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Kelsey Grammer: I'll Marry My Pregnant GF, But First ...

8/13/2010 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Moments after Kelsey Grammer confirmed that his new GF Kayte Walsh is pregnant with his child, dude told photogs he's down to marry his future baby mama ... as soon as he clears up some "other stuff."

The "other stuff" is Grammer's wife --Camille Donatacci Grammer-- who just filed for divorce from the actor last month after 13 years of marriage.

But today, Grammer -- who was super chatty with photogs -- said he's "very happy" with the situation and joked, "we wanna keep the baby."

BTW -- the couple was on their way over to super-fancy jeweler Harry Winston's ... BLING!


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This is so fricken pathetic... if he's already with her and she is now pregnant, that means this POS has been cheating on his wife for a while. I've never liked him or his shows but dang, is nothing sacred anymore. Disposable marriages, disposable families, diffent mothers for each just goes on and on. I guess the word "committment" just isn' what it used to be. I agree with the comments comparing this to Mel Gibson. And, anyone with a brain knows, that if your gonna mess around with multiple partners...cover that thing up. Pregnancy is not the only thing you need to worry about in this day and age. Especially if your going to go home to your spouse... not even the best of sex is worth dying for. I'm sure Camille would agree.

1540 days ago


The blondes are interchangeable. Just traded in for a younger model.

1540 days ago


Penis brain.

1540 days ago


Never liked Kelsey Grammer but sure wish Oksana had sunk her claws in him instead of Mel Gibson - So he's going to marry the stewardess after he looks after the few complications like a divorce from the wife of 13 years - wife #4 coming up and kids from every marriage - Pity for the Heinz 57 kids -
Oh well - Good Luck Kelsey - hope you get properly basted! Another retirement plan coming from candidate #4!

1540 days ago


You go girl get Pregnant first..then when you cant stand looking at his old tired wrinkle old A$$ GO for the bucks...His soon to be x is getting 30 million for looking at it..

1540 days ago

Al Reine    

Divorce is never Easy ! The Real Tragedy is the children. It must be true that Holly Wood, is the city of Fruit Cakes and nuts ! Grammer needs to see some of his old TV shows, maybe he could learn something from them ??

1540 days ago


THIS opens up a whole new bag of tricks. STUIPD old men are a dime a dozen, throw some younger azz at them and they fall all over themselves to at it.....

He had to have been with her since his soon to be ex number three wife filed for divorce. He must be a real azzhole to live with. Then the new one has the money bag sitting her belly to boot! Unreal! This guy is a tool! I have a feeling the soon to be ex knew about Ms. Thing.

Wow, I guess it shows these old fools are nothing like what they play on TV huh? I have lost all respect for this guy at this point.

So... he will give the new a make over and have some kids with her and next thing she divorces him for a new guy....classic.

HOW will he find time to spend with his tribe O' children now?

1540 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

Look at that bitch smiling.
She is ecstatic that she has a little golden ticket growing in her belly.

He is just a douchebag family values Republican.

1540 days ago


This girl sure hit the jackpot. She's so ****ing ugly, I can hardly believe Kelsey would have even tapped that.

1540 days ago


He looks younger when you crop out his balding hairline. I almost didn't recognize him.

1540 days ago


He sure has a 'type'....What a ****.

1540 days ago


Her father who's happy about a guy who's not divorced, with four kids from several relationships, who knocked up his daughter when he's only been involved with her "one month" (ahem) and certainly NOT while living with Camille (eyeroll), and who is twelve decades older than the girl?

WTG, Pops, on raising that outstanding child and being happy about all that she and your future douchebag son-in-law have wrought.

1540 days ago


How many times does Kelsey plan on divorcing? Why do guys do this to themselves?

1540 days ago


Hey, I had a dream about him the other night. It was pretty good.

1540 days ago


She can has azzhat.

What a douche whistle.

1540 days ago
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