told there were four guns in Arenas' locker that were turned over to police, including a gold-plated Desert Eagle -- a gigantic handgun.

Arenas could be charged for "CPWL"-- carrying a pistol without a license.

As we previously reported, Arenas could also face assault charges stemming from the alleged gun-toting standoff with a teammate on Xmas Eve.

D.C. cops plan to bring in Washington Wizards coach Flip Saunders today for questioning. GM Ernie Grunfeld will be brought in later this week.

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Not only stupid, but rich as well! Nothing will happen, he'll get a suspended sentance and 150 hours of community service.

Now if he had been white and worked in a gas station he'd be making little rocks out of big ones.

Has anyone price a Desert Eagle? Let alone a gold plated one... this fool has more money than brains.

1752 days ago


Should be in jail right now,but celebrity and status will keep him playing and is like nothing happens ,that happens when you have money and is a player.If he has a gun it should be not admisible in the court of law,he is a criminal is all .They are, not matter what status they have ,He will pay a expensive lawyer and go off ,this is America ,welcome to America money and power.....monet talks!

1752 days ago


Add that the time that he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of carrying a concealed weapon in San Francisco - another dope is going to jail.


1752 days ago


I never liked guns.
It was a gold-plated gun. I've also seen pictures of guns with pearl handles. I never understood why people had pretty guns. Why would you want to have a good-looking gun? Unless you didn't care about the ramifications of having guns around, or didn't give two
sh*ts about human life. Have good-looking shoes or a belt or a lamp or a statue, things like that; not a gun.

Just in case someone misunderstands, yes, I know, many white people have guns too. All nationalities have guns.

1752 days ago


I would imagine that there is something in this idiot baller's contract prohibiting him from bringing unlicensed weapons into the arena. Not even gonna get into the whole gambling issue. But, one needs to know how to read in order to understand his contract. What is wrong with these sport figures, do they not learn anything from others? Apparently not!

1752 days ago


bet he ain't laughing at that joke now

1752 days ago


FIRE HIM. There is no reason or excuse for this behavior. Why do we pay these THUGS MILLIONS of dollars and allow them to act this way? Start firing a few of them...cancel their multi-million dollar contracts and I guarantee you they will straighten up.

1752 days ago


He wasn't really packing heat. He had the unloaded guns in his locker and dared a team-mate to shoot him with the team-mate's choice of handgun. The team-mate had previously joked that he would shoot Arenas in a kneecap. Specifically, the one that had just healed from sports surgery.

In 2007 an aide to U.S. Senator Jim Webb tried to enter a federal workplace with the Senator's 9mm handgun and plenty of ammo. He was not charged because they said although he was aware of the law he was not aware that the gun was in his briefcase. Arenas was not aware of the DC laws he was violating but he also didn't carry ammo.

Arenas lives in Great Falls, Virginia, where citizens can own guns without registration and can carry them openly like security guards. To carry a weapon in a concealed way, like Senator Webb does, requires a permit that is easily obtainable from the Virginia State Police after successful private instruction.

1752 days ago


OMG a Legal Eagle.

Fire the guy from the team IMMEDIATELY.
He can deal with the Legal authorities about whether he KNEW he was breaking the law. DUH!

1752 days ago


dumb azz !

1752 days ago


Thank God I live in an open-carry state. A license is a tax and the government should be able to tax your right granted by the constitution. We do not have a free speech or a religion license.

That being said Arenas is an idiot for "joking" with a gun. I do not know the specifics, but if he was pointing it or waving it around, he should should be charged for that and that alone.

1752 days ago


agent zero...zero brains. part of me wishes crittendon capped "funny man" arenas. either way, yet another "beacon of hope" down the toilet... http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/12/16/bengals.henry/index.html
"beacons of hope generally don't jump out of the back of moving pickup trucks in the middle of a domestic dispute with their baby mommas" or threaten coworkers with unlicensed weapons at their place of employment. pack him up, ship him out, let him rot with the other lawbreakers, fat contract and all...

1752 days ago


Re: Posted at 2:20PM on Jan 5th 2010 by WAKE UP BLACK MEN!

Okay, but don't get mad when generalizations are made about black women. Based on your description it sound like you are all about continuing the practice of boxing up people rather than moving beyond race descriptions. Sure be proud of your skin color whatever that means.

1752 days ago


When keeping it real goes wrong...

1752 days ago


HAHAHAHAHA!!! Heard on HLN that this dude's story for 'bringin' his firearms to work' was that he didn't want to keep them at home because he has kids & was worried about their safety. LOL! Well, I just can't stop laughing over this big line of BS!! Let's see.....an NBA star can't afford a locking gun safe for his home. Is that right?? Uh,huh. And how does THAT figure into the supposed 'standoff' he had on Christmas Eve?? Must have been 'protecting' his kids then too right? What amazes me most when I hear these ridiculous 'fairy tales' from these overpaid, pampered pro athletes is how can they possibly think any court of law will swallow these 'stories'?? They must think judges are as totally STUPID AS THEY ARE!

Once again, you can take the 'thug out of the 'hood, but you can't take the frickin' thug out of the thug' I guess. Sooooooooo SICK of these ridiculously overpaid SOS's with their overblown sense of entitlement. Screw 'em.

1752 days ago
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