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Wizards Players to Testify in Gilbert Arenas Case

1/11/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Three Washington Wizards players -- including captain Antawn Jamison -- will testify today before a grand jury in the Gilbert Arenas/Javaris Crittenton gun case, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Gilbert Arenas, Javaris Crittendon
Our sources tell us Arenas has already been called in by the U.S. Attorney but he made it clear he would not testify on grounds of self-incrimination. We're also told Crittenton has lawyered up and took the same position as Arenas.

We're also told head coach Flip Saunders came to the grand jury last week. We don't know if he actually testified in front of the grand jury or just spoke with the U.S. Attorney.

As we first reported, cops are still looking for Javaris' gun -- which witnesses have told cops he tossed into a laundry basket after the confrontation with Arenas. Our sources say someone from the team wheeled the basket out of the locker room. D.C. cops are looking at surveillance video to see if there's a shot of the basket being wheeled out.

Both players could be indicted on felony gun charges.

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The team should go back to their previous name - the Bullets.

1748 days ago

dr cyclops    

too bad they didnt shoot eachother..clear alot of salary cap for two worthless b ball players..go work in a car wash boys,,

1748 days ago


I dislike guns even though I was raised with about 50 in my home as a child; I don't own one now.

However, I think this is a typical case of something getting way overblown and the prosecutors and media losing sight of being rational all for the sake of nailing these two individuals at any cost. The media and prosecutors are getting off on their own 15 minutes of fame.

Living in the DC area myself, and my wife being a former public defender, I can tell you that gun possession is not uncommon in DC albeit illegal. For many it's simply protection in an environment where the rich are protected in the NW area, while the poor who try and live a righteous and productive life in the NE/SE are not.

They made a mistake...they didn't kill anyone and they weren't brandishing the guns in some strip club or causing an issue in public. Poor judgement yes...criminals...no.

Take the guns, fine them to the hilt, give them community service which would serve the public more doing PSA regarding the dangers of guns than it will by throwing them in prison, which will only fuel an already disproportionate bias against African Americans in this country and especially within our Nation's capital. BTW, I'm white.

1748 days ago


Why do so many people think they should get break... anyone who brings a gun to work would be lucky if they only get fired...

I'd like to see what would happen to a fan if they brought a gun to the game (even if they had a license to carry it)... I guarantee there is a huge sign in the front door stating "No Firearms" and I'll bet it doesn't say underneath "Except Players"...

1748 days ago

dr cyclops    

shane your an ididot..thats why there are laws..just because you get caught and made a mistake doesnt mean anything,,no guns allowed in nba facilities..NO GUNS..NO GUNS ALLOWED IN DC..NO GUNS,,ITS NOT OKAY TO SAY WAA WAA I MADE A MISTAKE ,,I DIDNT KNOW THE LAWS,,GILBERT GOT CAUGHT A FEW YEARS AGO WITH A GUN AND GOT HIS LITTLE HAND SLAPPED,,DID HE LEARN HIS LESSON,,NOOOOOOO
its morons like you that say hey let him off easy..well not this time budd,,,,

1748 days ago


Funny how the political right and the NRA did not come to his defense about have a gun....I mean he just wanted to "defend himself"...isn't that the cry on FoxNews and the cry of the NRA? Could it be they don't want Black folks to have that gun?

1748 days ago


I don't get it Arenas did every thing he could taunting & almost daring the powers that be to do something ......... now that he's suspended & looking at arrest & possible jail all of a sudden he's sorry ,too funny.

1748 days ago


thugs from the womb to the tomb. why they felt the need to bring loaded guns into their workplace is beyond me. if you or i did that we would be arrested and fired---but not necessarily in that order. some role models for the youth of our country. they should be ashamed of themselves and never and i mean never be allowed to play ball again. they is no justification for this

1748 days ago


Crazy!....cant wait till i get to go to another game just hope they got chrome soda!

1748 days ago

bucky st. louis    

1748 days ago

Roger C    

Agent Zero is in for a world of hurt. He didn't do himself any favors with his Twitter comments and actions on the court. He's arrogant, and about to be brought back down to Earth. He won't be laughing when he's broke, sitting in a jail cell. Most of these guys don't manage their money well, and he's going to regret getting that contract torn up.

This is what happens when you have a poor upbringing and don't get an education. He can't claim ignorance, he knew what the rules were.

1748 days ago

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