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Ex-NHL Star Accused of Sex Crime Against Daughter

5/21/2010 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Hardsy ex NHL StarA former L.A. Kings hockey player-turned-assistant coach was arrested this morning in Washington D.C. for allegedly sexually abusing a 21-year-old woman -- his own daughter.

TMZ has learned 51-year-old Mark Hardy is in police custody after his daughter told cops that Mark "put his hand down [her] shorts and touched her genital area without her permission."

Hardy was arrested at the legendary Mayflower Hotel in D.C. -- where the alleged incident was said to have occurred early this morning. He's set to face a judge later today on the charge of misdemeanor sexual abuse.

UPDATE: TMZ has just received a statement from L.A. Kings saying simply, "We are aware of the charge.  Due to the legal nature of this matter, we will not have any additional comments at this time."

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This is TMZ reporting this, noone else. Take NO stock in it's legitimacy. I'll make a judgement when a REAL news agency confirms this report!

1618 days ago


Apparently they were both intoxicated. Mark and her were sharing a room, and when they were in bed he groped her. He's had a problem with alcohol before. Possibly in a drunken haze he thought he was with his wife? Maybe his daughter reported it to force him to get help with his drinking. I'm however disappointed that TMZ reported that it was his "daughter." That's hurting the victim again--I actually thought it wasn't allowed to be reported.

1618 days ago


I actually went to school with his daughter from middle school all the way to high school. i feel sooooooooooo bad for her!

1618 days ago


Well if they've both since sobered up, if thats what caused this, then maybe better heads will prevail and he can go to in residential treatment---otherwise he's destined for the penitenary, a lifetime of being a sexual predator and deportation, He's not an American, once his sentence is complete.

Wow---what was supposed to cap off a great volleyball career and a graduation from college ends up with the Dad in jail now facing upgraded felony charges and the victim feeling---who knows what. My gosh the horror of it all.

When will the NHL finally not encourage and look the other way with the booze and players? Its almost like its expected players are required to become alcoholics, and misuse booze...The Canadians are notorious for not saying anything about it. The list of dead nhlers is growing due to the cause of booze. If booze was the real reason in this case, than Harpo has had the problem for a long time...if it wasnt---than imprison him. But even still, being drunk never gets you off of the crime either...so he's screwed either way. Pity.

1618 days ago


Everywhere, females are wearing inappropriate clothes and subject me and others to their indecent exposure WITHOUT MY/OUR PERMISSION.

Use your bum for what it is meant to be used for rather than squeezing yourselves into tight, tight pants and the highest hooker heels. What did she do before complaining about sexual battery.

1618 days ago


Gross and I hate Hockey.

1618 days ago


i'd like to here the full story from both sides before jumping to any kind of quick conclusion here. its a shame how anyone can accuse anyone of anything and automatically get them arrested and get their names in the news, publically embarass and ruin their professional and personal lives without any sort of evidence and be guilty until proven innocent.

1618 days ago


Innocent until proven guilty, right? If he is guilty, cut his balls out and hang him high for all other perverts to see. But don't pass judgment until he has at least appeared in court.

1618 days ago


Wow the Mayflower Hotel always has somthing going on. This is the same Elliott Spitzer got caught with his call girl. Will put this on my list of places to visit next time I'm in DC, better yet, think I'll stay there!:)

1618 days ago


I smell a rat.

This is really creepy I know but why would she call the cops?

1617 days ago


What goes on in some of your homes? You WOULDN'T call the police if your father sexually assaulted you?

And to everyone crying about innocent until proven guilty, shouldn't that go for the alleged victim as well?

1617 days ago



1617 days ago


37. Something about this smells fishy
Posted at 11:10 AM on May 21, 2010 by Becky


1617 days ago


Please issue a correction. If you look at Hardy's stats he can hardly be considered an "NHL Star". I think you run into liability issues with yourselves and the NHL, in that the NHL could sue TMZ for misrepresentation. It's probably not likely, but why take the risk?

1617 days ago


2 most likely scenarios...1) he's been sexually abusive since she was a young minor and has found the courage to confront this issue now in adulthood 2) she's a spoiled little brat that wants to hurt her Father; or was used as a pawn in a custody case between her parents, and was fed lies by her Mother
In almost all cases, unfortunately, the former rather than the latter is true.

1617 days ago
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