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Kate Gosselin - Jon Must Pay!

4/15/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Kate Gosselin wants ex-hubby Jon Gosselin to pay child support until the kids are adults -- no matter how much money she rakes in.

Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, tells TMZ ... although Kate is making good money now -- we're told hundreds of thousands of dollars on "Dancing with the Stars" -- "she won't let him off the hook for child support, no matter how much money Kate makes."

Momjian says Jon has a responsibility to work and must pay child support commensurate to his salary.  If that means getting a job at a restaurant, some of his paycheck should go to the kids, regardless of what Kate makes.

Momjian says, "He will have to contribute.  It's every parent's responsibility."


So, we ask ...


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This has nothing to do with who likes Jon or who hates Kate. If they were any other couple, their finances would be reviewed and it sure seems like Kate is on a mission from hell to make hand over fist. This is a woman who admitted herself that she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on hair and augmentations for herself.

That won't sit well with the judge when you're pleading poverty. If she is making more money that Jon, and if Jon had an ounce of a brain inside him, he would hire a forensic attorney to find the path of the money trail.

My ex wife was crying to the judge I didn't pay enough child support. He had a forensic attorney follow both money trails and found she was earning nearly $73,000 more a year than me by earning her master's degree on line.

I was proud of her for bettering herself but I am a roof installer that doesn't make nearly that so it can start off as one earning more and situations changing. Even the judge saw that.

Kate better watch what she's wishing for; she might get it.

1621 days ago

dirty diana    

we need to pass the word whatever show she's on don't just turn the channel when she's on it, don't watch that channel, they think the ratings are high because of HER.... let's try to fix that, i never watch that bitch! she is the greediest bitch i have ever seen in my life, she is on just about every show going now telling her sob story, and told us on tv the minute they let me out of dancing i jump a plane right back to the kids.... BULL****, thats AFTER et, today show, all of them whatever this bitch wants. i hope she drops dead soon, then we won't have to worry about the nagging ass crybaby bitch!! SHE IS GETTING AWAY WITH WHAT OCTOMOM COULDN'T DO. what makes this bitch any better, and someone got it right too, now maybe she has enough money to pay the hospital back for having those kids!

1621 days ago


This is all a bunch of crap. Right down to you finding the most unflattering picture of Kate that you can come up with. My mother always told me, "Don't believe anything you read and only half of what you see." She was SO RIGHT.

1621 days ago


Heres an idea: Sell the 1.7 zillion dollar home....stop the tanning, teeth whitening, traveling all over the world to promote a stupid book of "how to parent"....go back to being an RN (Kate), keep a job (Jon)....start using coupons, stop eating out, stop traveling all over the world, stop thinking that you are a celebrity because YOU ARE are parents to 8 children (yeah, I guessed that you had forgotten)....they are the reason that we were watching the show in the first place, it sure wasn't to watch your sorry behinds. You two make me sick. There are so many people out in the world that would have made fantastic parents and who pray for chldren only to see how you use yours to benefit your wallets. I will be the first to line up when Mady and Cara write their book of "Here's the real story of Jon and Kate.....what a fake".....! DWTS will come to an end.....and then watch the stupid fake tears then.......yeah, Kate says "I need to provide for my family" whooooo.......go to work.....get a real job like the rest of are NOT A are NOTHING!!!!

1621 days ago


I'm not a fan of either one of them. But Jon galavants with every young female he can get his hands on and mooches off of them. Kate may possibly be a "paparazzi hound" but she's at least WORKING. Jon doesn't want to pay child support, has no real job, and complains when Kate IS working, saying she's an "absentee mom." Yes, her work is related to being in front of cameras and exploiting herself, but again, she's at least SUPPORTING HER KIDS. Now he wants the kids, and support from her! What will he do with anything he gets from her..get ANOTHER stupid young 20-something to screw? Sorry, I think he should get a job and pay towards support, even if it's just a small percentage of his salary.

