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Mel Gibson

Hurls the 'N' Word

7/1/2010 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed ... Mel Gibson is caught on tape, screaming at his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva, "You look like a f*king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers it will be your fault."

The tapes were secretly recorded by Oksana in the midst of their nuclear breakup and custody battle. 

We've also confirmed Mel is heard on tape calling Oksana a "whore" and a "c**t."

The tapes have been submitted to the judge in their custody battle and are under seal.  Sources say the tapes were recorded prior to May, when Mel and Oksana reached a custody agreement with a mediator.

And TMZ has learned ... Mel sent Oksana a number of incendiary emails that she kept.

TMZ broke the story in 2006 when Mel went nuts on a cop after being busted for DUI, saying, "F**king Jews ... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

UPDATE:  Mel's rep just told TMZ he could not confirm the credibility or accuracy of the tapes.  TMZ, however, has confirmed that the tapes are the real deal.


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I also dont understand why is Mel allowing her to stay in his house? Coninuing to make fool of himslef.
She should be trown down the streets. Even if it was his child he is only allowed to give here child support and no car and no house and nothing else since they re not married.

1478 days ago


who cares he is over the hill and not a very good actor

1478 days ago


Sweetheart, she is now claiming she has photos that Mel beat her. Can you come up with a timeline of photos, showing there was no time she was beaten?
I don't believe this money grubbing gold digger!

1478 days ago


Wow....great...I am absolutely for Mel Gibson. Oksana's past speaks for itself. What people have done before, they do again. This little fact even applies to those who are criminal. She set him up, he was vunerable and yes, wrong, but this stuff should never be happening. The woman is what "not from America". She has acquired cars, homes, insurance and child support for two children. Her plan is and has been always the digger.

Mel Gibson tried to launch an actual career on her behalf. I do believe she can play the piano, but not so good. She sold a few records....but below 1,000, I believe. This is not gibson's money is tight for what, it is tight for all of us. This is what is called paying for your choices.


1477 days ago


She was in the public eye consistently. Supposed injuries like she is claiming do not disappear quickly, nor is it possible to cover them up.
But... what else does one expect from a WHORE?????

1477 days ago


I couldn't be happier for his ex-wife.

1477 days ago


Here, I place in your hand......a stone.

1477 days ago


Mr.Mel Gibson is probably having andropause while his Russian girlfriend is having post-partum depression.Bad combination...i feel sorry for the little baby girl... :-(

1477 days ago

carole raphaelle davis    

Dear Mel "raped by a Pack Of N****rs" Gibson,
by Kevin Rooney

You're in for it now, Mel. Insulting "the Jews" is one thing, but insulting the P.O.N. is quite another. It won't just be stiffly worded editorials for you, this time. If you leave your bunker, you are probably going to get punched in the face a hundred times a day. And that'll be the easy part. Saying what you said, it will be your own fault when you get raped by a pack of lawyers.

Your career is probably over, but if you make another movie like The Passion, full of historical inaccuracies, it will be your own fault when you get raped by a pack of historians. Or, worse (maybe... I don't know anything about the average size of their penises), when you get raped by a pack of Rabbis.

Many packs of various people will be raping you in the future, Mel. And it will all be your own fault. In fact, I am part of a large pack of comedians who are going to have a long, good time burning down your career. Of course, you'll have to blow us first. And after you blow us and we burn your career down, it is going to be your own fault for saying what you said when you get repeatedly raped by a pack of comics.

And why, Mel? Did you not know that talking on a phone means you could be recorded? Do you think only movie cameras record what you say? Are you as ignorant of modern technology as a thirteenth century Scott?

And, Mel, are you really so tone deaf and out of it that you do not know that you could have avoided all this if you'd just said, "raped by a pack of African Americans?" But I guess you just aren't very good with words, Mel. You should keep your mouth shut, or it will be your own fault when you are raped by a pack of linguists. Maybe the linguists will burn your thesaurus down, Mel, and make you fellate them.

Maybe you should wire your jaws closed, Mel. Think of all the people you might insult if you open your mouth, being as insensitive and ignorant as you are. You could find yourself permanently face down on the ground being raped by packs of Kiwis, packs of tailors, packs of cable installers and car detailers and valets. You could be getting raped by packs of dry cleaners and packs of agents and packs of movie reviewers. After what you said, Mel, you might even get raped by a pack of rapists. And that could really sting.

A lot of people want to rape you, Mel, and it’s your own damn fault. Sad. The one bright spot is that you could probably save a ton of money on new clothes if you'd just accept it and spend the next few years not wearing pants.

1477 days ago


795...What are you so angry about, why all the hateful words??? If he did say these words it was in a private argument that no one would have known about until this woman attempted to use it for profit. Each and everyone of us at one time or another have said words that we wish we could take back. The words that you have written are filled with pure hatred, how does this make you any better?? There is a lot more to this story than we will ever know. No one has actually heard the tapes, so what right do we have to judge??

1477 days ago


And what specifically is the problem here?????

1476 days ago


Mel career will never be over. He is top notch hollywood actor and director. Much better than Tom Cruise from who I could see more than once his last 2 movies where he play small role.
Mad Mad all parts I could see anytime they re never boring.
The next movie Mel is directing will be kick ass like Apocalipto.
Dont forget that he is not the father of Lucia.
It will be most proly made public on 20th july
after all the humiliation the russian whore have done.

1476 days ago


Whoa Mel...Ding dong…there is just certain thing you can’t say in this climate. Racial descriptive words – out; sexual orientation descriptive words – out; female / confused gender specific descriptive words – out. Liberal idiots-out. Hell Mel the only bigoted hate words that are on the approval list are fat, old, ugly, over-privileged, rich, white, republican, conservative, Jesus freak, narrow-minded, illegal immigrant hater, male. Please use them un-responsibly, because people who fit into any of these categories are not easily offended & don’t usually riot & display a flag from another country while protesting in the U.S.A.

1476 days ago


carole raphaelle davis GET A LIFE !!!!
and when you got one just move on and dont turn back
its all behind

1476 days ago


The N word is the last straw for this guy Mel Gibson has really lost it this time..We all have our personal gripes but to be a public person and use the language he does . How soon we forget where we came from.He does not deserve to earn another Dollar in Hollywood.

1476 days ago
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