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Tiger Woods -- Back on Daddy Duty

4/3/2010 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods took a break from apologizing warming up for The Masters to pick his daughter from day care in Isleworth on Friday.

Tiger Woods

It's the only girl he's allowed to pick up these days.

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danger baby    

You can't be serious. "Who wants to be a single mother"? She could have walked off with millions (and her integrity). She could afford to hire all the help she needs as a 'single mom'. She does not have to go off to a 9 to 5 job. There is only ONE reason she is still with Tiger. $$$!


18. Elin is not a gold digger!!!! She had two children with a man she loved and believed in..Who wants to be a single Mother????
Are supposed that Tiger was doing something with his CHILDREN???
Elin has done more than her share of parenting...Let the sperm donating man w...... do SOMETHING!!

Posted at 3:40AM on Apr 3rd 2010 by radarluv

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/04/03/tiger-woods-dad-daughter-day-care-child-sam-elin-nordegren-school-photos/2#c26806537#ixzz0k2NkLzCt

1661 days ago

Pat M    

When I see any picture of him any more it turns my stomach. GO AWAY Tiger....go far away. Nike you suck.

1661 days ago

kooky the clown    

elin probably had to give tiger the school address and he had to use a gps to find it cuz he's never been there before.

1661 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

There is no excuse for Elin staying with Tiger, imo. There must have been a great deal of money involved. I don't call that class. She cannot possibly have an ounce of self-esteem. Either that, or she got some bad advice from those around her. Again, I think this is all about money. And no way do I think these two have a 'marriage'.

I beg your pardon ? Are you nuts or what ? Who are you to judge this woman and tell her what to do ?
Waow I am amazed by the stupidity of some people here. Do you have a brains or not ? I tend to believe you are a stupid moron ugly bitch behind your computer putting your trouble on others.
If Elin stays this is HER DECISION AND HER CHOICE.No one has anything to do with that. She doesn't owe anybody an explanation.
How would you react if people will dictate you how to live your life ? Will you be happy about that ? Surely no so let's leave this woman deal with her own problems and you'd better take care of your business at home ; this should be well enough.
Let me tell you one thing : even if she stays for money what's the point ? Why are you so concerned ? This is not your money as far as I know. Typical America : your gouvernment is dealing with messes around the globe and unable to resolve internal problems and stupid degenerates American who seem to care more about a golfer's marriage than their own .
I hope Tiger & Elin stay together because I suspect there will be many heartbroken stupid people.

1661 days ago


Vanity Fair magazine has the hot stuff on the wang man. Check out their next issue in less than a week. Tiger is on the cover. More hot stuff from his mistresses.

1661 days ago


Count me in for Team Elin during the Masters. Had quite enough of Tiger Woods. Hate everything about him.

1661 days ago


He should go join pervert freak Michael Jackson and leave all little girls alone!
Poor excuse for a father & wouldn't let him near any little girl with a 10 foot pole!
He's a pervert in all ways!

1661 days ago


by Pookie
MJ wasn't a pervert

1661 days ago


"it's" the only girl....come on TMZ...little girls are not "it's"

1661 days ago


I can't remember a picture of Tiger with his kids alone, this must be a $1M shot TMZ!

When I think of Tiger as a parent I think of him more as a sperm donor than anything else. He seems really good at spreading his seed and really bad at anything responsible that comes after.

Tiger you're a douche and your scrawny wife needs to move back to whatever iceberg she moved here from. It'll be a great day when we don't have to hear about either of you anymore.

1661 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Come on Harvey.....I thought you guys wouldn't take pictures of the kids.....

1661 days ago


It is about time that Tiger Woods devote some time to his children!!! Everyone knows that Elin has been there for the children all along.Tiger should be there for the children and care more for their day to day needs, instead of being running around with every whore in town.

1661 days ago


Hope TW is off the ambien and other stuff because there is no way a good parent should allow him to drive around on that stuff with precious cargo.

1661 days ago


I just had a frightening thought when I saw Tiger's daughter with her Cinderella lunchbox. Tiger lives in Orlando.. just a few miles from Disney World and Cinderella's castle. They better put a chastity belt on Cinderella! No blonde with tits is safe from Tiger!

You just KNOW Tiger LOVES carting his daughter around to day care. After dumping her off, he can pick up some slut on the side of the road for a blow job.

Seriously, this series of photos of Tiger clearly shows something that I expected would happen. From now on, Tiger won't be able to go anywhere at any time without being followed by photographers.

I have another prediction. When Tiger is playing golf, the paparazzi will work in teams with one or more of them ready with cameras, and another there to sacrifice themselves by distracting Tiger and getting a reaction (and getting removed from the gallery of spectators).

1661 days ago


Time to move onto someone else! Good grief, give him some space!!

1661 days ago
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