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Rep: 'Situation' Strikes Secret 'Jersey Shore' Deal

7/20/2010 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It could be the first time "The Situation" has ever done anything quietly -- his manager says Sitch steathily struck a new deal late Monday night and thinks it will end the "Jersey Shore" strike.


According to the manager, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino "believes he and MTV have reach [sic] a great new arrangement." No mention of dollar amounts, but interestingly, the manager says the deal was sealed (though he never says it's been signed) with MTV, and not JS producers 495 Productions.

TMZ broke the story ... MTV offered The Sitch anywhere between $27,500 to $45,000 per episode over a period of time -- he was making $10k for season 2, so not bad.

But move over Moses -- Sitch's manager says, "Mike decided in order to get season 3 done he was going to have to lead the pack and wants to encourage the rest of his cast to follow his lead."

MTV had no comment about a new contract for "The Situation."  We're betting his castmates will have plenty to say about it.


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I'm sick of all you Italian-Americans protesting on websites making comments to have ths show removed. Get over it and stop your whinging. Jersey Shore is a phenomenon and the guido and guidette lifestyle is here to stay so if you don't like it then GO AWAY !!! Jersey Shore rocks, GTL baby !!

1555 days ago


I say shut down production and recast entirely. Maybe hire less greety and more talented actors this time. TPTB don't cave to their desires. Pathetic lil ingrates for wanting more $$$. Be happy with what you got. So many people make so much less and would KILL for that income anyday.

1555 days ago


That whole Jersey Shore group are sleazy, over-baked excuses for human beings.

1555 days ago

Cindy Forster    

I'm so sick of these morons, PLEASE let them quit!!!!

1555 days ago

Oval Beach    

I think "The Situation" has a serious situation with the nails. The dude needs some hand groomin' and I mean fast. They are called nail clippers...please use them. Ewww...who knows what ends up under those nails after his daily constitutional. That's just nasty.

1555 days ago


Geez. A white guy with a fade. Ridiculous.

1555 days ago


Dont cave in MTV..Douches like this are a dime a dozen..Do girls really think this ******* is hot?

1555 days ago

Ozzie X    

@Carvey comment #8

He does look like a young Pauly Shore. I could never put my finger on it.

His forehead looks leathery because he's wearing make up. He probably wears make up on his abs

1555 days ago


We should, as a society, be embarassed as hell that these losers are prospering while our local schools, community centers and other social services are taking major pay cuts and lay offs!!!

1555 days ago

The American Dream    

we should, as a society, be embarassed that we are paying these losers more then our local teachers. Word.

1555 days ago


Im so sick of hearing about these damn people. Anyone who watches them should be kicked in the nuts.

1555 days ago


Crap show

1554 days ago


These posters are all complaining about the cast being talentless.. We're talking about an effn reality show! You're not supposed to be professional actors in a reality show. People don't need to take acting classes for everyday life which is pretty much what this show is about.

Hey lets complain about how they can't even get an Oscar nomination! har har har!

1554 days ago


mtv needs to take out the trash! they can get any garbage to appear in one of their 'reality' shows for a lot cheaper. the cast is ugly, disgusting ... and dirty looking.

1554 days ago


LOVE this show!!! I'm 50 and it so reminds me of the disco days in the late 70's and early 80's. MTV is awesome...forget videos, reality TV rules!! Love Teen Moms show also. The Real World has gone by the wayside.

1554 days ago
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