1621 days ago


If you will remember back on the show, it was Jon that wanted to buy the new house. It was Jon that wanted bigger and better things, not Kate. So, they have the house. It is Jon's responsibility to help provide that house for his kids. Think about it, everything SHOULD be divided by 9, house payment, utilities, food, repairs, everything. When that is is divided by 9 (9 people live in that house), Jon should pay 4 times that amount. That is 1/2 of what it costs for his kids to live in that house. Then the clothes, tuition, cost of sports, etc. should be equally divided by 1/2 by Jon and Kate. Then, when the kids get cars, the cost of those cars, gas and insurance should be divided by 1/2. Also, Jon is responsible for 1/2 of the kids college education. Kate has stated they have enough money set aside for their education. Given that, his support isn't that bad.

And remember, his attorney said the money for his support was put in escrow. Kate and those kids helped earn that money so really, the 20,000 divided by 10 is $1,000 per month that EACH person is contributing to that support. So.......Jon is paying $1,000 per month. Low, IMO for 8 kids.

1621 days ago

Ted Morris    

Since when does an ex-wife working a restaurant have to pay child support when her husband is raking it in? If she's not only the breadwinner but making 10-20 times as much or more, why should he have to live in poverty? A total double standard here.

Don't get me wrong, they could both get eaten by wolves and I wouldn't care, as long as the kids have someone who actually cares about them raising them.

1621 days ago


She probably would not of gone after Jon in regards to the child support it he hadnt gone after her, wanting custody and to live in the apartment above the garage. He is a looser. He needs to pay.

1621 days ago


I watched this show from the beginning. Jon was always there for the kids while the bitch was getting a tummy tuck,spa treatments, trips, appearing on many shows etc. She was rarely home. She treated Jon horribly and for the whole world to see. He was more of a parent than the bitch. She does not deserve a new show or that much child support. She pushed Jon over the edge(can you not blame him for the way he was treated?) Somebody needs to kick her bitchy ass big time. I am a woman with a hubby,children and grandchildren. A husband and wife are to respect each other! And love and care for their children. Kate(the biggest bitch in this world) should stay off the tubes and out of the news forever!!!

1621 days ago


she is a piece or work all right,total bitch pretty much the typical entitled female,never get married they are all like this at the end of the day

1621 days ago


I'd like it if someone punched this bitch in the face

1621 days ago

enough already    

Im sooooooooooo tired of the flock of gosselins. TURN THEM OFF ALREADY!!!!

1621 days ago


Eff her and her ******* lawyer, this Momjian thinks he's hot **** like his dad, I worked for this cretin 20 years ago at a philadelphia lawfirm that I will leave unnamed and he spilled champagne on my shoes and did not even apologize.

As for Jon Gosselin, Eff him too... Is it just me or does he look like the fish from the film The Incredible Mr Limpet.


Posted at 6:23 AM on Apr 15, 2010 by Christopher Shookla

what? did he set the glass on top of your head and you moved ...ha ha ha

1621 days ago


Regardless of any disparity between their incomes, both parents are expected and REQUIRED to contribute to the childrens support. It is money for the CHILDREN, not Kate. That is why it's called CHILD support. He should pay whatever the guideline amount is for 8 children, regardless of his income. He has seemingly made no attempt to get a job, maybe he should.

1621 days ago


Perhaps the world is beginning to see what a hateful bitch Kate Gosselin really is. First of all it was SHE who wanted all those kids. Jon has said he was happy with the twins, but she brow-beat him until he gave in. Now she bitches about him paying child support and yet she ganged up with TLC to make sure Jon's reputation would be ruined and he cannot get work in TV like she has. She needs to SHUT THE HELL UP and take responsibility for the fact that her behavior all those years (and we ALL saw it on their TV show) drove Jon away. She gets to fly all over the country, appear on TV, get paid major bucks, but she's gonna complain that he can't pay enormous child support for the kids that SHE wanted!! What a bitch.

1621 days ago
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