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Mel Gibson -- More Trouble in Malibu

6/23/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson and his soon-to-be-ex wife Robyn have been joined together again -- for allegedly not paying their bills.

Ramage Construction has filed legal documents -- obtained by TMZ -- claiming the Gibsons owe a combined $6,631.06 for work at the Malibu residence and for drawing up plans for another house.

But the $6,631.06 is a drop in the bucket compared to what could be a larger claim -- sources say the owner of Ramage Construction has been telling people that the Gibsons owe him roughly $200k for various projects.

The owner of Ramage has worked for the Gibsons for nearly 20 years -- on various houses and Mel's mega-church.

Mel Gibson's rep had no comment.


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No story here. He'll just write them a check or fight it in court for late or crappy work. Done.

1586 days ago


These rich celebs never have to pay. He'll cry "foul work" and get off the hook.
Ugghh to think I was a huge fan of his once. Now he's just gross. What an elitist pig.

1586 days ago

get a life ho    

What a jerk !
He's been doing business with this guy for 20 years , nice way to reward a long term working relationship by stiffing the guy.
It's a shame and disgusting that a lawsuit has to be filed in order to get paid .
I'm sure after a 20 year working relationship the guy has asked to be paid many times before filing suit .
To think I once actually liked max max or lethal weapon movies now makes me laugh at what a jer*of* & racist jacka$$ he has made of himself .
I predict his ex-wife hooks up with a nice Jewish man and helps spend some of Mels money . Karma baby !

1585 days ago

RJ Hunt    

I agree with #2, What a douche-bag this guy has turned into...yo Mel didn't you make like 14 trillion dollars on that piece of crap movie about Jesus...Pay your frigg'n bills.

1585 days ago


It's soo true that money is the root of all evil! Some people get a taste of it and totally forget where they came from. Love the excuses that they "didn't know"...right...u didn't see or hear any of that construction over 20 friggin years?!?!

1585 days ago


#5 RJ HUNT you are so right! Mel was at his best in the begining when he was a nobody! I suppose he wasn't afraid if work then what with all those kids and all! I remember everyone saying he was hot, then people would say "but he has like 9 kids!" ALL the girls said Pass on that one!! Not that cute!!

His ego was in check back then.

1585 days ago


Pay your damn bills, you stupid deadbeat racist cheater Mel Gibson

1585 days ago


he looks rough...have another a beer mel

1585 days ago


Hey Mell having trouble paying you bills on time you piece of s*hit. Are you turning into a "dead beat". Constructions compaines have way of getting even with people who don't pay their bills. Cement comes in differnt colors.

1585 days ago


What's with celebrities not paying their bills? You always hear about a story about one of them owing someone money. Maybe they have entitlement issues or are just lazy and it takes being sued in order for them to pay.

1585 days ago


Mel looks badder and badder each time I see a new pic of him. Mel I've been praying for you for several years. I recently had a dream that you were being dragged behind a car the side of your head was being scrapped along the road. Up ahead there was a car in flames that you were going to run into, I pulled you up in the car with me. I had another dream that you were dead you were killed in battle. There was an arrow pierced thru your mouth and another one pierced thru the side of your head. You pulled your ear off and gave it to me.

I read on gibbonfan that you were wanting to be a hypnotist maybe you are trying to seek for something to relieve your mental state, but that is not going to work. Hypnotism is not going to help your mental state it will only make it worse.
Read this:

You are hurting so much. I am not someone who would hurt a person for publicity or public exposure. Let me pray for you.

1585 days ago


Or maybe, just maybe Mel didn't know about the bill until now, or maybe there was shoddy workmanship, or ? The "article" is really just a bunch of conclusions derived from the imagination of TMZ staff.

1585 days ago


Ramage sounds like Damage

1585 days ago


Uh very good point, in all torts there are two sides to every story, people often look at the contractor as the "little guy" and always root for him. I've had great contractors and I've had very bad ones. Granted one would think that if you had the same one for years, then you like his work and he should get paid...however, as you mention maybe the bill just got lost in the shuffle, maybe his ex is saying Mel should pay it and Mel is saying his ex should pay it and the contractor is stuck in the middle. Often times suits like this are just a way to advance the request for payment.

1585 days ago


What the Hell happened to this guy?
At one time he was the coolest guy in Hollyweird since Steve McQueen.
He's now an old jerk off.

1585 days ago
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