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Lindsay Lohan

Rehab for Meth

and Bipolar Disorder

8/2/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan will be treated for addiction to methamphethamine and bipolar disorder during her court ordered 90 days in rehab.

Lindsay Lohan Rehab - Bipolar
According to a source familiar with Lindsay's case, methamphetamine and opiates are her "drugs of choice".

Methamphetamine -- also known as crystal meth or simply meth -- is a highly addictive stimulant and opiates, generally, have more of a downer effect.

Morningside Recovery -- the Orange County, CA rehab LiLo is scheduled to enter -- lists opiate and methamphetamine detoxification among its specialties. As TMZ first reported, sources say Morningside was not on the list of facilities recommended by court appointed psychiatrists.

We're told Lindsay will begin her rehab stint almost immediately after getting out of Lynwood Correctional Facility.

UPDATE: Lindsay's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley says, "I have never seen any psych report concerning Ms. Lohan which references a 'bi-polar' diagnosis or an addiction to 'methamphetamine.' I think this is a total fabrication."

One important note ... it has been widely reported that Lindsay takes the prescription drug Adderall, which is an amphetamine. Experts in the field of rehab and addiction tell TMZ there is a difference between amphetamine and methamphetamine.

We're told it would not be common for a rehab facility to consider Adderall and methamphetamine the same drug.


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"Bubbles the Chimp" etc, should not be able to post death wishes on this or any other site. Just because they're "anonymous" doesn't mean they can't be identified --i.e. their IP address. This is disgusting, vile behaviour and should not be tolerated!

1542 days ago

Hawt Rod    

It is sad that people have to wish "death" upon her....She is a un-parented, drug addict...We see them all day in LA....Rather than want her to die, maybe people should wish her good thoughts through this hard time...Maybe one day, you too, will need good vibes from people in your time of need....Think about it.

P.S. I am not even a Lindsay fan.

1542 days ago


As someone with bipolar disorder, no way does this girl have bipolar disorder. Why has everyone started to tack this disease onto ever starlet with a drug problem? It is an EXTREMELY serious condition and it just loosely throw it onto people is irresponsible. If anything this girl had borderline personality disorder (which includes extreme love/hate relationships)just like Britney Spears clearly has. Stop using Bipolar Disorder as a scapegoat! Like someone else posted it demeans the illness and the people who ACTUALLY have it!

1542 days ago


TMZ this is an outrageous LIE!!!! At NO time did any of her drug testing show up any use of meth! This has NEVER shown in her system at all. You should be ashamed of yourselves for reporting downright lies! I hope she sues your sorry asses!

1542 days ago


People need to wake up and remember they can trace the posts right to your door. So being cool and talking crap is not good.

As for the chimp guy... really he did nothing illegal. sure its morally wrong but not illegal.

As for TMZ trying to nail her drug type etc.. Guys need to give it up. She is much more than a meth head etc. She does everything from RX to street to booze. She has a few disorders not just one. Then you have BOTH of her loser parents that alone would mess up anyone...

1542 days ago


It is obvious that she is a meth addict. Meth DESTROYS a persons looks and youth. She does not look young anymore. She looks more like 34.

1542 days ago


I'm not buying this meth thing either. The rich don't use meth, they use cocaine, so this is not really believable, but... One of two scenarios are most likely true:

1) The story is blatantly false.
2) She really IS as broke as some say, therefore she switched from cocaine to meth for financial purposes.

Either way, she uses the powders to help her stay awake so that she can do more opiates. Doesn't anyone remember that "secret" audio tape of the conversation between her and her doctor (one of them anyway)?

LL- "Doctor, what's stronger than Dilaudid?"
Doc- "Eight Dilaudid".
LL- "Give it to me".
Doc- "Cha-ching!"

Coke, meth, herion... whatever she consumes... it will consume her eventually, and no amount of "rehab" will do any good. She's too far into it to put it down now.

Anyone interested in starting an official "dead-pool"... or is there one already? If so, will someone please point me to it? I vote for August 24th for her next violation offense, and January 1st for her final curtain call (fatal overdose).

1542 days ago


What a lot of crap, if she's an alki or a drug addict or both she will exhibit signs of manic drepressive illness ( Bi Polar ). The only way you can truly treat an addictive person is to take them off all mind and mood altering substances for a year and then make a dual diagnosis, if appropriate. . I have been in recovery for 35 years and in the Pharmacy business 50 years . Most shrinks do nothing for the addictive person other than to addict them to some drug they are pushing at the moment . Don't drink or do drugs and go to meeting if yopu want to have great life .

1542 days ago



first off she has a scripted for it ... adderall is medical meth.

1542 days ago


Don't care,,,,,really.

1542 days ago


the drug companies want everyone to be diagnosed as bi-polar
once you take those meds you have to take them for life
life long customers, it's a good business model

1542 days ago


You're wrong TMZ. Take another guess...

1542 days ago


@40 Broeheem

The rich do not use meth? don't fool yourself. Like crack Meth knows no money bounds. From sport stars to famous actors have been caught or admitted to using meth.

She is on adderall which is RX meth. Don't shovel crap and say it isn't because it will show what a complete moron you are.

A lot of people who can afford a huge RX habbit for oxy or better will sometimes use meth to back it. Its like a hillbilly form of a speedball.

1542 days ago


She's abusing drugs, no doubt, but she's not abusing meth. She might look a lot older and beat compared to a few years ago but she certainly doesn't look like a meth head. It doesn't take long for meth to work its magic on your physical appearance. If she were on meth she would not be getting any work anywhere.

1542 days ago


This is all a ruse and it makes sense now. I think Lindsay, her lawyer and the judge all agreed on a cover story, and everyone wins. Lilo goes to a nice rehab, the judge looks tough -- and that whole BS Michael Lohan is spouting off regarding prescription drugs can be completely ignored (not that I think the officials took him seriously for even half a second).

No, Lilo was never nailed for meth, nor did it show up in her system. Whatever. I hope she takes the time at Morningside and gets as much as she can from it. Back off the booze, get a little peace and perspective and come out ready to knock the world on its a ss!

1542 days ago
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