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NY Jets QB & Lance Bass

Double Team Bon Jovi

5/26/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, NY Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has an off-season regimen that includes Bon Jovi songs and late nights with Lance Bass.

NY Jets QB & Lance Bass
Bass and Sanchez hooked up for a karaoke duet at the Canal Room in NYC this past weekend.

The two busted out a version of "Livin' on a Prayer" -- and we're told it was actually pretty good.

"We got each other and that's a lot ... for love."

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Cowper's Gland    

no single person reminds more of the NY Jets than Lance Bass.

1611 days ago



I'm pretty sure the word you're looking for is regimen, not regiment (which is a military unit).

1611 days ago

Cowper's Gland    

dear joel... regiment is the intended term... only the quarterback for the NY Jets would maintain an entire regiment filled with bon jovi songs (aka, showtunes) and lance bass (aka, showtunes).

1611 days ago


Seriously, TMZ? We get it, Matt Sanchez sang karaoke with a guy who is openly gay. Big deal. It doesn't mean you have to fill every sentence with a double entendre that implies they're lovers. This is such an ignorant, homophobic society, and here's an example of a guy -- a professional athlete no less -- not giving a crap about any of that, and just hanging out with another human being. When people act like there must be something strange going on when a heterosexual is accepting of a homosexual... that they must secretly be gay themselves, what you're doing is reinforcing the idea guys have to avoid gay men or else be branded as gay themselves. And the truth is, as we all know from the Evangelicals and Republicans, closeted gays don't sing on stage with gays, they bash them in public and have sex with them in private. Sanchez isn't gay, he's just smart and cool and mature. Obviously, we can't say the same about TMZ.

1611 days ago


Wow, TMZ. Really? All that jokey "he must be gay for hangin' out with a gay dude" is waay lame. It's unnecessary and considering how far you guys go to get a scoop, makes you look lame as hell. Lance Bass is buddies with a LOT of people. I'm sure he doesn't pass on his gay cooties to every friend. That's not how that works. At least I'm sure Sanchez won't be insulted by this dumb post, it's obvious he's way cooler than you guys are.

1611 days ago

Dave R    

Uh, that's not Lance Bass.

1611 days ago

wes mac    

i think the wording of this description is classic, and as an avid Dolphin fan, I just have to say: The most truth is held in jest. lol, thats for all you Jest fans out there.

1611 days ago

Ozzie X    

KOOKY is a piece of ****e


1611 days ago


That really doesn't look like Lance Bass...

1611 days ago


Mark Sanchez is hot. JETS!

1611 days ago

Brad Witt    

All the NY papers had this story...he was there with Jamie Lynn Sigler. Lance Bass was there also. Not that there is anything wrong with that..lol

1611 days ago


Yeah, that isn't Lance at all...

1611 days ago


It is Lance. Twitter was buzzing about this a few nights ago when this all took place. You can see another pic of Lance (same shirt) here:


1611 days ago


What a friggin' stupid/childish article TMZ, implying that because an oviously str8 dude hangs with a gay guy means they are "hooking up" and are "lovers."

How very Fred Phelps of you, Harvey. Maybe you should host your show from Topeka Kansas to be closer to the Westboro Baptist Church?

1611 days ago


OK is Mark Sanchez going to be the first openly gay quaterback?
Like in the movie Valentines Day?
Who cares anyway, but I bet it is a tough road for him at times.
Mans sport and all, I'm just saying. LOL

1611 days ago
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