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The Playboy Twins -- When Sisters Suck Face ...

8/10/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Playboy Playmates and biological twin sisters Karissa and Kristina Shannon, 20, got a lot closer at the Playboy mansion this weekend ... and shared a tender open-mouth kiss with each other.


It's OK to love your sister ... but is it really OK to LOOOOOOOOVE your sister?


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I'm sure Hef made a deal with the Devil many years ago, and these two girls are just following him down the path to eternal damnation.

The question is, would you trade your soul for the life that Old Hugh led on Earth?

1542 days ago


TMZ is showing and promoting incest now.

1542 days ago


I feel so sad for them. They have nothing left that isn't sold.

1542 days ago


Oh nice Wanda #11. But if white woman said the same thing about black women like that, you would be the first to cry racism.

1542 days ago


I am a twin, in High School the guys would want to give my Sis and I $20. to french kiss. We said, 'only if they did it first, for $20 buck'. That usually shut them up. Stupid girls that think it is cool to kiss because the guys say it is hot. Tell the dudes to lay a big, fat, wet kiss on each other. It totally grosses them out.

I took that offer up many a times. Taking for the team!

1542 days ago

Not okay    

I'm a dude and find this not okay - just wrong. Am I gay; perhaps you should ask my Wife?

1542 days ago


Aaaahhhh, yes, yet another example of the skanky 20 something crowd. Sorry, but its so true.

Is there really ANY limit to what these type of women won't do?
How 'bout sex with a sheep ladies? How about a nob job on a horse? Maybe a 7-some instead of a 3-some? Maybe shove a camera up inside your privates next? Or you acehole?

I'm sure their Mother is just glowing right now. 20 years old is old enough to know better girls. Whom do you think you are impressing?

Good lord, anything for a single second of attention is the way it is today.

....and to think that this generation will be wiping my a$$ in a nursing home.......great!

1542 days ago


im a girl and this is hot o_o!!! as long as they are twins, i mean its kinda like a living mirror... idk

1542 days ago


really classy... stupid ho's!!!
absolutelly disgusting!
They are probably about to film their new movie....the "2 GIRL N A CUP", PART 2.

1542 days ago


***you stupid no talent sluts, you have no brain cells working
your 15 minutes of fame are up

1542 days ago


really classy... stupid ho's!!!
absolutelly disgusting!
They are probably about to film their new movie....the "2 GIRL N A CUP", PART 2.

1542 days ago


2 GIRL N 1 CUP....... STUPID HO'S!

1542 days ago


Did a fem-bot take over the comment section?. Every guys dream is a three way with twins and is a stereotypical punchline on pretty much every sitcom since the 80's. Plus this photo is so staged and these fugs have more plastic than a mcdonalds happy meal.

1542 days ago


Wrong #5, I'm not a woman and I find it absolutely disgusting as I'm sure a lot of guys do, especially those of us who are fathers to girls. It's incest. There are many barbies out there that can achieve the same thing to look at...sisters doing it is just nasty and pathetic to boot. Not an ounce of me finds it hot, I find it disgusting and a little sad too. Certain things should be off limits and this is definitely one of them.

1542 days ago


Twin sisters kissing is REALLY gross! These two are the biggest idiots! I have absolutely no respect for ANYONE associated with playboy! I used to kind of like Kendra..but then I read her book and realized how completely stupid she is. Call it what you want but all of Heffs "girlfriends" are PROSTITUTES. They preform sexual services to the old corpse and in return, they get to live in the mansion and they get an allowance. As Kendra says in her book...they all get their minute of hopping on hef and they do it because they have to, not because they want to! The whole thing disgusts me! I feel bad for Kendras son...when he gets older he is going to read all about his mom being a prostitute and watch her sex tape- which she sold.

1542 days ago
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