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911 Call Over Casey Johnson's Dogs

1/6/2010 7:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned there's a fight over Casey Johnson's dogs ... a fight that has escalated to the point that cops have been called.


Nicky Hilton
and Bijou Phillips are currently at Tila Tequila's house, where the dogs have been living for the past week. Hilton and Phillips say they are there to retrieve the dogs for Casey's family.

casey johnsonTila refuses to give the dogs up and has called the cops, claiming Hilton and Phillips are trying to break in.

We're told Hilton and Phillips also want to collect Casey's other belongings.

The LAPD is currently on the scene.

UPDATE: 3:17 PM PT We've learned the LAPD is still at Tequila's house and is on the phone with Johnson's family in New York.

Story developing ...


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TMZ please shut her up!    

Tila killed Casey and is trying to gain fame for it. TMZ if you have any respect left you wont let Tila get away with this, she is not a real "fiancee" of Casey, it was all for publicity to get rich. Read around the internet cause Caseys fam/friends is coming out saying how Tila killed Casey.

1758 days ago

TMZ please shut her up!    


1758 days ago


You should of seen the fight Tila was having with Perez Hilton on twitter, she is so pathetic, like a prawn.

1758 days ago


I usually think violence in never the answer but in this situation it's not only the answer it's also the question! Someone needs to beat the U know WHAT out of TILA the FAME WHORE! She'll do ANYTHING to get PRESS........RIP CJ

1758 days ago

boo boo    

I think it's strange that GF just died and her family (who cut her off) now wants to care for her dogs and collect her, STAT! What's the hurry? If my fiance died and his family showed up at my house days after his death looking for our pets and his things, I'd tell them to get lost too! Tila Tequila is obviously messed up, but for CJ's family to cut her out of the grieving process is unfair. I'm confused as to why everyone blames TT when CJ had YEARS of issues with every single human she came in contact with!

1758 days ago

TMZ please shut her up!    

#31 Please shut the hell up, everyone who has followed Tila from before will know that everything she does is for ATTENTION, calling out Chris Brown, saying Shawne Meriam beat her up, that Rhianna has herpes, trying to have a war with Perez even when Casey is dead, now withholding the dogs from Caseys TRUE friends and calling the cops!??? BITCH wants to be famous and she will do anything to get it!!!!!! DISGUSTUNG

1758 days ago


Tila is scary. I wouldn't trust her with pets either. She would probably use them for more publicity and end up on Pet psychics or something.

1758 days ago


This is about stupid. Tila ain't gonna go down without free publicity. She couldn't buy this much publicity. As for CJ too bad her fame came after death. Never heard of her till now.

1758 days ago


well damn, where is shawn merriman when you need him.....this dyyke bitch needs her face kicked in again.

1758 days ago


Tila's probably hoping the Johnson family will pay to get the dogs back. She's gotta make a living somehow. There's not much money in being the Queen of Myspace.
; )

1758 days ago


Any stupid animal that is only a foot long and can't defend itself against a garden sparrow IS NOT A DOG. It's a mutant house plant. Stop the nonsense and stop breeding those damned key chain decorations that poop. That makes three kinds of people that need to be reprogrammed or possibly phased out: Tiger Woods types, Japanese whalers, bonzai animal breeders. Please note that Tiger Woods does not represent the game of golf, Japanese whalers do not represent Japan or its culture.

1758 days ago


RadarOnline is now reporting that the girls went over to pick up the dog who is very old, blind, and sick so it could be put to sleep and burried with Casey........Very Interesting!

1758 days ago


Tila's an @ss.

1758 days ago


28. Wow, the Johnson family has some nerve. They don’t give a crap about her, let her lie dead for days without even caring, and now they’re SENDING people for her stuff? What, did they have better things to do like get their hair done or go shopping? Those dogs should go to someone who will care for them instead of people who don’t even care if their daughter is alive or dead.

Posted at 6:06PM on Jan 6th 2010 by c

What is wrong with you? Of course they cared about her, but you can't make an addict stop using. They did all the right things, cut off her money, stepped up and took in the child she bought as a toy and tried to get her to rehab. They did NOT enable their loved one to death.

1758 days ago


I wondered if Tila tweeted while the cops were there. Any bets?

1758 days ago
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