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Sam Champion

Clash Over Tornado Coverage

5/11/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Good Morning America" weatherman Sam Champion made a cameo appearance on a local Oklahoma newscast this morning -- when he was caught bitching at a news crew on live TV.

Sam Champion
It all went down near the crumbled remains of a local gas station that was knocked over when a tornado hit Oklahoma City yesterday. The crew from KOKH was doing a live shot at the scene, when Champion -- who was setting up to do a shot at the same gas station -- came into frame.

Champion -- clearly pissed that he was being shot by another crew -- started to bark orders to the KOKH crew to get "back" and then shoved his notebook in front of the camera to block the shot.

While the KOKH camera continued to broadcast live from the scene, Champion -- who was once again in the shot -- told the crew, "You know the deal." The KOKH cameraman can be heard saying, "What deal?"

Champion responds, "You know where you're supposed to be ... so be there. It's alright ... it's all good ... so just be there."

Generally, news crews don't shoot outside talent as a professional courtesy -- but it was a live shot at the scene of a disaster.

So the question is ...


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What a douche-bag!! Get out of the way ya' jerk and let our LOCAL news peeps take care of business! There's NO NEED for arrogant jerks such as 'Champion' (ironic name since he most def is NOT one) during a disaster such as this! Good Morning America must be SO proud of his behavior...NOT!!!

1626 days ago


When did Lt. Jim Dangle start doing weather?

1626 days ago

you know it    

what a priss.

1626 days ago

Joe Bltfsplk    

Does this guy think he's Ron Burgundy, or something?

1626 days ago


I don't normally watch Sam Champion but I think he's RIGHT in this situation. He never raised his voice, he didn't yell at anyone even though they were walking right over his own crew (the female reporter acknowledges the fact, twice). There were plenty of other shots they could have used (with a better overall view) but for some reason she seemed to want to tangle with the network. I also thought she seemed petty and snide when she mentioned the network *twice* in an attempt to make them look bad. She was playing games and it's not attractive in a situation where 7 people died. I'm all for respecting local news people, but to me she comes across very unprofessional whereas Champion seems low-voiced, understated and simply trying to resolve the issue.

1626 days ago


What is with all these IDIOTS saying he was rude. He was not rude at all. There should be some sort of IQ test before you can get an internet connection.

1626 days ago


this man is a **** its 500 in the morning when they filmed this saw this morning on fox 25 go fox any way the man needs to get the **** out of his ass

1626 days ago

Stacy Harris    

The Sam Champion situation brings back memories of when I was a Nashville-based domestic stringer for ABC Radio News.

On one occasion, I was covering a presidential candidate's visit to Nashville. Still photographers, radio and print reporters with tape recorders, and TV camera crews were all jockeying for position on what amounted to an extended makeshift platform. Between the national and local media there were so many of us, elbow to elbow, awaiting the candidate's arrival, that the situation could easily become a safety hazard.

While we were all competing for the best access and view of what was about to happen, most of us were conditioned to be mannerly, and, if possible, even helpful to each other.

That's why Sam Donaldson's "entrance" was so memorable. Then, ABC News' White House correspondent, Sam's booming voice announced who he was (as if we didn't know him from network TV news), commanding whomever was occupying the space where he wanted to be stationed to move.

The scene was so comical one would think Donaldson was kidding. But Sam's ego was apparently so big there was little doubt that he deadly serious!

Stacy Harris
Publisher/Executive Editor
Stacy's Music Row Report

1626 days ago


Poor show. If he can't treat our local people nice, us Oklahomans would rather him stay home. We got this one covered well enough anyway.

1626 days ago


i dont think anybody really know what its like to be in that kind of situation unless you have experienced it..... the storm that was producing barley missed my town just by a couple of miles.... this guy thinks he is a big shot cause he got to come to oklahoma and report on the storm! let the locals do it....... they know how and they arent bitches about it! oklahomans are nice good people who didnt do anything to nobody!

1626 days ago


Sam was nice about it, he was not screaming like I thought the video would show. He simply said get out of our area

No big deal

If the local crew wanted that shot they should have been on scene first

1626 days ago


TMZ is really getting out of control. The super-sensational text to the story does not even resemble the video being posted. This is not an isolated incident - see the earlier post on Lady Gaga! The comments may get a giggle, but they should be truthful. At this rate, TMZ will burn itself up on a pyre of litigation

1626 days ago


On the scene first? Really? My guess is while OUR reporters had been there ALL NIGHT already, he was on some plane flying in. When we have something like this hit here, our news people don't rest. It was BS for him to come in after the fact and act like a big shot. It's also being said that the BIG NETWORK used our local footage in their reports.

1626 days ago


It doesn't matter who was in the wrong.. you don't have to be a douche. We don't act like that here in Oklahoma. As I'm sure you noticed, our reporter was completely professional the entire time. He was an arrogant jerk. He can go back to his GMA headquarters and shove that mic where the son doesn't shine. :)

1626 days ago


lol I meant sun.. sorry, I was irritated ;)

1626 days ago
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