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Food Network Star

Plea Bargain Rumblings

5/26/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the L.A. County District Attorney's Office is open to plea bargaining the attempted murder case against former Food Network host Juan-Carlos Cruz.

Juan-Carlos Cruz.

Law enforcement sources tell us the D.A. and the cops are well aware of the Shakespearean drama between Juan-Carlos and his wife, Jennifer Campbell. TMZ broke the story that Campbell has been despondent for years over the couple's inability to have kids -- and she told members of her church and others she wanted to end her life, but her religion views suicide as a mortal sin.

Sources say Juan-Carlos was making a feeble attempt to end his wife's life and then kill himself, by trying to hire 3 homeless men to murder his wife. We're told the cops and prosecutors believe this was Cruz's MO.

Juan-Carlos Cruz Homeless man video
We're told because of the circumstances ... in a plea bargain the D.A. would be inclined to dismiss the attempted murder charge.  In return, we're told, the D.A. would be open to a guilty or no contest plea to solicitation to commit murder, which carries a 3 to 9-year sentence.

If Cruz got the low end of the sentence, with good behavior he would have to serve around a year and a half ... not a bad resolution.


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Ha Ha !!!

1424 days ago


Religion makes people do stupid things. Always has, always will.

1424 days ago


His wife wanted to end her life because she can't have kids. That sounds extreme and nutty. What if he is the one who can't have kids? Anyway, no kid should suffer with two suicidal whack jobs as parents anyway. When things don't go their way, they find extreme measures to deal with their perception of reality.

They are too unbalanced and religious fanatical to be good parents. I'd feel sorry for any kid they did have. Instead of putting him in jail, husband and wife both need to be committed to a mental hospital.

1424 days ago


When you choose homemless guys to kill your wife, at least choose the GOOD homeless guys. Man, those guys wouldn't get a second look from me.

That is all.

1424 days ago

me not you    

I have a friend like the wife - can't have kids so she spends every Mother's Day despondent and crying in bed all day and her husband has to keep her away from any tv show or movie that might have a baby in it. I will never understand why someone would mourn the fact that they can't have a snot-nosed brat running around causing trouble. At least I won't have to bail my cats out of jail or endure any KMart smackdowns.

1424 days ago


@me not you
What an extremely ignoranant comment . I hope your "friend" know people that are more compassionate and understanding about her situation than you are.

This case is extremely sad and i can't imagine the pain and suffering that Juan-Carlos and his wife suffered to decide that this was the best outcome. I think if how it is being reported is true then he should face the minimum amount of jail time.

1424 days ago


the facts are you acted on your emotions there for you must answer for your actions and go to jail.

1424 days ago


I swear the justice system just keeps getting worse and worse. He find out that he is looking at hard time and his story changes from I had nothing to do with it to "I was going to kill myself also" Reguardless of his reasons he was planning to have his wife killed and should spend life in prision for it.

1424 days ago


Uh, TMZ? "Rumblings"? I guess if you call hiring bagladys to do a hit (KILL!), then, yeah... I guess that's rumblings. I prefer to call it what it is-- atempted murder!!

1424 days ago


Why are they even offering him a plea bargin?!?! This countries legal system is a ****ing joke

1424 days ago


why the **** are they offering him a plea bargin?!?! thats what's wrong with this ****ing country. the legal system is a joke.

1424 days ago

Professor Obvious    

We used to have this guy traveling around the country in his "Death Van", his name was Dr. Kevorkian and he would travel from town to town killing folks who needed killing. He would video tape these killings and he'd watch these videos late at night while he masturbated furiously. Anyway, all good things must come to an end and they sent the good doctor to prison. So now, without Dr. Kevorkian performing this public service, we have legions of smelly, lice infested bums wielding box cutters attempting to help people bring an end to their suffering. All Juan-Carlos wanted to do was end his wife's suffering in the most humane way he knew, and that was to have her sliced to ribbons by two well meaning vagabonds doing the Lord's work. God bless you all...

1424 days ago

Chef is LYING    

Of course he's saying that it was "for the good of his wife" that he wanted to have her killed. He's only saying that because he got caught ! She's standing by her man and supporting this made up story. Juan Carlos is a would-be murderer and his wife is in DENIAL !

1422 days ago


Great topic! Those guys wouldn't get a second look from me.

1382 days ago


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1215 days ago

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