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Larry King -- Shawn Fights Unfairly

4/16/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Larry King will fight to regain title to his Beverly Hills mansion and two other homes, on grounds Shawn Southwick and her lawyers used undue influence to make him sign his rights away.

Larry King -- Shawn Fights Unfairly
The Background:  Several years ago Shawn accused Larry of having an affair with her sister, Shannon Engemann.  Sources connected with Larry claim Shawn threatened to leak the story to the media, unless Larry signed a document, giving up his interest in their Beverly Hills estate, along with two other homes in Utah.
The Undue Influence: Sources say Larry took the document to his attorney, mega-divorce lawyer Dennis Wasser, who ordered him not to sign it.  Larry, we're told, actually went to Shawn's lawyer, who referred him to a former partner -- and that attorney eventually gave Larry the green light to sign the agreement.  We're told Wasser, who had no idea this went down, was furious.
The Plan: As we first reported, Larry will try to undo the agreement in divorce court.  The alleged undue influence -- that Shawn bullied Larry into sitting down with a former partner of her lawyer, who told him it was okay to sign the agreement.


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Dennis F.    

Larry should claim Financial Elder Abuse. There's tons of lawyers that would take it. Just claim he has lost his faculties and didn't know what he was doing.

1660 days ago


Spotty old geezer marries much younger gold-digging skank and gets served. Is this new?? Is this news???

1660 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Larry should take responsibility for his own decisions.

1659 days ago


Who didn't know she was after his money from the start?! Larry, the eternal romantic, has got to be kicking himself for marrying that big golddigging bimbo.

1659 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Appears he was being extorted into signing this do***ent, and duped by her attorney. He was noughing more than a hostage in this marriage.

1659 days ago

Clayton L.    

Larry, come on you got millions, quit your whinning, take your millions and get off the air, buy yourself a nursing home and get a grip man. Eight marriages, are you kidding me and you wonder whats wrong, look in the mirror. I think all those years of being an athiest has finally caught up with you. Life is talking to you better listen.

1659 days ago


Get real Larry. You had to know from the beginning that the only reason she would look at you twice was for the money. Have you ever considered marrying a mature, grown up woman? One that could actually cook and take care of you in your old age..Try it. You may even like it..

1659 days ago

Dennis F.    

Clayton L. - Yeah it's because he's an atheist. Because only good things happen to religious people and only bad things happen to atheists. Keep living in your little "man in the sky who watches over me" fantasy. I'm sure it will keep anything bad from happening to you.

1659 days ago


Am I the only one who knows that once an attorney has been interviewed, the opposing party CANNOT hire that attorney.

And....bully for Larry to be able to 'do the dirty' with sis.

What a guy.

1659 days ago


It is obvious that Larry King and his wife love each other so what is really going on. Why is he buying expensive gifts for that tart of a sister-in-law. Maybe that retch is blackmailing him.....TMC, do your thing.

1659 days ago


This happened "several years ago?" Larry surely could have a serious problem overcoming a statute of limitations or laches defense if he seeks to undo the transfer. Poor ol' Larry's got the shiksa fever!!!

1659 days ago


Right here

1659 days ago


Larry. I am from Utah, and this girl you married ( facts are facts)she married you for your money, I suspect she is a Mormon, and for Mormons, when it comes to money, every thing is fair game, I say dump her. Paul

1658 days ago


Can't wait for his new show "Is Larry King Alive"

1654 days ago
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