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Leno vs. Conan vs. NBC

The War is On

1/18/2010 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien and NBC are at war ... each accusing the other of bad, bad behavior.

Leno vs. Conan vs. NBC -- The War is On
Sources connected to Conan O'Brien tell TMZ NBC honcho Jeff Zucker has been "nasty, arrogant and threatening" in negotiating Conan's out. The Conan people are outraged, saying the blame for the Jay Leno/'ConanO'Brien/"Tonight Show" debacle falls squarely at Zucker's doorstep.

Jay Leno: Click to watchAn NBC spokesperson tells TMZ, as for claims Zucker has been nasty, arrogant and threatening, "There is absolutely no truth to that. It is easy to make false statements under the cloak of anonymity."

We're told Conan is so pissed off at NBC, he told the network he was leaving even though he still doesn't have a place to go -- at least not yet. Sources say Fox still has not made an offer.

An NBC source connected to the negotiations tells TMZ Conan "has acted like a baby" since the network announced the changes. The source claims NBC made $25 mil in profits off "The Tonight Show" the last full calendar year Leno hosted. The source says the projected loss for 2010 had Conan stayed put was $3 - 5 million. So NBC says it's simple math.

We're told the NBC/Conan deal still isn't finalized.


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Get rid of both of them. Replace with either Adam Sandberg or Arec Barwin.

1710 days ago

Darren W. Wood    

Conan O'Brien was never funny and he should sue the guy who told him he was.

Tonight Show made money when Leno was running the ship, you can't argue with numbers. It's not Jay's fault his people know how to write a contract and O'Brien's people are as smart as he is funny (in other words not funny and stupid people working for him).

Did I mention that Conan O'Brien was never funny?

1709 days ago

Leno is garbage    

Andy Samberg would be a 200x worse choice for a replacement... He could probably do Jimmy Fallon's job better, but just about anyone could do that. The people crying for a fresh face don't get it, it takes a long time to get to the level to where you can create one of these shows. It's no cakewalk. One guy who I can think of who has "it" is Joel McHale, but he'd still need a good test run, a place to start...

1709 days ago


The truth is Jay's and Conan's monologues weren't that different from each other. There were many nights when Jay would do a joke about a current news story, and then Conan would then do the very same joke in his monologue. Was Conan stealing from Jay? No, I don't think so. It's just that some things lend themselves to making the same joke about them. That was one gripe Conan had was that Jay was first at bat and would have first crack in his monologue.

A lot of Conan's humor is not really sophisticated as some are claiming. A lot of it is mugging to the audience, acting silly, and going into various silly pantomimes. Some people find that funny and some don't. Conan goes for easy laughs that borders on slapstick humor. The Masturbating Bear is a one line visual joke. He has a lot of those but they wear out in time. (My particular favorite was "The Evil Puppy".)

Jay doesn't do that. IMO his humor is more cerebral than Conan's. I don't think people would find it funny if Jay came out, spun around and did the "string dance". It would just look stupid.

Jay doesn't

1709 days ago

Kip Cricket    

Leno has been piling on the lies and hypocrisy!

Too many are buying into NBC's PR machine which has every intention of rewriting history!

Don't be swayed, check out the following link to read of Leno's deceit:

1709 days ago


I stumbled upon this while looking for Conan/Leno news...a crazy accurate prediction made last November about this exact situation.
It is accurate to the T...

1709 days ago



MY VOTE............ CONAN



1709 days ago


For the NBC hacks out there saying you can't argue with numbers...
Jay may have done well with the Tonight Show but it was HIS tanking show at 10 that not only split late night viewers but caused the nightly news to tank too! If it's all about numbers then Jay shouldn't stay with NBC and the news shows should all be cancelled too. As for the "big baby thing" only stuck up, conceited narcassists use that line on other adults. It really shows their true colors.

1709 days ago

Roger C    

Honestly, what does Conan not understand? Dude, you are not getting the ratings, and you are losing money! Jeff Zucker is not the bad guy, and neither is Jay! I am quite certain NBC offered you advice! They would not have cut you loose so soon without a reason!

Conan, like his spoiled brat fans, need to grow up and realize what the real world is about. His attitude disgusts me. He acts like he is the king of Late Night TV and does not deserve the treatment that he is getting. He's not, he's a failure that is out of touch with his audience, and reality in general.

I loved his show, but you gotta admit, there are a lot of people that refuse to watch Tonight anymore. They just can't get into him. Be a man, be respectful and step aside. That's all.

1709 days ago


It doesn't matter who we think is funnier, but who is a better host of the tonight show.

And that's Jay.

1709 days ago


Roger C...
"Conan like his spoiled brat fans?"
Sheesh at least we aren't holier-than-thou, stuck up jacka$$e$ like you!

1709 days ago

Leno is garbage    

Jeff, you can stop commenting on TMZ now.

1709 days ago


No, Johhny Carson is the better late night host, should we exhume him? Bottom line, Johhny retired when it was his time and his ratings were just fine. Jay screwed Dave out of what should have been his show and now when it's time for Jay to step down he's screwing Conan too. NBC has a hard on for Jay but mark my words, this move will insure that Jay will NEVER get his ratings back and NBC is guaranteeing a larger ratings loss than sticking with Conan. Many of us watched both Jay and Conan, and now these numbers will forever split.

1709 days ago


Hey bubs, how did Jay screw over Dave? By accepting a job offered to him? You wouldn't go after a dream job cause someone else might want it?

Also, you think Jay's ratings will drop lower than they are with Conan? Is that possible? Conan drew in 2 million viewers, ouch!

1709 days ago


Jay Leno is NOT the problem nor has he ever been the problem.

You posters are mostly young and like Conan. So what? That is your preference. The adults prefer Leno.

Leno got screwed several years ago when NBC, without even talking with Jay, decided to move Conan into Jay's show when Jay "retired."

Well, Jay wasn't planning to retire. He is still young and has alot of years left to do the great job he does for the "Tonight Show," which is JAY's show.

1709 days ago
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