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Roethlisberger's 1st Accuser -- Still Waging War

3/7/2010 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger is still not out of the woods in his other sexual assault battle -- the civil lawsuit filed against him by a woman in Nevada is very much alive.

TMZ spoke to the lawyer for Andrea McNulty -- the woman who claims Ben raped her in a Lake Tahoe hotel room back in 2008 -- and he tells us McNulty's case has been temporarily put on ice ... while the Nevada Supreme Court decides where the case should be tried.

As for the new sexual assault investigation surrounding Roethlisberger in Georgia -- McNulty's lawyer, Cal Dunlap, tells us they will be "aggressively looking into this new case."

As TMZ first reported, Roethlisberger is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in the bathroom of a nightclub in Georgia -- so far, no charges have been filed against him and Ben's camp is denying any wrongdoing.

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to SouthBeach, just b/c it is a tiny middle GA town (I live 30 minutes south of there) doesn't mean there aren't gold digging skanks. those are everywhere and there happen to be a lot in this area. it's all about money and when it comes down to it, no one knows what really happened. why would he rape someone, there are plenty of "ladies" that would have willingly jumped in for the chance to carry his love child and collect a monthly check... so yeah, doubt the "assault" happened

1689 days ago


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1689 days ago


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1689 days ago


I agree with #16, because Ben is a white athlete, people are much more lenient in their judgments. One person even suggested he have a handler follow him around to protect him against himself.

If he were black, they'd hang him out to dry talking about ghetto blah, blah. Not trying to start a race thing, but let's face it black athletes are guilty until proven innocent and still guilty regardless of the legal outcome. White athletes are automatically innocent because the women are gold diggers and it's set up and blah, blah, it's the NFL's fault and get this, NFL QB's don't rape women. Any excuse except the guy may just be a perverted criminal.

1689 days ago


Not every Pittsburgher thinks he's the greatest. Trust me--there are many whose opinion is that he did this twice. All you have to do is go to any bar and watch his behavior to believe it.

1689 days ago

Vicky Bershok    

The first girl was a lying bitch and this girl was drunk off her ass. Add in the fact that she is only 20 and she is probly makin this up to get herself out of trouble for being drunk. Damn gold diggers! Leave Big Ben alone!

1689 days ago

Athletes suck    

It's time some of these athletes got nailed on some of this. Thye seem to feel entitiled. Im not saying Ben is guilty but clearly there are some issues here with this guy.. WHY college bars, why are any of these wealthy athletes hitting college bars when there close to 30 years old?
Could it be an ego boost because in these areas they have all the attention the want & then some. They crave the attention. In a normal bar there not the main attraction & woman want at least a little class when being approached. In college bars many have not learned that yet & its all about the party. The girls let the guys buy a few drinks & the guys think there owed.. It's old school.Ben in not the only athlete out there that is hitting college bars.These guys need reality checks & quit looking for an easy lay. Guilty or not Ben repuation now is in serious jeoprady. SERIOUS & others are on the same path. All the money in the world doesn't help. I think many another athlete & football at that is taking some major tumble here before season starts.Be prepared it's coming.

1689 days ago

Athletes suck    

#27 I believe you. There are pics out there of Ben past behaviour. he really needs to grow up & get some help. NO excuses. Underage, gold diggers, or not he does not need to put himslef in these situations.

1689 days ago


Seems a little fishy. The police report states height and weight (6'5", 241 lb) that exactly match ESPN's stats for Ben. Supposedly these figures were reported to the police at 2:30 am on a downtown street - unless they are one of those carnival workers otherwise, looks like it’s possibly premeditated???

1689 days ago


i live in the town where the incident happened.. i spoke w/ people that worked @ the restaurant that he went to, b4 he went to capital city, and numerous people (male and female) said that he acted like a complete jerk, and thought that he was mightier than God. No offense but there r plenty of people that come from this small town, that become famous football players, and i dont hear any allegations towards them. i mean if he did it, he did it...i dont care who u r famous or not, no man should ever force himself on a female, alcohol involved or not. u cant tell me that any man that thinks he deserves what he wants (with an aggressive personality), and an attractive female comes up to him to hang out, or whatever, and u get shot down,(after being asked to go home w/ him), then that makes any man feel ab 2 inches tall, and will do whatever they can to get that mightier feeling back. C'mon people get real....y'all can defend him all u want....get over it....btw, he should learn to respect ppl and women anyways.

1689 days ago


The police said it wasn't a claim of rape.

They let him go.

They took her to the hospital to be treated.
For what no one knows.
Did She lead him on during the night and then kick him in the crotch hoping for a chunk of cash? Who knows?

We think of our own lives as men and how many sexual interludes would have been twisted into something awfull looking in a headline.



Sunday preacher: 'Smith,......reached Lord,.....tooketh it,....upon his self,.....to go for the nip Lord,......Grasping,....groping,....LUSTING LORD!!!

I mean,....I'm thinking Birthday Ben is getting hosed.

1689 days ago


Ben took my advice:
He whited that sh#t up!
-Danny Duberstein

Ben is good at two things: playing football and fu#$ing!

1689 days ago


In Nevada Waitresses = Prostitutes. Pricing to vary by city.

1689 days ago


Who is this idiot and why would anyone care?

Whatever happened to celebrity gossip?

1689 days ago


i gaurentee that andrea mcnulity is lieing looked at that evil smile on her face thinking ill get that bastered back for pretending to love and have sex with then leave me. I wonder about second accusser i hope she gets what she deserves if she is lieing that is to show a pic of her so that she can get threatned by crazy fans lol

1689 days ago
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